La Cha the Kid Warrior (S)


La Cha the Kid Warrior (S)
Material: Bronze
Color: Bronze
Dimension(in): 1.5x1x2.5 in
Weight: 150g
ID: SL10597

La Cha (or Na Cha) being the third prince of Lei Cheng (deity holding a pagoda) was born with special powerful fighting skills at a tender age and was made a warrior at the age of 7. His strong presence among the chinese community is due to his popular epic. His most popular weapon is his magic rings he use to fly on sky and fight his opponents away. He always take the lead on any war against evil, with his entourage sent down by heaven. His presence will scare off all evill spirits on earth. In feng shui, the La Cha is normally invited into homes to usher in happiness, increase descendants luck, protection of the kids from sickness/danger, preventing child bully and grooming obedience in children. When the kids are well taken care of by the guardian angel and give less problems to the parents, the latter can focus better on their work in the office.

The Story of Na Cha and how to display the deity?
Na Cha was actually the incarnation of an “intelligent pearl”, and was born with a gold ring and attired lotus trousers. He was the son of Li Ching, who was the prime minister of the heaven. In general Na Cha had performed many miraculous and heroic deeds with the aid of his magic powers learnt from Master Tai Yi from heaven.

When Na Cha was 7 years old, the country suffered from a long drought and crops were destroyed by heat. It was believed that the Dragon Emperor of the four seas was in charge of giving rain. Therefore natives prayed and offered poetry during the prayer. But the nasty Dragon Emperor of the seas wanted human as their meals instead. Many children, one of them being the playmate of Nacha were seized by the nasty Dragon Emperor. On hearing this, Na Cha chased after the Dragon Prince whom the Emperor sent to arrest the children. Na cha fought and killed the Dragon Prince and turned the whole kingdom in the sea topsy turvy.

The nasty Dragon King seek revenge by sending floods to kill people and forced Na Cha’s father to sacrifice his son. Under pressure out of sympathy for people’s sufferings, his father ground Na Cha, but Na Cha rebelled and committed suicide. The ghost of Na Cha then went to see his Master Tian Yi. Master Tian Yi then used the roots of lotus to rebuild the body of Nacha. After Master Tian Yi chanted magical incantation and requested Na Cha’s mother to build a temple so that people can pray to Na Cha to build merits for him, he was reborn.

Using the pair of his flaming wheels as main medium of transportation, we went back to the sea palace for a violent battle and the enemies suffered a genuine surrender this time. They vow never to harm human again. This being the reason why Na Cha became the saviour for human race and a hero in the hearts of all the children.

One can display the figurine of Nacha in the following places:

  1. Display the figurine in your kid’s personal Tian Yi direction or in his/her bedroom so that the guardian angel can look after the well being and protect him/her from sickness.
  2. Display the figurine in your kid’s Sheng Chi or Fu Wei direction or on his study desk so that the guardian angel can look after his development.
  3. Display the figurine facing the maindoor of the house if you require the guardian angel to protect him against any danger or bully outdoor.
  4. For those who are seeking to get pregnant with an intelligent and capable child, display the figurine in the West part of the living room for blessings.

Note: It is not advisable to place the deity in the bedroom or kitchen.

Weight 300 g
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