Luck of Mobility

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This formula was discovered by us in 2007 when we studied the different zodiac affinity and clashes to the Grand Duke Jupiter in the lunar year of Pig during that year. A detailed brainstorming session among revered feng shui masters then gave birth to this formula which we like to publish for the benefit of feng shui enthusiasts.

What is the Luck of Mobility?

We define the luck of mobility as the type of luck that will make one:

  1. Travel to a foreign place for work.
  2. Move to a new house.
  3. Move to another state.
  4. Migrate to a foreign country.
  5. Move to another job.
  6. Experience drastic changes in life.

Depending on how one looks at it, some may not take changes as desirable. For example, some prefer not to relocate, they treat changes in geographical location as unlucky. But to those who are tired or frustrated of their career or place of living, then changes will be considered as desirable or lucky! Therefore, if one rather stays stagnant and in their current comfort zone, then please do not activate this kind of luck.

Who needs the Luck of Mobility?

Lately, many people especially those living in economically affected countries due to escalating cost of fuel, attrition processes of employers and hiking in inflation have started to consider moving to foreign countries to find jobs. There are also more opportunities in developing nations such as in UAE, China and Vietnam.

Some who are living in countries of multiple states, such as USA are used to moving from one state to another to start a new life after each 7-year sabbatical. Such movements are desirable for one to leave anything sad behind and start a new leaf. There is always better chances of finding better prospects in a change of environment.

Those who are keen to move to a new house can also activate the luck of mobility, especially those who desire to improve their living standards, move to a weather friendly location or eyeing for a second home.

Also, we have received countless feedback from customers in India and Phillippines telling us their desire to have their migration papers approved by Australia and other western countries. Therefore, this is definitely the type of luck they can activate.

Those who are self sufficient and intended to travel widely can also activate the luck of mobility so that they can travel frequently abroad.

For those who are tired of their current job due to poor benefits, lousy colleagues or scheming bosses should definitely depend on the luck of mobility to find a new job and move on with their life for the better. Nothing is more torturing than being unhappy at work!

Those who are bored with their routines and daily life filled with pressure, stress and depression should ask for a total change in life. The luck of mobility is one that can change their life.

The boss too can activate the Luck of Mobility to get rid of someone!

For those in the management level, they too could have some unproductive workers they intend to remove, but may lack in compensational funds. They could only hope that these workers find a job elsewhere and resign voluntarily. All they need to do is to activate this kind of luck for those workers by checking their zodiacs.

In big and complicated families, especially among the asian countries, there could be too many families staying under the same roof provided by their ancestor. Most of the time, there could always be some eyesores who usually cause a lot of troubles at home. One can use this method to make the targeted person move out of the house voluntarily unharmed. But, please do not use it with a “devilish motive”, for example trying to force your parents-in-law in joining the old folks home. Remember there is always a factor of karma involved in ones deeds.

The formula

We found that there are four groupings that could be used to define the formula. And the four “luck of mobility animals” are the 3rd animal, the 6th animal, the 9th animal and the 12th animal. They are the Tiger, Snake, Monkey and Pig. Their directions are northeast, southeast, southwest and northwest respectively. And to be more accurate, the degrees are also being tabled out above.

Table: Different zodiacs' luck of mobility animals and directions

Ones zodiac is determined by the lunar year they were born in. For example, if you are born in the year of Rat, you can wear a Tiger pendant or carry along the Luck of Mobility Amulet that has the Tiger and Six Amethyst. And at the same time you can also display the figurine of a Tiger in the northeast corner of your house or your bedroom. If you like to change your career, then display the Tiger figurine in the northeast corner of your workdesk.

Similarly, if you like to activate the corner of your mobility or for others, you can display the luck of mobility animal in that corner of the house or office. For example, if the intended person to gain the luck of mobility is a Tiger, one should display the Monkey in the southwest corner.

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