Joyous Vibes and Double Defense


Joyous Vibes and Double Defense – Energy Infused
Material: Brass and Crystals
Color: Genuine Gold Plated; Multicolored Enamel; Sprinkle of Loose Pearl Glittery Powder
Dimension(in): 2.1×1.6×2.4in left lion; 2×1.5×2.4in right lion; 4.25×4.25×0.2in plate
Weight: 560g
ID: 24-AG-09

Tzi Chi Lions are the augury of aspirations in all new beginnings or renewed beginnings as they bring in joyous vibes as well as fortified shielding. To bring good luck and ensure success, Tzi Chi Lions exert good vibes for important occasions such as business opening events, special celebrations or wedding ceremonies, or may be used to honour special dates. This is why it is so important to have them to renew our energies as we transition into Period 9. Joyous vibes in the first year are essential to lay a good foundation for Period 9. The south is the Chief Palace (a.k.a direct spirit) of Period 9. It is a power spot that enables bounteous fortune and is very important to have its feng shui doubled up if you want a thriving Period 9. Featured in blue, these Tzi Chi lions symbolize water element and wealth and makes them excellent to be introduced into every home to calm down an overly fiery period. Next, the Tzi Chi lions are associated with military strength and hunting prowess. Having them denotes protection for all the nine directions including the center. They are considered to be a spiritually endowed creatures that could provide honor and recognition to your pursuits with strong external support. 

Further, in the Flying Stars system, the Violent Star #7 becomes more vicious and a threat to security as the world enters into Period 9. Admired for their stunning beauty,  they can also serve as a powerful security measure against this wicked star. Security is the degree of protection against danger, damage, loss, and crime. In the modern era, when we talk about security it is not only security of money. But security involves physical security, information security, home security, career security, business security, internet security and wealth security. Beside, they can also be displayed in sectors with auspicious stars due to the vibrant energy they infuse into any space.

Their secret compartments are filled inside with powerful rollings of mantras each:

  1. Four Dharmakaya Relic Mantras – Are essential mantras that give power and make the object holy.
  2. Wishfulfilling Mantra – Promises you a quantum change in making your impossible wishes possible. It opens up endless possibilities, superlative success, overflowing possibilities and materializes your dreams. The magic created will move events, people and circumstances to fulfill all your dreams. You will be unrestrained and seeing enormous changes that leads to boundless returns.
  3. Yellow Jhambala Mantra – According to Buddhist mythology, he practiced Buddhism for a thousand years before Brahma made him immortal and have him guard treasures and distributing wealth to eliminate poverty and provide financial stability. It is said that riches attained from Jhambala comes with a wealth of spirituality.
  4. White Umbrella Goddess Mantra – The powerful Buddha of Protection who carries a white umbrella has the power to symbolically dispel any evil intentions of people who may want to hurt you. Be mindful that everyone is vulnerable to jealous intentions of unscrupulous people, enemies or competitors, so it is better safe than to be sorry. This mantra can also ward off black spells casted by the underlying currents of jealousy and making them harmless

The items come with a 24 Mountains Brass Plate.

Note: This item is energy infused and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

24 Mountains Brass Plate
The shape, element and meaning associated to all characters on it serves as a communication tool to the heaven and transmit messages to the cosmic universe where all your wishes of success will be granted. This will align the auspicious object to cosmic forces and empower it with greater power.

The 24 Mountains Plate has the following characteristics:

  1. Tai Chi Symbol – complement each other according to the theory of “Yin Yang” to generate “balance”. When balance is attained, negativities diminish to give way to positivities!
  2. “Early Heaven” 8 Trigrams of the Bagua – are used in Taoist cosmology to represent the fundamental principles of reality, seen as a range of eight interrelated concepts. Each consists of three lines, each line either “broken” or “unbroken,” representing yin or yang, respectively.
  3. 45 Stars – formed by a total of nine sets of stars; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.
  4. 8 Natures of the Trigrams – namely fire, earth, marsh, heaven, water, mountain, thunder and wind.
  5. 24 Mountains Names and Markings – A total of 4 cardinal directions and 4 subdirections are further divided into three directions each. For example, east is subdivided into E1, E2 and E3 and each related to a mountain’s name.
  6. Hidden under the plate is the inscription of “99 FUK CHARACTERS”. The chinese character “fuk” expresses the sentiment “luck”. Therefore, a hundred of them becomes an auspicious connotation that multiplies your good luck by 99 times more. It is actually a symbolic representation of the “God of Luck” (Fuk Xing), whom originated as a lucky star and was believed to bring good fortune. The character symbolizes family happiness, fulfillment, good relationships and mutual love uninterrupted by illnesses, setbacks and sufferings. It also brings power, authority and wealth. Feng Shui masters believed that it is the strong chi contained in the strokes of this powerful chinese character that brings out all these wonderful properties. During the Ching Dynasty, Emperor Kang Hsi wrote this chinese character for his long-ailing empress mother and hang it in her bedroom. As a result, her empress mother recovered and lived to a riped age of a hundred. Since then, the character is also believed to bring curitive and longevity advantages. All in all, the “99 FUK CHARACTERS” bring you complete good fortune, material luck, protection, peace, confidence and genuine happiness in your wealth accumulation.

