Luck Pitfalls: Giving Up Cures and Enhancers Irresponsibly

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This article was written based on true stories told by our customers pertaining to their luck deterioration after they gave up their feng shui cures and enhancers irresponsibly. We thought of sharing this important piece of information in hope to create awareness among feng shui enthusiasts so that they do not carelessly fall into the same pitfalls due to poor sensitivity.

Case 1

Suzanne invited the Fuk Luk Sau (Three Star Gods) from us into her home about 4 years ago. The Fuk Luk Sau represents happiness, wealth and good health. She had been riding smooth after inviting them into her living room. Last summer, she operated a “garage sale” to renew her home furnishings. She sold her Fuk Luk Sau because she thought her new interior plan cannot tolerate them. Since then, her nursery business closed down within a year, her husband filed a divorce and her mother had throat cancer. Whether it was coincidence or not, one should never treat their feng shui cures and enhancers as used merchandize. Like it or not, when the set of Fuk Luk Sau was displayed, they had become her family’s ownership and considered activated. Getting rid of them will result in getting rid of all kinds of good luck brought by them.

Case 2

Fernandez bought a 24k Five Element Pagoda from us earlier this year. Following instruction, he filled the pagoda with some crystals and it was displayed in the south corner of his house on 4th February 2008 to cure the deadly 5 Yellow. He later found out there was another more fanciful multicolored pagoda in the market, so he changed his mind and replaced the former with the new pagoda about a week later. During the replacement, he removed the original crystals from the former pagoda to be filled into his new pagoda. He never expected that such desires would lead him to a series of disasters within weeks later. Soon, he met with a serious accident and was not able to work. He was also facing a legal battle due to this accident and may potentially lose his hard earned wealth away. His son was caught with a sex scandal in school and was put into jail. His wife was later retrenched by a multinational corporation in April. To be honest, the problem was not due to the new pagoda’s effectiveness. But the deadly 5 Yellow was actually a devil that was not to be messed around with. Filling the pagoda with crystals and locking them up in the pagoda was a ritual itself. It marked the initiation of entrapment of the devil and activated the cure. Releasing the angered devil was not a wise choice and thinking that the new pagoda replacement could do the same job was equally naive. Cures should be done right at the first time and maintained as it was till the end of the year. Also, worth taking note that nothing beats the ability of real gold when fighting 5 Yellow. The multicolored pagoda cannot be more powerful than the totally gold plated pagoda.

Case 3

In 2006, Josephine bought a wealth pot from us. After displaying it for a few months, she saw growth in her sales that led to her promotion. So, she thought of getting a “much larger in sized wealthpot” that was more attractive, to replace the old one. Because of that, she gave away her old wealthpot to a colleague. Since then her sales started to drop significantly and her colleague who received her fortune outperformed her and was promoted to become her boss in 2007. The moral of the story was never to give away a wealth enhancer after displaying it. If she wanted to upgrade the wealthpot to a bigger one, she should have kept the old one at the same time. If she thought space was a concern, she should have thrown the old wealthpot away either by burying it, throwing it into the sea or properly wrapping it in red paper before it goes to the garbage bag.

Case 4

Miss Suan Fu bought a crystal lotus fountain from us in 2005 after reading our article on maximizing wealth luck. After receiving it, she had a scolding from her husband because her husband did not believe water features could improve his wealth luck. Her husband thought it was an entire waste of money. She wrote to us about her intention to return the fountain to us, promising that the item was still brand new and originally in the box unopened. Because of their greed, her husband went ahead to fix the fountain despite having the intention to return it. He used it for a few days hoping to generate some wealth luck temporarily before shipping it back to us. When we received it, we detected that the fountain was “used” but still in useful condition, so we gave it to a Taiwanese charitable body for it to be displayed at their wealth corner. A month later, the chairperson of the foundation officially wrote a note to inform us how well the fountain had worked for their foundation because charity poured in non-stop ever since. Miss Suan Fu on the other hand came back to tell us that her husband flew to Genting Highlands from Singapore, and gambled away all his lifetime savings. She asked if she could have the same fountain back if she make a new purchase with us, as advised by her feng shui master. It was all too late. Coincidentally, we found out later that the corporation running the casino at Genting Highlands had contributed a huge sum of charity fund to this Taiwanese foundation. We are not sure if this was coincidental, but one should never give up their wealth enhancer that have been initiated or activated, or else it would be equivalent to rejecting wealth along the way. And they believed the fountain could possibly bring them wealth, being the reason why they tried it out in the first place. The “intention” was a powerful affirmation of the mind. They had indirectly built up wealth energy from the start, and later gave it up to others to benefit….not a wise move.

Case 5

Gigi bought a 9 Eye Dzi Crystal bracelet from us. After wearing it for weeks, she decided to change to a new one because she started to fall in love with more dzi beads. She bought a new 21 Eye Dzi bracelet this time and gave the old one to her sister. Then she fell down and hurt her leg the very next day. She related her incident to us. It was a well known fact that one must never give away their possession of natural stones, dzi’s and crystals to others because there was strong bond developed from these energy stones with the owner. Giving them away was like giving your own kids away to others. You can imagine how your kids would hate you for that. Instead Gigi should have kept her old bracelet with her. If she had wanted to present one to her sister, she should have purchased a new one for her sister.


There are many more feedback’s we received from our dearly customers, but we are unable to present them all. These were true luck pitfalls happening to feng shui practitioners who irresponsibly or carelessly gave up their enhancers and cures. Enhancers and cures should also be properly bought with a generous heart. We often realized that most who are buying “without genuine intention or generosity” would not enjoy the benefits from enhancers and cures. Stealing or cheating should also be avoided by all means. For example, do you steal the statue of a God home to be put onto the prayer altar? Your conscience and bad luck will haunt you some time later if you ever do that.

Enhancers and cures can be disposed off if they wear and tear with time in a proper manner; like wrapping them in paper and throwing them into garbage bins respectively, throwing into the sea or burying them into the ground. But one has to be careful not to give them away or have them end up in others hands unnecessarily. Like it or not, once you owned them, your energy sticks on them permanently. You cannot treat them like other merchandizes in your house. Another example, if we invite a statue of a deity to our altar for praying, after some time if we sell the statue away irresponsibly, we could end up not gaining anymore blessings we obtained in the past. Same goes for amulets for instance. Do you know that the Siamese treat their talismans and amulets as the determination between life and death. They will never give them away fearing that fatality strikes or bad luck haunting them for years to come

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