Red Door Banner – 5 feet


Red Door Banner – 5 feet
Material: Fabric
Color: Red
Dimension(in): 5ft x 25in
Weight: 550g
ID: SL11382

This traditional styled handmade door banner is embroidered with the images of the powerful taoist’s Eight Immortals. These powerful immortals will bring tremendous good luck to all aspects of your life, be it wealth, health, social, network, love, education and good descendants. It is also insribed with different and random auspicious chinese characters such as “wing wah fu kwai” or “kam yuk moon thong” etc which will connote prosperity, money luck, opportunities and good luck. At the bottom of the banner is a stretch of colorful hanging tassels. It is all ready made and all you need to do is to string your own wire or rope through the top tunnel to hang it at your door.

Note: Each piece is handmade and comes with different auspicious wordings. This door banner can be hung with metal wire, thick strings or plastic rods that can be found at hardware shops. These accessories are not included with this purchase.

What the Red Cloth or Red Banner for the maindoor signifies?
The red embroidered door banner or simply red cloth is a compulsory must-have for all homes, shops and business premises to increase the feng shui of the main door. It has long been a chinese custom where families will keep one at home and hang at their main door during happy occasions or the start of a new milestone in ones life, such as when they:

  1. Move into a new home (displayed for 30 days).
  2. Open or start a new shop or business (displayed for 30 days).
  3. Celebrate a wedding (displayed for 1 week).
  4. Celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year (displayed for 30 days).
  5. Throw any auspicious party to celebrate the birth of a new member of the family, wedding anniversaries or birthday of the elderly (displayed for 1 week).

Hanging the red banner is considered as fundamentally important and auspicious. It is never to be missed out for the start of any important milestone because it invites very lucky energies into the home when the door’s feng shui is outstanding. Some even hang it permanently to remedy or block away killing breathe (energy “shar chi”). Some also believe that hanging the red banner can drive away evil spirits and ghosts.

Weight 700 g
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