5-in Bronze Shigandang with Fudogs (Large)


5-in Bronze Shigandang with Fudogs (Large) 
Material: Bronze
Color: Bronze
Dimension(in): 4.8×2.6×4.5 in
Weight: 600g
ID: SL10762

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This is a Shigandang mountain accompanied by two Fu Dogs at each side. It can be used to ward off stronger killing breathe. It is said to be able to serve as a powerful protection as well as bringing good fortune, and gives the following 10 types of blessings:

  1. It suppresses Eight Devils
  2. It protects against disasters happening to the family.
  3. It benefits those in official ranking to protect against competitors and harmful people.
  4. It ensures the family is healthy.
  5. It blesses one with wealth luck.
  6. It provides cure to family members who suffer from illnesses.
  7. It drives away shar chi and has the same duties of a bagua.
  8. It prevents accidents.
  9. It protects against theft and burgalary.
  10. Its presence is similar to the presence of Fuk Luk Sau.

The Shigandang can be used to ward of evil chi from grave yards, dead chi from hospital, corpse energy from mortuary and large killing chi exerted from larger killing features as compared to the size of your premises. It is best used to cast away accidents, ghosts, black magic, ill energies and influence of shar chi from the surroundings.

The Story of Shigandang and its Uses
This is based on a true story that happened in China over 1000 years ago. The story started with a family that used to live in the village of Tai Ann. For a period of time, the daughter of this poor family felt disturbed by an evil wind that blew from the southeast direction everytime there was a sunset. As time passed, she became more and more hysterical because of the frequent visit of the evil. Her mother then went to the magical mountain Tai San to seek help from the master who developed his magical powers there. The master’s name was Shigandang. He helped the family and fought off the evil. However, later somebody else in the south of Hokkien District was again reported to have faced similar problem. Again, Shigandang was invited to chase away the evil spirit. It again did not end there. The evil spirit repeatedly went from one village to another to cause similar problem. The havoc spread like wildfire from village to village and so the people started to carve Shigandang’s name on stones and displayed them at home. Shigandang’s name in fact scared and frightened off every evil spirit. The evil finally gave up and the problem was solved. Since then, feng shui masters have started using Shigandang’s name as a simple yet powerful method to cure many problems associated to evil chi or shar chi.

Today, the there have been a few types Shigandang Cures available. They are widely used in Guangdong and Hokkien in China. The premises in those cities preferred to use Shigandang compared to the bagua mirrors when countering T-Junctions and Shar Chi, so as not to harm the neighbours in the opposite direction. The following are the types of Shigandang cures endorsed to be useful:

  1. Stones engraved with the words “Tai San Shigandang”
  2. Shigandang with the Fu Dog Head
  3. Shigandang with Dragon Tortoise
  4. Chilin with Two Legs Carrying Shigandang
  5. Shigandang with Fu Dogs

The one that is shown in the picture above is the Shigandang with Fu Dogs. The name Fu Dogs are actually derived chinese “foh” (recited in chinese as Buddha) because these beings are found as stone mounting guardians at Buddhist temples. They are considered sacred in Buddhism, where most deities are depicted sitting on it. It is the emblem of wisdom, power and protection, which could be the reason why they are being embroidered on ancient chinese official robes. These powerful guardians are fun to own like a lovely pair of real dogs at our homes and are easy to tame. This powerful symbol provides potent protection and demon scaring for ancient palaces, banks, mansions, shops, malls, businesses, hotels and jewellery shops. Their faces may look like lions, but take note that they are different from the actual lions.

The Shigandang displayed at the vicinity of doors

The Shigandang can be displayed inside or outside the house:

  1. It can be displayed to prevent bad luck from killing chi if our homes have main doors or windows facing cemeteries/funeral homes, hospitals/convalescent centers and evil mountains.
  2. It can also repel evil spirits and negative energy when placed by the sides of main doors.
  3. It provides guardian to the household and prevents theft, robbery and accidents. It prevent robbery/theft, ward off harmful people, bring in more good fortune/ better sales and improve feng shui of entrances.
  4. It can be displayed inside the house in areas or directions where protection against bad evil stars is needed.
Weight 1000 g
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