Bell and Vase Amulet for Safety Protection


Bell and Vase Amulet for Safety Protection
Material: Genuine Jade
Color: Natural Jade
Dimension(in): 1.3in vase
Weight: 50g
ID: SL10213

Bells and vases are excellent symbols of feng shui. Together, the derive in a famous chinese saying “Choong Surng Peng Orn”. This chinese term simply carries the meaning of a “safe life forever”, complete with riches, never ending prosperity, happiness, free of hostility/conflicts, outstanding career, great family life and blessed with many successes for a thousand years. Therefore it is an important amulet for protection against unnatural death, danger and obstacles in life. Suitable as gifts for those in hopeful of an excellent life or hoping for turnover luck starting from now.

What Bell and Vase symbolize?
Bells have sacred meanings in Feng Shui. They produce metal tones which could bring wealth, prosperity and abundance. The metal melody also wards off evil spirits and harmful forces. Bells bring good luck to homes as well as businesses. They will also bring longevity and good health. Bells are normally hung at entrance point to announce prosperity.

The vase on the other hand is a powerful symbol of peace and mercy. It signifies a life free of hostility and quarrels. It is the trademark of the powerful Goddess of Mercy (Kwan Yin) as it is being held by her hands. Such vases normally carries the nectar of longevity and positive blessings, being the reason why clever chinese families would have them at homes for happiness and good luck all the time.

When bell and vase are together, it simply amplify their individual good meanings to make it more superior and carry the meaning of “safe life forever”. When our life is good and free from obstacles, it would bring us to benefit all the eight aspirations desired in life. Therefore feng shui enthusiasts are recommended to carry along them as safety amulet or hang them in prominent areas of homes and vehicles.

On the other hand, jade is believed in feng shui to be the link between man and the heaven and is called the “stone of heaven” during ancient times. Jade gives impression of delicate gracefulness, elegance and exquisiteness. Widely used in esteemed arts and crafts from 18th century till today, jade embodies perfection, immortality, and is a symbol of love, fidelity, virtue, generosity, wealth and nobility. Jade promotes good health, protection against losses and good fortune. The jade had saved many lives too. In times of danger, such as when the owner of a piece of jade meets with an accident, the jade would break into pieces to take away the danger and save the owner’s life. Or out of no good reason a piece of jade is broken or by accident, it simply means it had taken away some danger that you could encounter on that particular day.


Weight 220 g


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