Director’s Golden Arowana


Director’s Golden Arowana – Energy Infused
Material: Earth Material
Color: Gold
Dimension(in): 4.5×1.7×2.8 in
Weight: 250g
ID: SL11852

This stunning looking arowana is specially made for the director’s table! The arowana is said to be the most auspicious fish to stimulate financial power. Its burning desire of not getting enough wealth will attract surplus money unendingly. The arowana is suitable for those people who are seeking to increase their wealth luck and inviting more business opportunities. The arowana is always the all-time-favorite and has been claimed by many to have made them rich and famous. Suitable for those who are seeking to upgrade their career and financial status.

Note: This item is energy infused. Item comes with certificate of authenticity.

What the Arowana symbolizes and how to place the object?
Fish can increase the momentum of wealth generation, gather accumulation of wealth and neutralize negative forces. The chinese always associate the fish with abundance and prosperity with the saying “nien nien yew yu” which means “seeing abundance harvest every year”. Because of its strong symbolic meaning, chinese homes are normally decorated with fish ponds, aquariums and art pieces. They believe this is will make the family income “float”. There are quite a number of fishes which are popular among feng shui enthusiasts, but mostly are red, orange, gold or silverish white in color. And all of them are fresh water fish, where so far we had not seen salt water fish being used to activate feng shui luck.

The arowana is known as the “living dragon” or “golden dragon” by chinese because it has scales of a dragon’s, where it is metallic, reflective and colorful. The arowana also possesses mysterious brain ability where it always stay focus, can understand human language and highly talented. It will truck no nonsense and will fix its surrounding with a powerful stare. That being the reason why it has a superior status in the water kingdom. The arowana is said to emit strong vibration to enhance the surrounding aura and it is said to be able to foresee negative issues yet to happen. That is why those who rear the arowana can sometimes experience it hitting the walls of aquarium informing them of bad omen. To some extent, the faithful arowana may also jump out of the aquarium to commit suicide so that negativities can be diffused in exchange for its life.

This being the utmost reason why the arowana is popularly known to obediently trigger abundance and prosperity for its owner. No doubt, it will definitely generate wealth blessings to ones home because almost everyone who has an arowana will claim all the good wealth luck they have been experiencing. Arowana is a rich man’s fish and kept by many tycoons in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Arowana can be displayed in many areas depending on your inspiration:

  1. Display the Arowana to decorate the important areas of your living room, family room, reception, dining, cashier’s counter or even the bedroom to increase your wealth luck for the entire family.
  2. Display it in your Sheng Chi location with the fish coming from your Sheng Chi direction to maximize your wealth luck in enhancing your career, windfall luck and more sources of income coming your way.
  3. For those who knows the placement of water in feng shui, you may display the Arowana nearby or inside those water features (such as waterfall, ponds, aquariums):
    a. North – for career luck
    b. East – for enhancement of family well-being
    c. Southeast – for wealth luck
    d. Water star position according to Flying Star feng shui – for wealth luck
  4. For bosses, managers and employees, if you are looking for more personal growth and money opportunities, it is recommended that you display the Arowana at the north location of your work desk. The Arowana will create the difference between you and your peers to enable yourself to stay more competitive.
Weight 750 g
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