Prosperity Pig Amulet


Prosperity Pig Amulet
Material: Ceramics
Color: Colorful Brown
Dimension(in): 1.5×1.1×1.2 in figurine
Weight: 100g
ID: SL10752

Made from the finest Taiwanese ceramics factory, this fat pig amulet is simply the best choice one could find. The pig brings extremely good fortune to households and its presence signifies prosperity, wealth, abundance, fertility and reasonable success in all affairs. This item is targeted for those who intend to gain smoothness in acquisition of wealth and abundance. It would also bring you the good possibility of a big fat salary for those seeking for a new career. For those seeking for children, display a pair of pig amulets by your bedside to increase fertility. Or display it in your office or car.

What pig symbolizes and how to place this object?
Pig signifies sufficient food, material joy, home safety, prosperity, abundance, wealth, fertility and reasonable success in all affairs. In ancient china and also in the west, pig is a lovely animal for those living by the countryside. They are man’s best friend, next to the dog. Pig is also an intelligent animal and adorable. In ancient China, having a mother pig at home signifies fertility and wealth abundance for the family, as they could provide a consistent source of income and provide a good living for the entire family. In olden days, more kids means more resources in the farm and increase in assets. But in the modern age, one can consider using the pig to wish growth in a business and harness manpower to support the growth.

Feng Shui pigs are usually depicted with gold ingots and must be very fat in nature. Feng Shui pigs are great gifts for successful business counterparts or relatives in their opening ceremonies of their businesses. A pair of pigs would also make a perfect gift for newly weds to increase their fertility and be blessed with many children.

For excellent feng shui associated to wealth abundance, prosperity, fertility and successful in all affairs:

  1. Display the feng shui pig in the wealth corner (southeast corner according to 8-Aspirations Theory) to activate a fat wealth luck.
  2. Display the feng shui pig by your bedside to increase fertility for those aspiring for children.
  3. Display the feng shui pig at your workdesk, living room or family area to jazz up more success in all your affairs and smoothen your endeavours.
  4. For businessman, if one is looking to hire committed workforce for company growth, display a pig on the director’s desk.
  5. Display this pig into your wealth vases or your wealth ships as a potent ingredient to generate unlimiting fat income for you and your household.
Weight 220 g


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