Celestial Lion Symbolism

Buddha’s tame lion would “follow his heels like a faithful dog”, according to the legend. According to an oft-repeated legend, this is no ordinary lion. Long ago a lion fell in love with a marmoset. The disparity in their sizes made this an impossible love, so the heart-sore lion asked Ah Chu, the protector of animals, to shrink him down to the size of a marmoset so that the two animals could marry. Only his heart remained its original size. From this union, the celestial lion was born. With the spread of Buddhism to China, the status of celestial lions were elevated during the reign of Emperor Zhangdi of the Eastern Han Dynasty due to the religion’s high regard for them. Therefore, you will find the celestial lions statues abundantly available in the chinese palace and the emperors consider breeding pekingese dogs as the real form of celestial lions. With the power to drive away evil, they are popularly known as the defender of law and protector of homes. They provide ultimate protection from theft and robbery, wards of evil spirits and harmful people, nourishes chi that enters homes, bring in happy blessings and dissolves bad chi from neighbourly formations. It is seen as the symbol of power and strength because of its ability to eat up the tiger and leopard besides having the ability to suppress and expel evil forces.

Why is Violent Star #7 dangerous?
One of the most hazardous stars in Xuan Kong Flying Stars is the Broken Army Violent Star #7. This star which used to be auspicious before 2004 (Period 7) has transitioned to become a notorious one. It is also called “Po Jun” star in chinese. It will create fights and make people get furious for no practical reason. Disputes will be created in aspects of relationship, career or finance. Your investments and bank savings will be subjected to heavy losses. If unattended it will also make you lose your precious belongings or documents. Vile characters will triumph in their disputes over you. In aggressive cases, it causes bloodshed caused by metal objects such as guns, knives and swords. All in all, it brings disturbances, turbulence, violence, financial losses, fire, injuries by sharp objects, fightings in the family, armed burglary and theft. Nowadays, thieves have also become IT savvy where they are stealing your passwords and your money via the internet. If this star is not properly dispelled, you are also more vulnerable to falling prey to such crimes. Its effects becomes worst when combined with bad stars such as #2, #3, #5 or magnifying star #9.

Placement Suggestions

  1. To increase ones personal luck, display them at your personal zodiac direction:
    Rat – North
    Ox – NE
    Tiger – NE
    Rabbit – East
    Dragon – SE
    Snake – SE
    Horse – South
    Sheep – SW
    Monkey – SW
    Rooster – West
    Dog – NW
    Pig – NW
  2. Place them in your living room to ensure success in all areas of your life, leading to fulfillment and abundance. They will help you in your endeavours, help your children in their studies and generate family harmony.
  3. For businessmen, place them on a table or cabinet behind you or on your desk to ensure quick success in business pursuits and smooth ride in business transactions. They will invite more business luck to you.
  4. Place them in your “Sheng Chi“ sector to help smoothen all your pursuits in life and increase your money luck, health luck and love luck.
  5. Placed them in the east sector and its head facing maindoor, it can also protect family members from harm and danger when they are outdoor. They bring you many happy blessings to your family.
  6. When placed in the southeast of your living room or dining and your business premise, you will enjoy tremendous wealth luck constantly coming your way.
  7. You may also place them on your workdesk facing out to bring good luck and ward off harmful people and politics. You may also place them near your reception and important areas of your shop, facing out.
  8. Display them at your child’s study desk to benefit his/her literary luck.
  9. For the safety of your family and children, display them facing out towards the maindoor (from inside) to ward off robberies and accidents.
  10. To dispel political problems in the office, backstabbing, arguments and petty peers, display them on your office desk. They will stop all the bickering.
  11. To keep competitors at bay for businessmen, display them facing outwards at the main entrance of your workplace or shop. They will help you counter attack all the threats.
  12. To remedy against Violent Star #7, either from the natal chart, annual chart or monthly chart of flying stars, display them in the afflicted sector. 
Weight 900 g
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