6-inch Bronze Galloping Horse


6-inch Bronze Galloping Horse
Material: Bronze
Color: Bronze
Dimension(in): 6x2x6 in
Weight: 510g
ID: SL11814

This galloping horse possesses an extravagant victorious gesture and gallops on a bed of fortune gold ingots and coins. It specially connotes rapid gain in a big way, gain of any possible kind such as:

  • a small investment resulting in huge gains.
  • entry into top three imperial examinations.
  • peace and tranquility throughout the four seasons.
  • harmony in six corners of the universe.
  • couples united into one.
  • good harvest in five grains.
  • family reunion.cohabitation of 9 generations.
  • riches and high honors in life.

This horse has a healthy strong body and is confidently exerting very “yang” energy which signifies success, victory, strength, power, perseverance, speed and elegance. Remember, the horse is men’s best friend besides the dog and is extremely loyal. It is desirable for those who intend to gain recognition luck and fame luck. Suitable for managers and executives. This horse figurine is also recommended as a good gift for your loved ones to wish them success in their career.

What the horse symbolizes and how to place this figurine?
Horses (being a zodiac sign in chinese astrology) are most useful energizers to activate fame, popularity and recognition in your career and other areas of life. Fame luck is an important aspiration of life as it is indirectly related to increasing income luck in your career life. Businessmen, employees and Hollywood artistes are likely to crave a lot for fame luck to ensure their fortune continue to grow exponentially, especially in this highly competitive environment. This animal exerts very “yang” energy which signifies success, victory, strength, power, perseverance, speed and elegance. Horses are men’s best friend besides dogs and is extremely loyal. Horses is of fire element and their direction is in the south.You may display a figurine of the horse near the entrance of your home to signify triumph over your opponents and staying at the more competitive edge.

The victory horse signifies success in endeavours and exceeding one’s expectations. Such a horse ensures you will leapfrog to greater heights in areas such as career, business and overall life.

For excellent feng shui associated to fame luck:

  1. Display the victory horse coming into your home, or in any important rooms or office, high up.
  2. Display the victory horse at your desk to ensure your work is always recognized by your bosses and your goals are always met. It will also help you create a significant differentiator between you and your peers in the hearts of management. It ensures your talents and hard work is acknowledged by the right people.
  3. For those who appear as public faces, gain fame by displaying this victory horse in the south sector of your living room or family area. It will bring upward mobility in all aspects of your life.

To magnify new wealth opportunities, display this horse at your sheng chi direction, SE universal wealth corner or water star-8 location in your home or workplace.

Weight 850 g
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