White Mani Wheel Bracelet – Good Tidings


White Mani Wheel Bracelet – Good Tidings – GUARANTEED LIMITED EDITION
Material: 14mm Tridacna Gigas Mani Bead; 6mm Clear Quartz Bead; 8mm Pink Agate Bead; 2mm Silver Bead; 3mm Silver Bead; 8mm Clear Quartz Bead; 6mm Clear Quartz Bead with Cutting; 5mm Clear Quartz Donut with Cutting; 30mm Silver Curved Rod; 5mm Lotus Bud
Color: Multicolor
Dimension(in): Standard Size
Weight: 12g
ID: 17-BR-10

Availability: Only 1 left in stock

With a special sensitivity for Thai and Sterling Silvers, with the utmost eye for detail and a total flair for design and fashion trends, this lucky charm bracelet provides a refreshing alternative for your silver and crystal jewellery collection. The exquisite design competence and finish quality will fulfil the highest demands in terms of aesthetics and quality. A sensual designer piece, this oriental setting blends specially selected pieces of Thai Silver and Sterling Silver auspicious motifs with the much adored crystals. It features primarily the Mani Wheel and Lotus Bud, a very powerful symbol of merit and peace. Buddhists believe that the mani wheel radiates peace, kindness, and relief from suffering for all beings. It gives you a peaceful and pleasant life. And it helps to heal sickness and protect you from diseases. Simply touching the mani wheel allows you to accumulate wisdom and merit (good karma) and to purify negativities (bad karma), thus resulting in less sufferings and a smoother life. This translates to good luck in the layman’s interpretation. This bracelet is free-size and can be easily worn by almost all hand sizes (but best for 7.5inch perimeter as standard) because of its long lasting “expandable-retractable korean string”.

Note: Guaranteed limited edition. This item is very limited in quantity because the silver pieces are handmade and not mass produced. All metal pieces on this bracelet are ALL made from solid silver. Bracelet comes with pillow and certificate of authenticity for the silver.

Om Mani Padme Hum and Tridacna Gigas
The mantra of Goddess of Compassion (Avalokitesvara) will help you overcome sickness, family problems, relationship problems, career problem, conceiving problem, children problems, unriped death of loved ones, all forms of stresses, examination problems and other types of bad luck.

The Tridacna Gigas is recorded in buddhist texts as having the ability to purify energies and drive away evils. It can actually create and build an energy aura with a radius of about 2 meters. This aura can shield one from illness energy when worn on you.

Bracelet Pillow provided inside a gift box
Weight 300 g
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