5 Element Tai Chi Plate


5 Element Tai Chi Plate (Countermeasure that deals with the Internal Environment)
Material: Brass
Color: Brass
Dimension(in): 3.5×3.5 in
Weight: 32g
ID: SL15082

The 5 Element Tai Chi Plate is a countermeasure that deals with the internal environment. Employing the classical method of 5 Elements to build an effective countermeasure, it dissipates the energy of an element by channeling its usage to nourish another element. This is the safest way of countering an element because it does not use force against force. It tames the destructive energy by directing it toward a creative or nourishing activity. This method is extremely effective against 4 elements: water, earth, wood and metal. As for fire, the strong metal energy from brass will weaken fire by letting it expend energy in destroying it. The instable fire will use up its resources trying to melt the hard-to-melt-brass and gets exhausted itself. Made from pure brass (base copper), the plate also shields electromagnet radiations and is considered as a holy material by classical practitioners. The “tai chi” symbols complement each other according to the theory of “Yin Yang” to generate “balance”. When balance is attained, negativities diminish to give way to positivities! Last but not least, the tortoises form the basis of the 8 trigrams and are therefore potent to keep you unharmed. It is not desirable to have harmful structures or objects in your interiors left unattended. They can be harsh and sharp objects such as sharp edges, structure of destruction (eg. columns), furniture pieces that exerts poison arrows (eg. shelves), images of destruction (eg. jet fighters, gun), irregular surfaces, toilet and fire poison (eg tv, fireplace, kitchen, stove etc).

Where do you place the plate?
The plate can either be screwed or taped with strong double-sided tape onto solid flat surfaces, facing directly the negative energies. Figures below will give you some ideas of how to counter the poison arrows in your internal environment.

Stick the plate on the side of the bed facing the kitchen wall.
Stick the plate on the side of the table facing the shelves.
Stick the plate on the side of the bed facing the toilet door.
Stick the plate on the side of the bed facing the column.
Stick the plate on the side of the desk facing the walkway.
Weight 200 g


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