Five Element Coins


Five Element Coins
Material: Brass
Color: Electro Gold Plated; White, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue Enamel
Dimension(in): 1.1in diameter each coin; 4mm thick each coin
Weight: 60g
ID: SL16004

Splendidly enchanting, this 5 Emperor Coins in Red, Yellow, White, Blue and Green are made from extraordinarily thick and superb quality coins. The 5 Emperors are from the first five Ching Dynasty Emperors of the following reign: – Shun Chi (1644-1661), Kang Hsi (1661-1722), Yung Cheng (1723-1735), Chien Lung (1736-1796) and Chia Ching (1796-1820). A departure from the usual pieces, this limited edition collectible is finest in craftmanship and specially made to be tasteful in esthetics. With a super thickness of 4mm, these newly minted fine quality coins are guaranteed to be the most unique and beautiful in the market.

Five coins corresponds to Five Elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water); Five Directions (north, south, east, west, center) and Five Planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn). The Five Elements play the key to bringing out greater wealth potential. The presence of all the five elements will be beneficial for unbalanced “personal bazi chart” and “annual bazi chart”, where by having them it will bring the basket of elements back into balance so that wealth and good fortune can manifest. There can be some kind of fortune meltdown when personal and annual charts are unbalanced, unless the deficiency of any element is remedied. In short, these coins balance out your personal elements when yours go out of sync. On an equally good note, the 5 Emperor Coins is also used to invoke the powers of the mythical “5 Emperors of the Universe” for protection against any harm and danger of evil forces. The “5 Emperors of the Universe” refer to Fu-Hsi, Shen-Nung, Huang-Ti, Shao-Hao and Chuan-Hsu. They are the Five Rulers of the entire universe and hold control over the Four Celestial Guardians and Five Elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water). When the powers of the 5 Emperors of the Universe is invoked, it is capable of warding off evil, and especially effective in fighting diseases and viruses. This is a must-have to be displayed in the living room of the house for protection during weak times.

The following summarizes the benefits when carried along or displayed near you in a circular pattern in “productive mode”:

  1. It cures elemental problems.
  2. It protects against diseases or viruses caused by illness vibes.
  3. It protects against any harm and injuries caused by evil energies.
  4. It protects against inauspicious days, months or seasons that could bring about poor luck.
  5. It uplifts your fortune and brings about outstanding opportunities for success.
  6. It magnetizes big wealth and big fortune luck.

Note: The item comes with a free pouch and a carry along talisman that incorporates five major taoist incantation. They signify 1. Safety (Ping An), 2. Wealth Flourishing, 3. Protection, 4. Harmony and Security and 5. Anti Disaster/Injury.

Another Important Usage: Resolving Construction Activity Near You by 5 Element Setup
On top of that, these coins have one more important role to play. They can be used to neutralize “killing chi” arising from a construction activity near you. There are times when you will have to endure with renovations being undertaken by your neighbours or in a neighbourhood. If kept at home, these coins will come in very handy and extremely useful to preserve the good feng shui of your homes when you hear any banging in your neighbourhood:

1. If the construction activity comes from the north, set up the coins in productive mode in a straight line with the last coin in yellow color facing the north.

2. If the construction activity comes from the northwest or west, set up the coins in productive mode in a straight line with the last coin in red color facing the northwest or west.

3. If the construction activity comes from the southwest or northeast, set up the coins in productive mode in a straight line with the last coin in green color facing the southwest or northeast.

4. If the construction activity comes from the south, set up the coins in productive mode in a straight line with the last coin in blue color facing the south.

5. If the construction activity comes from the southeast or east, set up the coins in a productive mode in a straight line with the last coin in white color facing the southeast or east.

Eg. comparison between the normal coin vs our newly minted high quality coin (this photos shows a bronze colored coin).
Weight 300 g
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