Double Dose of Love Potion Amulet


Double Dose of Love Potion – Energy Infused
Material: Pure Brass
Color: Gold Plated
Dimension(in):2.1×2.3 in primary piece; 2.1×0.1×7.5in all
Weight: 50g
ID: 14-PC-10

Are you tired of bad romance? The Double Dose of Love Potion invites in rosy new romance and bring many suitors for your hands in marriage. It also gives a boost of romance for lifetime partners who are facing stagnation in feelings. Consecrated with the Red Tara Mantra (“Kurukulla Mantra”), it helps to soften mutual restriction for better relationship especially beneficial for those suffering from negative peach blossom, bazi restriction and couples suffering from conflicting zodiacs. This mantra can be invoked to help you to whisper terms of endearment, to guide your sensual power, explore your erotic potential, deepen intimacy, reveal and fulfill your lover’s fantasies and infuse lovemaking with sparkling fire. It creates beauty, colorful romance and the amorous feelings of youth. For ladies, it is like a real love potion that encourages libido of your desired men. Suitable to initiate a new love, spice up your existing love life and harvest marriage luck. This is said to be the world’s most powerful love amulet ever.

A spectacular revelation from the usual pieces, this fabulous creation of our brand features the amulet done skillfully and uniquely in pure brass and gold plating. Besides having the Red Tara Mantra, this sensual piece is adorned beautifully with many more powerful love symbols. Inspired by the need to activate its true potential and power, a shy energy infused tag is hidden under an exquisite pendant of the mystic knot.

  1. Ho Hsien Ku – belongs to the 8 Immortals and her duty is to bless one with happy relationship, marriage, children and love luck. She is the taoist Guardian of Love. While other romance enhancers do not promise you will find a quality partner who is suitable for you, the Ho Hsien Ku has the upper hand in blessing one in finding a partner who matches your criteria. She ensures that you will gain complete happiness in love.
  2. Taoist incantation of STRONG LOVE BONDAGE – it catalyzes virtue, brings perfect matches and hopes for successful relationships in romance. It creates the type of romance that is free from troublesmakers and nasty quarrels. It invites suitable candidates into your lives.
  3. Dragon and Phoenix – this celestial couple is the symbol of everlasting love and they being together is the ultimate symbol of marital happiness. It symbolizes that the man and spouse will stay together through thick and thin, and that love and passion will last till the end.
  4. Peonies – signify beauty, romance and the amorous feelings of youth. It benefits ladies who are single as it is said to bring many suitors for their hands in marriage. The peonies act like a love potion. It will encourage libido of their desired men. The peonies can initiate a new love, spice up your existing love life, harvest marriage luck and add spark to long time couples. You will become more attractive than before, thus inviting men into your life.
  5. Double Happiness Symbol – is a very powerful symbol of conjugal bliss and happiness in marriage and family life. It promises sustainable happiness in a relationship.
  6. Magpies – known as the “bird of happiness” and have been regarded as the bird that connects earth to heaven. The magpie promotes love affair.
  7. Multiple Mystic Knots – is a symbol of endless love done infinite times.

This amulet is suitable for:

  1. Igniting sparks of new love and romance for singles. It will bring about peach blossom luck for all zodiacs.
  2. Adding back a high dose of love back into an existing relationship.

One can carry this amulet along on the handbag at all times.

This amulet is energy infused and emits energy unendingly. Item comes with certificate of authenticity.

Note: The price of brass and gold had gone up skyhigh in recent years, where some had resorted to cheaper alloys in making their amulets. But we continue to maintain our commitment in using genuine brass and genuine gold plating in our own amulets. The brass piece is made from a very prestigious brass factory.

To activate:

  1. Romance and love luck, display the amulet in the southwest location of your bedroom, living room, dining, family room, your car and even your workdesk. Southwest is the universal love sector according to Life Aspiration Theory.
  2. Good love relationship, you may also want to check out your personal love direction according to your kua number (based on your birthdate) to activate your Nien Yen direction. This is in accordance with 8 Mansions Theory of Feng Shui. Activation using this method will successfully create excellent marriage happiness chi for you. This is also the location to activate new love luck for those who have same sexual preference.
  3. Harmony among family members and newly weds in a household, display the amulet beside your bed or in prominent areas of the living room to create happiness energy. They will also resolve your conflicts you may have with your neighbours or colleagues at work or school.
  4. The martriarch luck, so that she will be blessed with obedient children and a good husband, display the amulet in the southwest of the living room.
Weight 220 g


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