3 Emperor Coins in Correct Trinity Knots – FUN Pack (100 pcs)


3 Emperor Coins in Correct Trinity Knots – FUN Pack (100 pieces)
Material: Bronze
Color: Bronze
Dimension(in): 1×0.2×2 in each
Weight: 1100g all
ID: SL11100
(Note: Each piece has 3 emperors’ coins tied with a thread)

We are releasing this fun pack to benefit those seeking for bulk pricing. The fun pack is suitable as:

  1. Door gifts for parties like birthday and weddings.
  2. Recognition for staffs at company level.
  3. For renovation, normally convenient for those who wish to have their homes laden with 3-Coins embedded in underlying layers of the floor and walls. The secret formula tycoons used when building their homes or shops is to bury 3-Coins under the floor of the maindoor, scattered throughout the floor of living rooms and bedrooms of the home and under the floor of the backdoor.

Our special three coins tied securely with “trinity knots” are made from high quality bronze coins from three powerful reigns (Kang Hsi, Yung Cheng and Chien Lung). We are extra particular about how the coins are tied together to ensure the trinity union of mankind, earth and heaven is properly realized and secured, with three knots done on each coin. Three coins loosely tied together in other manners may not be as potent. We had also noticed some retailers who might not have known chinese text and culture tying them into triangular shape, which is said to mean the sign of death, thus causing all the three lucks to diminish for those who carry them. Please avoid those types by all means.

The tying of the coins by our skillful workforce takes at least 15 minutes for each piece. These coins are made from genuine bronze with long reliability and lifetime. The coins are immaculately tied with thick red thread. These coins will be properly cleansed and neutralized before we ship them out, therefore good chi is guaranteed.

What 3-coins symbolizes and how to place this object?
3 Kang Hsi coins or 3 Chien Lung coins tied together in a red thread makes it a specially powerful emblem or fortune magnet for prosperity. The better version would be having three successive Kang Hsi (1661-1722), Yung Cheng (1723-1735), Chien Lung (1736-1796) coins tied together to signify support and excellent feng shui from three of the most outstanding generations for longer term of wealth success.

The coins must be made of strong metal such as brass, bronze, silver or gold. Some versions are made of resin and brittle in nature, try not to get those version because they lack in metal energy.

3 coins with red thread are so powerful that they can be considered to be equivalent to the presence of a Wealth God and their usage are aplenty:

  1. Carry them in your pocket, purse or wallet wherever you go to ensure you carry with you wealth energy that could tap opportunities and create abundance for you.
  2. Activate your wealth luck by displaying them in the four corners of every room in your home and office. This will guarantee that
Weight 1500 g
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