“Fortune in Front of Your Eyes” Amulet


“Fortune in Front of Your Eyes” Amulet
Material: Natural Jade
Color: Natural Jade
Dimension(in): 1.5×1 in jade
Weight: 100g
ID: SL10991

Bat is called “fu” in chinese which carries the meaning good luck and good fortune. The symbol of bat with two coins clinging on its wings imply “fortune just in front of your eyes” (fuk choi ngan cheen) and resembles long life, happiness and good luck. The bat enhances wealth, prosperity and happy energy. It will help smoothen ones endeavour. Giving a such an amulet to your loved ones will harness good fortune to the recipient. Also great for birthdays and seasonal celebrations. One can display this powerful symbol of fortune in their personal sheng chi direction or wealth corner to harness money luck.

What bat symbolizes?
Bats has a legendary role. In caverns of the hills in china are found bats of a thousand years old which is silverish is color and are fed on stalactites. These bats have medicinal values and is an important ingredient in chinese herbal medicines. It normally appears in the summer to bring happiness and torpid in the winter. Because of its ability to swallow its own breath, it attains a very long age.

Bat is an auspicious symbol for chinese, it is emblematic of happiness and longevity. Their symbolic presence are employed in ancient chinese homes, used together with fortune symbols and carried by deities like Chung Kwei and Sau Sing Kung to signify wealth. If you notice, the head of the Ru Yi normally has the shape of a fortune bat spreading out its wings. They do not signify dracula like what the west believe. Bat (pronounced as “fook” in chinese) means prosperity and has the capability to deflect illnesses or outbreak that that causes unnatural death.

Weight 220 g


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