Who is the Real Nobleman?

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Nobleman luck has always played a significant role as the primary type of fortune acquired in the studies of chinese metaphysics. Other than wealth and prosperity, this is the most critical type of luck that every ambitious person desires for. A smart and ambitious person tend to be a good social climber and know how to put contacts to good use by elevating his/her career and social status through people. His/her life tend to be easier and better off than the rest if he/she knows how to create such network. Nobleman luck could lead one person in forming strong ties with the rich, the influential and the important people. It will allow one move in circles above his/her own social class and status and these “noblemen” acquaintances will be more than happy to lift him/her up to their status.

Clarifying Nobleman Luck

Many have always wanted to find out more about nobleman luck, aka ‘gui ren’ in Chinese. We know many have the misconception that our nobleman is made up of 3 animals (typically known as allies and friends), for e.g. if you are born in the year of the snake, your nobleman is the Rooster and the Ox and the Monkey is your secret friend. Actually that theory spans from the 3 Combinations (3 Harp) and 6 Combinations (6 Harp) principle. That is a more generic formula that applies according to different zodiacs in a standard manner. But, in order to obtain better accuracy, we need to go deeper by checking into a more customized analysis based on our Ba Zi.

Normally, if you have any “specific” nobleman star in your Ba Zi symbolic stars, you should thank the heaven for that gift as we usually take for granted of such presence of helpful people or some never really realize that they always have such helpful people around in times of crisis. But remember, not everyone is assigned with that “specific” nobleman stars in their Ba Zi symbolic stars. And therefore, we can go further to another level to “create” nobleman luck by other means. They can instead determine their personalized nobleman animals and nobleman sectors. Enhancement of nobleman sectors in ones home using feng shui can create positive outcome. For example, if one is unemployed and wishing to find a job, he can actually activate the nobleman corner to obtain results, which was proven to be successful on one of my clients in USA.

Many formulas are available, but recommendation is on using the most effective one

There are actually many types of nobleman stars in one’s destiny but we are just going to share with you one of the most effective formulas. To understand your nobleman animal here, you will first need to know the day that you were born, not the year but the day. It is very simple to determine that. For that you can use any Ba Zi calculator on the Internet (for example you may enter your date and time of birth here and check the top column of the second pillar from the left).

Then, refer to the table below for your actual nobleman animal and sectors in the table below:

Nobleman Animals and Sectors for different day pillars

There could also be a misconception that needs to be corrected here. Many people think that your actual nobleman is the person who is born in the year of that particular nobleman animal sign. This is not always true! A person’s Ba Zi chart is actually made up of 4 animal signs (every single hour, day, month and year symbolizes a particular animal sign). Hence it does not necessarily mean that your nobleman will be a person born in that year of your nobleman.

So why does it seem that we get along better with people of the animal sign which makes up the 3 combinations in Ba Zi? By nature of compatibility comparison, when there is a possible combination, usually it signifies a coming together or a partnership. But whether the combination takes place successfully or not, it depends on many other factors. Hence sometimes we do feel more comfortable with these people but they are not necessarily always your nobleman. Hence be open and look at the people around you. You may just find that nobleman has been beside you all along!


Say you were born on 23rd Aug 1995 at between 1-3am in early morning, you will be able to tabulate the following pillar chart. Then look at the day pillar’s upper part. It says “Bing Fire”. According to the table above, your nobleman luck could be activated with a Pig at the northwest and a Rooster at the west. Additionally, you could also carry their motifs along with you at all times.

Bazi chart for a specific example of date of birth
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