Large Wealth Lock Coin Amulet – Windfall Luck Magnifier


Large Wealth Lock Coin Amulet – Windfall Luck Magnifier
Material: Copper
Color: Vintage Look
Dimension(in): 2.2×0.25×8 in each
Weight: 50g each
ID: HH10023

Dated back to the Ming Dynasty, this replicated Lock Coin is a designed amulet used to magnify speculative affairs such as lotteries, 4-digits, football bets, horse racing and the stock market. It is excellent for those who wish to invest in speculative investments too. Place this fortune magnifying amulet together with your investment folder, share certificates or gambling tickets to bring maximum opportunities of winning or striking large gains. You may also use this speculative magnifier together with other auspicious wealth enhancers such as 8-Coins or 3-good luck coins. They are also recommended to be placed at SE, your personal sheng chi direction and at your home’s main or bedroom doorknobs. This large lock coin is secured and activated with a red thread endless mystic knot.

Note: The study of Feng Shui does not encourage large gambling that could lead to the disharmony of family and bankruptcy. However, a few dollars used to buy lottery for fun in hope of large returns and other means of small betting that would not harm the financial status would be fine. We also advise that investment in share markets must be within our own means and under strict control. Borrowing money to gamble should be avoided at all times and by all means.

What the Lock Coin symbolizes and how to place the object?
The lock coin has a history dated back to Ming Dynasty. The yang side had characters which indicate “an ounce of gold” and “big leap of advancement made by the horse”. It is simply meant to magnify speculative and gambling luck.

Red thread and mystic knot is essential to empower it for endless speculative and gambling luck that would bring in lots of winning benefits for the long term. The coins must be made of fine metal such as brass or bronze, which are strong and elegant. Some versions are made of resin and brittle in nature, try not to get those version because they lack in metal energy.

The lock coin is a speculative luck magnifier:

  1. Carry one either along with you when you go out or hang in the car to ensure you are always being filled with speculative luck and never a long term loser.
  2. To magnify your windfall and speculative luck in life, hang this tassel in your sheng chi direction, SE universal wealth corner and water star-8 location in your home or workplace.
  3. Hang the amulet inside your maindoor’s doorknobs or bedroom’s doorknobs to make sure everytime your door is opened the speculative luck enters your space.
  4. Place the lock coin together with your lottery tickets, share certificates etc to increase chances of getting good gains.

Note: Feng Shui Bestbuy offers coins from the finest quality that is made from fine brass and bronze and is really strong in nature. Try not to get those coins that are made from resin and is very brittle. It is better to refresh these coins each year on the first day of the Lunar New Year. It is best to get new ones, or you can cleanse them using incense or singing bowl.

Weight 220 g


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