Six Lo Shu Tortoises Lucky Array


Six Lo Shu Tortoises Lucky Array – Energy Infused
Material: Brass
Color: Gold Plated, Red and Black Enamel
Dimension(in): 3.9×4.7×0.2in Wulou Core; 0.75×0.75×0.1in
Weight: 186g
ID: 24-AM-06

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A traditional method to manage negative forces from any afflicted sector is to apply powerful symbols, hexagrams, taoist incantations and buddhist mantras within the affected area as counter-measures. Old School Traditional feng shui masters and Flying Stars purists implement this regularly from the old books and thus the formulation of this potent cure to fulfill the requirements, known as the Six Lo Shu Tortoises Lucky Array. It consists of Six Tortoises with Lo Shu Diagrams (messenger of heaven) filling into a thick Taiji Wulou core with other important symbols such as Borderless Longevity Coins beneath the six discs, Dui Trigram, Four Signs of Health, Medicine Buddha Mantra and 8 types of Taoist Health Incantations. When these symbols combined together, they merge to become a SUPER ENHANCER or CURE that is most optimized and more powerful than the ordinary. The traditional use of Six Round Discs is fortified in this manner to ensure this super artifact can adequately magnify Heaven Star #6 as well as pulverize Fatal Star #5-Yellow and Illness Star #2-Black in the flying star charts. Besides it is also an important cure and activator for the partriarch’s corner in the Northwest. This special array represents pure heaven energy, with each symbol signifying a very specific power and bringing their own unique brand of good fortune luck.

The salient features and the importance of the auspicious symbols can be explained and elaborated as follows:

  1. Six Tortoises Discs – the tortoise is the greatest sign of health, longevity, stability, steadiness, good fortune, support and protection. The Lo Shu diagram discovered on the back of a giant tortoise around Hsia Dynasty (2000BC) comprises “four yin” and “five yang” with no superiority among them. Containing the message of the basic order in chinese cosmology, the miracle Lo Shu reflects the cycle of destruction of the Five Elements, shows how Flying stars move over time and emits the magic for this cure. Six discs represents six solid lines of the Chien Hexagram which means BIG METAL, thus exerting powerful energies to subdue earth energies from #5 or #2.  It is Hexagram 1 out of 64, connoting Force. Other variations include “the creative”, “strong action”, “the key”, “heaven” and “god”. Thus, six becomes the number that represents heaven luck!
  2. Wan Shou Shou Jiang Coins – located beneath the six discs, they connote the auspicious meaning of border-less longevity.
  3. Taiji-Wulou – The symbol of Taiji signifies the balance of yin and yang, which balances forces that are out of sync or facing imbalances. Ancient masters believed that there should be balance in “positive and negative” for everything to function properly. Yin energy brings bad news related to death, injury and illness. The Taiji is no doubt the best symbol used to ward off negative vibes from too much “yin” energy by symbolically forcing the illumination of “yang” energy. The wulou is used to neutralize illness energies and create good flow of energy into homes. 
  4. Dui Trigram symbol – it represents the heavenly doctor symbol in subduing Illness #2.
  5. Four Signs of Health – The five petals of the plum blossom symbolize the “five blessings” (wufu), also known as the “five happinesses” or “five good fortunes”. These five blessings refer to longevity, wealth, health and composure, virtue, and the desire to die a natural death in old age.Next, the bamboo is a legendary symbol of longevity because it is able to live beyond a thousand years. It survives harsh winters and grows stronger with each passing season. Equally important, the auspicious peach resembles a long healthy life with great fortune for many generations. It is suitable as auspicious gifts for birthdays and for elderly people. Last but not least, the pine tree is a very common symbol for longevity because it is an evergreen and can endure severe winters.
  6. Medicine Buddha Mantra – is the mantra inscription that cures ailments. The Medicine Buddha mantra is held to be extremely powerful for healing of physical illnesses and purification of negative karma. Anyone who is stricken by disease can seek blessings from Medicine Buddha for curing.
  7. Eight health related  taoist incantations – Combat Cough, Combat Epilepsy, Cure Bone Ailments, Cure Cancer, Cure Incurable Diseases, Cure Intestinal Illnesses, Cure Kidney Illnesses and Good Health Talisman.

Note: This item is energy infused and comes with a certificate of authenticity. 

Powerful Activator of Heaven Luck for #6
The Six Lo Shu Tortoises Lucky Array activates and magnifies the auspicious Heaven Star #6 in both the annual and natal flying star charts. In the Flying Star system, the #6 Nobility White Star is a longevity and lucky star. It is responsible for bringing:

  1. favorable windfall luck suitable for speculative investments.
  2. divine blessings from the heaven – when one’s heaven luck is activated, you will enjoy long term wealth and good luck from all directions.
  3. luck of travelling/migration/changes.
  4. steady mainstream income.
  5. nobleman (benefactors/mentors/help of powerful people).

Powerful Cure for #2 and #5
Made from noble materials, this BIG METAL cure can effectively counter strong “earth energy” from Fatal #5 Yellow Star and Illness #2 Black Star. They can either be in the form of “natal” chart’s Water Star or Mountain Star or “annual” chart’s Annual stars. The deadly Fatal Star #5 Yellow causes high amplification of obstruction, serious misfortune, mishap, calamity, family disharmony, family breakup, injuries, accidents, ailment, fatality, obstacles at work, a whole series of bad news, all sorts of difficulties and bankruptcy if not remedied. On an equally bad note, the Illness Star #2 Black brings ill winds, viruses and hard-to-cure illnesses that can lead to death if not properly remedied.

They are best displayed in the following areas to enhance your health and benefit from longevity:

  1. Display them in the bedroom to create protective shielding of aura against illnesses, to heal ailments/sickness and to rejuvanate the energy of sick people.
  2. Display them in the sector afflicted by mountain star#2 or water star#2 according to the natal flying star chart of your house.
  3. Display them in the east sector of your living room, family room and dining for the benefit of the entire family.
  4. Display them at your workdesk to eliminate illness chi from harming you.
  5. Display them as a powerful cure against annual Illness Star-2. 

Protects the Northwest
It is an excellent cure to protect the patriarch’s luck in the northwest. It is especially useful when the northwest corner is afflicted or when the northwest corner is missing.
a. When the northwest is afflicted with energies that clashes the base element of the northwest corner, the partriach will be at risk. It is especially deadly when negative energies clashes into the northwest.
b. Whenever the northwest corner is missing, the luck of the family will be in great difficulty. The males of the family will become unsuccessful for life if the situation is not cured. You will need to display this cure in the NW corner of the living room if the actual NW corner of the house is missing.

Weight 440 g
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