9 Eyes Dzi – Inspired Stainless Steel Pendant – BLUE


9-Eyes Dzi – Inspired Stainless Steel Pendant – BLUE (Limited Edition)
Material: Russian Diamonds, Stainless Steel
Color: Blue
Dimension(in): 1.5 in bead
Weight: 50g
ID: SL11374


This superior quality 9 eye dzi is made from high quality stainless steel. Please do not be confused and get mixed up with those look-alike that are made from alloy, they are significantly different in quality. These ultra high quality masterpiece is tediously made by true jewellery crafters piece per piece and not molded in large quantities. Its eyes are bejewelled with Russian diamonds in highly pressured manner, and not by glue. It is then enamelled with fabulous metalic colors to perfection reliably. The 9 eye dZi is the emperor of all dZi. Its eye-pattern will create all kinds of good fortune, divine protection, good health, wealth, prosperity from heaven, double longevity, victory over foes, windfall luck and ultimate good luck; protected by the Buddha’s eyes. The wearer will gain power and influence. The 9 Eyes dZi brings the most complete blessings, which helps to remove negative sins and dissolves all obstacles and blockages along your path. It could also protect the wearer against all kinds of misfortune and harm from evil. Blue represents the power of the water. In feng shui, water element is associated to career growth and health. It guarantees quick generation of new career opportunities, promotion in existing employment or enhancement of health. It symbolizes the realization of all opportunities in career and health.

Note: This item comes with a free necklace.


Weight 220 g
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