Missing Corner Plaque for South


Missing Corner Plaque for South

Material: Peachwood
Color: Lacquered wood and Multicolor Paint
Dimension(in): 4.6x7x0.45 in
Weight: 183g

Availability: Only 16 left in stock

Used by old school traditional feng shui masters, a symbol of trigram is the most direct countermeasure for a missing corner. It is also a potent cure for other situations that requires the trigram’s potency to be generated, its weak presence to be magnified and its unavailability to be reinvented. Made from peach wood, it is inscribed with the “li trigram” symbol, its corresponding name of the trigram in chinese and smaller chinese characters to describe its direction and element. The trigram is enameled in its own element color to amplify its base element. Activating behind the plaque is a Taoist talisman that presses down disasters and misfortunes. Its cosmic power is also able to imprison evil energies so that the whole family can stay safe and secured. It can be conveniently hung on a wall or displayed on a table. This plaque is a cure for a missing corner in the south. The house with a missing south corner will suffer from poor network and occupants always encountering petty people. The middle daughter of the family will be susceptible to all kinds of harm. Occupants of the house will also suffer from eye and heart diseases.

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Missing Corner

A missing corner is a proportion of an area dissappearing or shrunk. Feng shui masters will not recommend one to buy a new house that has a missing corner because missing corners will contribute to odd shape or sharp corner resulting in “chi” being confused. Occupants of an odd shape house will not be at peace all the time, bombarded by obstacles, instability, troubles, misfortunes and mishaps. To sum up, a house with one or more missing corners is considered as a bad house and should be avoided. In general, most feng shui masters use the trigram meanings of each direction to desribe the probable outcome of a missing corner:

1. Northwest – Disharmony and frequent quarrels among family members. Father of the house is susceptible to all kinds of harm. Brings about injuries or health problems associated to the head. Occupants will also suffer from blood pressure issues.

2. West – Family members tend to be flirtatious and involved in 3rd party scandals. Youngest daughter is susceptible to all kinds of harm. Occupants will be facing love problems and issues related to the mouth and breathing.

3. South – Poor network and always encountering petty people. Middle daughter is susceptible to all kinds of harm. Occupants will suffer from eye and heart diseases.

4. East – Morale compass is low and family always feel down and discouraged. There is no future for the eldest son of the family. Occupants will suffer from health issues related to the foot.

5. Southeast – Pregnancy setbacks will be encountered. Newly weds must avoid such type of house. Eldest daughter will face love affairs and career challenges. Occupants of the house will have issues related to the blood and thigh.

6. North – High risk of accidents for family members. Middle son will be most susceptible to harm. Occupants will most probably end up having kidney diseases.

7. Northeast – Family has poor planning issues, thus facing many obstacles in life. Youngest son may not make it to the university/college education. Occupants will be facing overall health problems and anything associated to the hands.

8. Southwest – Broken family with many relationship issues between husband and wife. The mother will suffer from ill health. Entire family will not be happy and not going to be successful. Occupants will be having health related issues associated to the stomach.

Weight 500 g
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