Enchanting Feathers Bracelet


Enchanting Feathers Bracelet – Limited Edition
Material: Brass, Swarovski Jewels, Enamel
Color: 24K Gold Plated, Colorful
Dimension(in): 3.3x1x2.2 in
Internal diameter width 2.1in
Internal diameter height 1.9in
Maximum wrist perimeter 6.5in
Weight: 100g
ID: SL11882

A high jewellery collection between myth and reality, this oriental setting blends dream and reality, a creation dedicated to femininity. A spectacular revelation from the usual pieces, this fabulous creation of our brand features the precious fairytale Peacock Queen and its Peony. Skilfully and uniquely crafted in metal, 24K gold plating, enamel and swarovski jewels, this sensual piece honors the legendary creature. Empowering the bracelet is the mantra of Blue Medicinal Buddha, providing a special channel to the cosmic realm to invoke divine blessings to light up your health. Stunningly elegant, this bracelet brings protection and safety, solve bad intention against you, increases your social admiration, vanquishes relationship disharmony, blesses you with good health and sparks up romance luck.

Peacock is the manifestation of the heavenly Phoenix on earth. It has a thousand eyes on its tail which would activate fame luck, promote public admiration and bring positive motives from other people. The thousand eyes can also protect you from robbery, accidents, people of bad intention, backstabbing, gossips, disasters and dangers. It is especially excellent to promote ones alertness and clarity so that he or she is able to visualize everything in the surrounding. The peacock can relight the fires of a kindling relationship with the fiery energy of the animal. It helps to remedy disharmony and strain to marriages and sibling relationships. It can even solve court cases, litigation and quarrelsome energy that can destruct you if not remedied.

The peacock gives good reputation which can bring you many good returns. When you have a flawless image, you are actually raising your chances towards success in every aspect of your life, especially in your career, in business, in politics, in social aspect and even in your love life. A good name will enable you to grab the spotlight and eliminate skeptism. You win half the battle in gaining something if you are well liked by your peers and top management. Even if you are already successful, but it could still spawn jealous people who will run you down until you collapse to the bottom. This bracelet combined the forces of increasing your influential luck as well as vanquishing venomous petty persons who gossip and causing too much trouble to you. It will invoke unlimited good name, reputation and recognition for your efforts. That means, end of the day, people will remember you for your contributions and you will be well rewarded. Your path to Hall of Fame in people’s heart will become a reality.

The peacock is traditionally known as the enemy of poisonous creatures, such as the snake and scorpion. The beautiful colors and train plumage of the peacock represents the transmutation of these poisons into nectar of widsom or accomplishments. Peacocks thrive on poison like bodhisattva thrives on negativy. Peacocks live in forests with poisonous plants, they eat the poisonous plants that no other animals can eat, and instead of being poisoned, peacocks transform the poisons they eat into beautiful, colorful and vibrant plumage and thrive. It protects against all forms of deadly viruses and even possess curitive properties against cancer.

Besides, the eyes will also help to protect you against betrayal in love relationships. The peacock when reinforced by the peony also signifies beauty, romance and the amorous feelings of youth. The peacock acts like a love potion. It will bring out the excellent “yin” side of the female. Ladies who wears the peacock motif will encourage libido of their desired men. The perfect item for single female looking to find true love and conjugal blessings.

Note: Guaranteed limited edition. This item is limited to only 100 pieces worldwide. Each piece is crafted by a true jewellery crafter by hand, and NOT mass produced. It is therefore extremely suitable to wear for gala spectacular events.

Who needs the bracelet?
The Enchanting Feathers Bracelet can be worn by the following individuals:

  1. Those who are always plagued by bad temper and quarrelsome energy.
  2. Those who wants to increase the beauty of the female species to attract the company of desired people.
  3. Those who often fall sick due to monthly or annual illwinds or long term illnesses.
  4. Those who are plagued by troublemakers and gossips.
  5. Those seeking for protection against accidents.
  6. Those seeking for protection against robbery.
  7. Those who like to promote social admiration.
  8. Those who desire to vanish relationship disharmony.
  9. Those like to be admired for fame and good reputation.


Weight 350 g
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