Mythical Bird Dzi Bracelet


Mythical Bird Dzi Bracelet
Material:36mm Dzi Bead; 8mm Tridacna Gigas; 7mm Cinnabar Donut, 4mm Tibetan Turquoise Donut, 8mm 925 Silver Bead
Color: Multicolor
Dimension(in): Standard Size
Weight: 20g
ID: 18-BR-06

Availability: Only 3 left in stock

This stunning Mythical Bird Dzi bracelet is strung with 925 silver, Cinnabar and Tridacna Gigas (white and red). The Mythical Bird dZi helps to overcome sickness, remove sufferings, correct confusion, resist danger, subdue evil spirits, dispel bad luck and enhance fame luck. The mythical bird is believed to be related to Garuda, the guardian of temples and spiritual places. Best for those seeking for high visibility and good reputation. On the other hand, the 925 Silver accessory with symbol of chinese coin magnetizes prosperity and ushers in money. Next, the cinnabar stone may bring an increase of wealth into your business. This stone is also powerful for awakening mystic vision, and this may empower you to complete your Divine purpose for incarnating at this time. It is a stone of transformation, of magic, alchemy and healing. In addition, Tibetan Turquoise, or Chinese Turquoise is especially useful for clearing the Throat Chakra, and blockages of suppressed self-expression. As jewelry it is worn by men and women alike, and considered a promise of fidelity and protectiveness to a lover or partner. It is used in sacred prayer beads, adorns musical instruments, prayer wheels and bells, and a Turquoise rosary is said to relate prayer to whatever deity is being invoked. Tibetan Turquoise has fortune-bringing powers. Equally important, “Tridacna Gigas Shell” is made from the rare and sacred giant clams from deep oceans. They are recorded in buddhist texts as having the ability to purify energies and drive away evils. Its rounded shape and white color both represent metal element, and its material have energies more superior than metal. It can actually create and build an energy vortex with a radius of about 2 meters. This vortex can shield one from illness energy. This bracelet is free-size and can be easily worn by almost all hand sizes (but best for 7.5inch perimeter as standard) because of its long lasting “expandable-retractable korean string”.

Note: The dzi bead is of “diamond grade”. The bead is made from far older agate emanating more power. They have been tested and guaranteed to give good fortune vibrations, by a 3A pure pendulum. Also worth to take note that every piece of dzi is unique on its own because of different etch behaviour following the grains on different piece of natural dzi bead. There can potentially be internal grains, blemishes, imperfection and crack lines. Only fake dzis can be perfect. This item is very limited in quantity because the silver pieces are handmade and not mass produced. All metal pieces on this bracelet are made from genuine silver. The purchase comes with a pillow and a certificate of authenticity. This bracelet is free-size and can be easily worn by almost all hand sizes (but best for 7.5inch perimeter as standard) because of its “expandable-retractable korean string”.

Weight 300 g
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