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Step-by-step Guide and Ordering Steps in our Shopping Cart

You will be allowed up to 5 hours to add your items into the shopping cart and complete your payment before the order is being auto-cancelled by your browser. Please follow the steps below when using our shopping cart for your order and payment:

Step 1: ENTER the "quantity" of the item you require at the page where the merchandize is. Quantity starts from "1". Click on "Buy Now" button.

Step 2: Verify if the item you have entered is correct. Proceed to click on "Continue Shopping" if you choose to continue shopping.

Step 3: You are required to repeat step 1 again for another item you want to add into the shopping cart. Enter the quantity of the other item that you need, eg. 3 pieces. Then click on "Buy Now".

Step 4: Verify again if the items you have entered are correct. Proceed to click on "Continue Shopping" if you choose to continue shopping and repeat step 1. If not, select your shipping country of destination and click on "Estimate Shipping Cost". The total shipping cost will be tabulated. You can click on "Back to Shopping Cart" to remove an item or add more items.

Step 5: If you choose to "Check Out" from the cart, you will be brought to the page to enter your shipping and billing particulars. The shipping and billing details can be different. For example, if Andy wants to pay items to be shipped to Joyce, then Andy will enter his billing information as billing address. And enter Joyce's shipping address in which the parcel will be delivered to. Please take careful precaution when filling up your particulars and address because our system does not accept special symbols and characters such as alfa, beta, gamma, apostrophe etc. Please use alternative proper letters to replace them. Once you fill up your particulars, click "Yes, continue" to proceed to look at the shipping charges and your total amount payable.

Step 6: Your shipping charges will be automatically calculated by the shopping cart. Your total shipping charges and overall amount payable will be presented. Click "Confirm order and email order details to yourself" if you wish to proceed with the order. An automated email will be sent to your mailbox if you click once. If you click more than once, there will be more than one email sent to your inbox. For example if you click 50 times, there will be 50 emails sent to you. However, this does not indicate the number of orders that will be processed. The final order that will be processed depends on the final payment we receive. After this point, you are warned NOT to reverse your page or else your order will be removed by the system.

Step 7: An order number will be assigned to you. Please jot down this number for future reference. You have not completed your order yet. You must continue to complete the payment page prepared by 2CHECKOUT or PAYPAL if you like the order to be processed. You may select either 2CHECKOUT or PAYPAL.

Step 8: If you select 2CHECKOUT, you will be transferred to its website. You may select the currency you desire and the language. Then click on "Continue to Billing Information". Go to Step 11 if you select PAYPAL.

Step 9: Some of your billing information will be transferred to its page. However, if they are only partially transferred or not successfully transferred you will need to re-enter some other necessary information to complete the page. Then click on "Continue to Payment Method".

Step 10: Select "Credit/Debit Card" as your payment method. Then click on "Submit Payment" to complete your order after entering your credit number, expiration date and CVV code behind your card. A payment confirmation email will be sent to you by 2Checkout.com if your payment is successful. We will then process your orders and ship the items to you physically in accordance to our order queue. Only payments that are successful will have orders processed. Thank you.

Step 11: At step 7, if you have selected PAYPAL, you will be transferred to the following page. Firstly, you may select the language of your choice on the top right hand corner. Then, you have two options. One, you can log in to PAYPAL if you have an existing account with it by entering your email and password. Two, you can click on "Pay with a debit or credit card, or Paypal Credit" if you wish to make direct payment with your cards.

Step 12: Enter your billing information for your credit card. It is important to enter all billing information correctly to avoid card processing problems. Once it is rejected, you will experience difficulty in making payment with the same card again. Then click "Review and Continue" to complete your payment. A payment confirmation email will be sent to you by Paypal if your payment is successful. We will then process your orders and ship the items to you physically in accordance to our order queue. Only payments that are successful will have orders processed. Thank you.

Final step: Check your inbox for a payment receipt emailed to you by 2CHECKOUT or PAYPAL. If you receive the email, that means your payment has been successful. A tracking number will be e-mailed to you separately a few days later when your shipment is released from our warehouse.

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