Prayer Incense Sticks – Export Quality


Prayer Incense Sticks – Export Quality
Material: Genuine Sandalwood and 36 Herbs
Color: Brown
Dimension(in): 11 inches
Weight: 430g per box
ID: SL11055

Burning this all natural and non-chemically treated incense sticks is like being present in a garden surrounded by all the deities and immortals in the heaven. They are made from all-natural material, consisting of genuine sandalwood imported from Australia mixed with 36 types of herbs. We developed this secret ingredient because there was overseas demand for high quality incense to be used in air-conditioned temples. They request for low smoke, non chemical additive, short burning time, minimal darkening effects on the ceiling, soothing to the eyes and nose, aromatherapeutic, capable of calming the mind for meditation and no emission of toxic gas. We then went through great extent to research on secret ingredients used to make incense for the immortals thousands of years ago. Our major customers were extremely happy with the results and now we are offering this for retail as well. This incense is very suitable for modern homes that are airconditioned and requires minimal pollution. With the whiffs of this natural incense handmade by special-skill workers, you will be able to enjoy the natural taste for your life style and inspire your soothing aspiration. Let us enjoy every day and nite in our lives and smile for each sunrise with these incense. Just light it up and enjoy serenity and tranquility as a result of the smoke piercing through the air while you pay respects to the heavenly deities.


What is the function of smoke from incense?
Burning incense stick is normally done for religious purposes in taoist and buddhist prayer by devotees. Aromatic smoke from incense can also pierce through stale and unwanted energy, and rejuvanate your workspace and homes. Good chi at home would in return attract good luck, prosperity, good fortune and wealth luck.

Health Hazards from “chemically treated” Incense Smoke
Studies have shown that smoke from chemically treated incense can cause hormonal changes to human body leading to illness including cancer, irregular heart beat, rise in blood pressure etc. The effects of inhaling in chemical smoke is similar to smoking cigarettes or inhaling gaseous from motor vehicles. Smoke contaminated with chemicals can also disturb the mentality of kids causing them agitation and bad temper.

Introduction to Sandalwood Incense
The using of natural incense can date back to before 2000 years ago in India and China. But for its rarity and expensive, it can only be used by royal family aristocrat and Buddhism.

Nowadays, even though we are already in the modern culture, mankind are still eager to go back to enjoy the traditional means of incense purification. Authentic natural incense products are now being highly sorted after in the West. The smoke and smell from the incense can create a peaceful mind and a serene visibility in our daily lives.

Sandalwood Background

Sandalwood has been used extensively in the east for many centuries; particularly in China and India. Because of its aromatic properties, it is highly priced for use in ceremonial occasions when joss sticks made from it are burned as incense. In Feng Shui, Taoism and Buddhism, genuine sandalwood incense is said to ward off evil spirits and is used for space clearing and purification. The incense not only can refresh oneself, but also claimed to cure certain disease. For instance, Sandalwood oil had been used as “perfume base” in France in 1828. Guerlain added Sandalwood oil to ‘Jicky’ in 1989. The use of Sandalwood oil continues today in leading perfume bouses such as Christian Dior(‘Poisom’), Yves Saint Laurent(‘Opium’) and Calvin Klein(‘Obsession’). Today, the incense made from Sandalwood has been to the most expensive incense.

Weight 750 g


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