2023 Love Kit


2023 Love Kit – Energy Infused
Material: Multiple
Color: Multicolored
Dimension(in): Multiple
Weight: 926g
ID: SL23204

Availability: In stock

This LOVE kit includes:

  1. Spellbinding Pig 
  2. Four Friends Amulet
  3. Tai Kat Tai Lei” Love Swans
  4. Romantic Rabbit
  5. Flowery Rooster 

Note: All items are energy infused and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Where to Display?

  1. Union with Tai Sui – indicates strong influence on relationship because these sectors have special bond with the Tai Sui. Display the Spellbinding Pig in the northwest.
  2. Zheng Tao Hua – the star that promotes true love that leads to actual marriage in the end. Display Four Friends Amulet in this sector.
  3. Joyful Events and Pian Tao Hua – Joyful events sector will enable the ringing of wedding bells. Those who want to tie the knot will need to activate this sector. Next, the Pian Tao Hua star that brings new territories of romance and sexual intimacy. If you want to meet someone new for sex purpose in the beginning and hoping that it can lead to something solid later, this is the star that will help. Display the Tai Kat Tai Lei” Love Swans in this sector in the North.
  4. Romance sector – sector that enables new love or to bind an unstable love further. For those who are impatiently seeking for new romance luck, you can display the Romantic Rabbit in this sector.
  5. Position of Relationship – the sector that brings about long term commitment in a relationship and for those who want to resolve unwanted third party relationship. Display the Flowery Rooster in this sector in the southwest.
Weight 2480 g
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