4″ I-Bowl


4-Inch I-Bowl
Material: Genuine 7 Metals
Color: Gold
Singing Bowl – 4x4x1.8 in
Wood Mallet – 0.8×0.8×5 in
Cushion – 3.5×3.5×1.2 in
Weight: 600g
ID: SL11732

The new I-bowl is more authentic, thicker, better and heavier. The make of this 4-inch singing bowl is in full compliance of SEVEN METALS secret formula required for feng shui space clearing. This golden singing bowl has added in a significant amount of gold unlike those cheaper versions that are easily available in the market. There are gold, silver, iron, copper, tin, zinc and lead with each of them representing the sun, moon and other planets of our galaxy. This secret mix of correct metals generates a negativity-piercing rythm to clear away, move and heal stagnant and negative chi. The rythm from such metal mixture will also scare away all the evil spirits and ghost as they cannot tolerate such resonance levels. Widely used in Tibet for space clearing purposes, singing bowls are struck with a mallet, and then rubbed around the rim with a playing mallet to produce a fascinating blend of harmonic resonance’s and rich overtones. This beautiful singing bowl rests on a Tibetan hand-made cushion and comes with a wood mallet. It is known to create the most sensational vibrations that will properly cleanse the energy of our space. It must be struck hard for three times and the mallet rubs the edge of the bowl to generate “continuous singing” hyms to disperse and purify the surrounding chi.

When do we perform space clearing?

  1. When we feel that the energy in our spaces is stagnant, negative, sick and stale. Sometimes, our mental is totally obstructed and drained out because of bad surrounding energy. Bad energy creates blockages and problems in life. To a serious extent, if neglected, it causes anger, quarrels, depression, unhappiness, illness, suicide and even accidents. Negative energy must be cleared, cleansed and purified to bring back good luck into our lives.
  2. A home that has been built awhile ago and unrenovated for a long time. Normally an old home suffers from weak energy, especially if there is lingering energy of unhappiness, violence, quarrels, loss and illness in the past years.
  3. When you move into a new place. Whether it is a newly built house or a second-hand home, it is better to remove any negative earth energy or old misfortunes left behind by previous events or occupants. Space clearing when undertaken can remove evil spirits, suicide energies and old bad encounters to hinder misfortune that could possibly strike new occupants.
  4. When you want to introduce good luck flows, lightness and relaxing atmosphere to your environment. Space clearing brings new opportunities and instant good luck.
  5. When your home feng shui is known to be bad but you are unable to move to a new one due to certain constraints. If you continue to stay in a place with bad feng shui without doing anything to improve it, your life will continue to degrade. Therefore, you ought to frequently perform space clearing to your home so that you can temporarily remove bad luck and generate good energy to bring new opportunities to make you afford a new place soon.
  6. When you want to make your space more inviting to clients, supporters and friends. Human automatically avoid places that have uncomfortable energy. But once you space clear the energy, you will observe the difference.
  7. When you want to start a new year, a new business, a new career, a new life and a new environment with good luck and fortune.
  8. When you have a series of bad luck in your office or working place which you want to stop, space clear your workdesk.
  9. When you are always unlucky, facing many problems, having lawsuits and troubles which may have been caused by bad feng shui and do not know what had gone wrong with the feng shui of the house. The singing bowl will help to temporarily cure the feng shui problems of your house such as negative energy so that your bad luck can be removed.
    10. For those who are busy with life and cannot be bothered about monthly flying stars and getting monthly cures in different sections of the house, the solution is to do a monthly space clearing with the singing bowl in your house to cure all the bad monthly afflictions away.

How to make the bowl sing?
The quality of the sound from singing bowl very much depend on your skills besides having the correct material and dimension of the bowl. Hearing perfect sound is not immediate and not an immediate destiny. It is a journey you will learn as you use the bowl more to purify your space. In the beginning, the sound may come flat, but as you learn along and interact more with the bowl, the sound gets purer and stronger. Patience is required and impulsiveness will only ruin the sound of the bowl. Therefore you must be very calm and undisturbed when you play with the bowl.

  1. First, hold the bowl sitting on the cushion with one palm and the wood mallet with another hand. Stay calm.
  2. Then strike the bowl three times on the perimeter. Strike it hard, but be careful not too hard till the bowl falls off the cushion. You will learn how to control it as you get more familiar with it.
  3. As the bowl starts to vibrate after the striking, create the continuous sound by rubbing the mallet against the edge of the perimeter of the bowl CLOCKWISE. You need a lot of practice to make this work perfectly. Use pressure, but not too hard. You may try doing this at different angles and time will tell you what is the best angle for each individual. Please refer to the picture below.

This two photos are for illustrative purpose only (they are taken from another bowl and do not represent the actual bowl you will be receiving): Strike the bowl by the side (left picture). Rub the edge perimeter of the bowl clockwise in circular mode to continue the sound again and again till you finish a space (right).

Space clearing procedure
Space clearing is best done in the morning hours between 7 am – 1pm. In fact the strongest hour is at 12 noon when the day transition from morning to afternoon. Please take a bath and wear some clean clothes before conducting the space clearing. Carry with you the mystic knot or wear the Dzi bead for protection when you want to conduct the space clearing. Firstly, open up all the windows and doors of all the areas you want to do space clearing with. This is in order to let external air, sunlight and energy enter and flow through your entire space. Remember to also turn on all the lights and fans to generate “yang” energy. Then light up a sandalwood incense ingot on the incense dish and bring this dish around the spaces you want to clear. Let the aroma and smoke of the sandalwood pierce through every corner of the spaces you desire to clear. The smoke from genuine sandalwood has negativity removal properties.

Then start playing with the bowl from the front part of the house, or where the maindoor is. As you enter your maindoor, strike the bowl three times, followed by the circular rubbing of the bowl edge perimeter. As you play with the bowl, move three rounds in circular mode around that space. After three rounds, leave the bowl to finish singing alone. Then you move to the next room in a clockwise direction around the house and as you enter the door strike the bowl three times again and make it sing as you move within the room three rounds. Continue this process for the entire house till you move back to the original space where your maindoor is. Finish off by striking three times and making the last three rounds again at the vicinity of the room where your maindoor is. We recommend once a week for space clearing, but you may perform space clearing as frequent as you want base on your own preference.

Taboo: Please do not do space clearing if there is thunderstorm, heavy rain and lightning. For places that has snow, you do not do space clearing when it is snowing also. But if you could do it immediately after rain and snow when the surrounding air is very clean and clear, that would be excellent!

Start at maindoor. Follow sequence 0 to 7. Move clockwise three rounds in every space you want to clear. Move in clockwise direction from room to room.

Cosmetic Disclaimer
Bowl – They have high degree of quality gloss finish. But because they are held by tools and shaped through machining from blocks (not molded), there could be tiny tool marks or scratches visible under 30cm visual. However, they are minimum and very common.
Square-shaped Cushion – Every piece is authentically hand-made in Tibet and comes in multiple assorted colors that can be different from the one shown in the photo shown.

Weight 1000 g
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