6″ Genuine Peach Wood Seven Stars Sword


6″ Genuine Peach Wood Seven Stars Sword
Material: Genuine Peach Wood
Color: Lacquered natural finishing
Dimension(in): 6.2×1.4×0.5 in
Weight: 18g
ID: SL10813

The Seven Stars Peach Wood Sword is considered to be indispensible in Taoist Exorcism. Premium in quality, it is made from genuine peach wood from “Long Hu Mountain” in Jiangxi province, China. Genuine “peachwood” repels evil energies effectively. The peach wood sword is trusted by taoist masters to be able to keep any place free from spirits including the fierce ones. The sword is commissioned to be carved with two of the four most prominent celestial guardains, namely the “green dragon” and “white tiger”. In addition, the lion head symbol empowers it further in fighting against all evil forces as well as drawing auspicious energies. Next, the Northern Polar Stars is a cluster that controls and handles the world’s negativities. This sword is normally carried along by feng shui masters when they conduct their feng shui audits in order to protect them against evil spirits possibly lurking in premises and dirty lands so that they do not fall sick or followed by spirits after the audit. It is also best to be kept in places that are eerie, dark, scary, nocturnal places or even in bedrooms where kids complain they are scared of being alone inside.

What Seven Stars Peach Wood Sword symbolizes?
7-stars swords are used by taoist masters to perform their heavenly rituals. The 7-northern stars are derived from the 9 heavenly stars of the luoshu, where all the secret formulas of feng shui are defined. This 7-Stars sword is used by Taoist spiritual masters to perform heavenly rituals to resolve disasters, epidemics, ward off evil spirits and black magic.

The use of peach wood to make Seven Star Swords for exorcism came from a legend about a gigantic holy tree on the Tu Shou Mountain. It had a trunk measuring over 3000 miles and had captured the essence of 5 types of different holy trees. In ancient China, the northeast direction was known to be the devil’s gate position. Therefore, two deities namely Shen Du and U Lei took charge of the area to prevent any evil spirits from entering the human realm. They were protected under a branch of the gigantic peach tree. Whenever they see any ghost entering the human realm they will tie the ghosts with hemp strings and throw them into a forest to be eaten by tigers. Since then, all ancient chinese houses would have two panels carved from peach wood to be hung on doors to drive away evil spirits. Later it evolved into a tradition where the Seven Star Sword was made by peach wood and hung in any place to drive evil spirits away.

The genuine peach wood sword has many uses:

  1. You can hang the sword on any wall of the living room or family room close to the maindoor to powerfully combat any evil spirits from entering your home.
  2. You can hang the sword in places that are eerie, dark and scary either in your basement, toilets, center of your house or bedrooms. If kids are complaining about their fear to retain in such places, this is the best remedy.
  3. If one is working night shift in offices, hospitals, cemetery and other nocturnal places it is best to either carry along the sword or display it in your surrounding for protection.
  4. For those who go out for late nites, it is best to keep a sword like this in your car drawers. For ladies, it can be kept in handbags.
  5. For travellers, it is best to display the seven star sword in hotel rooms to drive away ghost from disturbing a good night’s sleep.
  6. Ancient Feng Shui Masters or Ghost Catchers normally carry along this sword for protection because of their high possibility in ghostly encounters during their audits.
  7. For those who are searching for new houses, please carry along the peach wood sword for protection.
  8. It is also an excellent protector if one is conducting space clearing so that they will not be disturbed by the presence of negative energy.

Note: The sword is made from a reputable factory with excellent carving and finishing available. However, since the sword is carved from natural peach wood, there could be natural scars or cracks on the wood.

Weight 220 g


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