Bronze Kids Fulfilling Laughing Buddha (X-Large)


Bronze Kids Fulfilling Laughing Buddha (X-Large)
Material: Bronze
Color: Bronze
Dimension(in): 5.2×4.2×6 in
Weight: 1250g
ID: SL10817

While the Kwan Yin is known to be the Goddess whom blesses one with a child, the Laughing Buddha is known to be the God who has the power to send people children. When there are five kids clinging to and playing with the Laughing Buddha, it symbolizes fertility for those who touch him. This figurine made from bronze will further amplify the energy of metal that is required to activate descendant’s luck in the West corner of your home or your bedroom. His presence will also remove tension among kids in the family and marriage stress due to strong desires for having kids. Each morning, simply touch the figurine for blessings! Many people in Hong Kong claimed to have gotten pregnant after touching the Kids Fulfilling Laughing Buddha.

What the Laughing Buddha symbolizes and how to display the Buddha?
The Laughing Buddha is actually the Future Buddha or better known as Matreiya Buddha in Buddhism. He is said to be currently living in the 6th layer of heaven and will be reincarnated to earth as a very handsome man with a group of other deities from the heaven. Since the Matreiya is going to be the future Buddha, that is why it is often linked to happiness and fulfilment of no sufferings in the future for the people.

Because of the Matreiya being associated to happiness, the chinese had tranformed the symbol to show the Buddha as being a fat and happily laughing Buddha. In the past, where poverty is common, fat people often denote people who have more than enough to eat and contented in life. Therefore fat denotes happiness. The Matreiya is then better known as the Laughing Buddha to the chinese. The Laughing Buddha is the ultimate symbol of happiness in Feng Shui because he bestows ultimate fulfillment in everyone’s life. He plays the role to take away your problems, worries, stress, anger, pressure and sadness. The Laughing Buddha is also said to bring incredible good luck, excellent fortune, prosperity and wealth luck to households, offices and businesses. The presence of His symbol rejuvanates energy “chi”, wipes out flame tension and anger and turn the aura into blessings of pure happiness. Today, the Laughing Buddha has become so popular that the symbol is placed almost everywhere as it is believed to bring a great future filled with happiness. It could be found at receptions, cashier counters, living rooms, hotel lobbies, temples and almost all business premises in Asia.

For those who are seeking for descendants luck, the Laughing Buddha also bestows many children into families. A good Laughing Buddha image would have a face that is very smiley to signify fulfillment and joy.

The Laughing Buddha can be placed practically anywhere including bedrooms. This statue is best placed in the West corner to bless one with children and also remove tension among kids of the family. It will also revitalize the descendant’s luck corner to prevent stress in a marriage due to desire for kids. The metal element in the West will be magnified by this bronze statue.

Note: Kindly do not place the image in kitchen and toilets.

Weight 1500 g
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