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Kua Number (Your Personal Good and Bad Directions)

In Feng Shui, the 8-Mansion Theory determines our 4 favourable and 4 unfavourable directions. They are our personalized good directions which could be used to tap auspicious energy into our lives. Generally, there are two groups of people: East Group People have kua numbers 1,3,4,9; while West Group People have kua numbers 2,6,7,8. The calculation of kua number is based on the year you were born in, according to Chinese Solar Calendar. The table below is a consolidation of kua number based on solar year system. The Chinese Solar Calendar is based on the revolution of earth around the sun. And the start of the year is determined by the transition of Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, in which the hour, minute and second is taken into consideration. Spring could start either on 3rd, 4th or 5th of Feb depending on the year. It is worth taking note that automated kua calculators available in the market usually do not consider this important point.

For example, if you are a female born on 5 Feb 1972 at time 00:35, your kua number according to the table yields 4. Similarly if you are a male born, say on 4 Feb 1978 at time14:00, your kua number is 4.

With your kua number, you can choose to benefit yourself by tapping your personal energy following those auspicious directions in your homes (big tai chi), smaller rooms (small tai chi), offices or business premises (work place). Check the tables below for your four good directions.

1. Sheng Chi - The energy is auspicious vibrant energy. It brings a good start in any undertakings, overall smoothness in wealth acquisition, success in all aspects of life, tip top career and capable of creating positive attitude towards life. The element of this energy is wood.
2. Tian Yi - The energy means "Heavenly Doctor" in chinese. This is the energy that strengthens the body health and mind so that one is always able to embark on any goal in their life. The element of this energy is earth.
3. Nien Yan - The energy means "Prolonged Lifetime" in chinese. This is the energy that is required to nurture love, sex satisfaction, relationship, life partner luck and marital bliss. The element of this energy is metal.
4. Fu Wei - This energy relates to "mental alertness with a strong basic". It is the energy that bestows one with growth, personal development, intelligence and examination luck. The element of this energy is wood.
5. Jueh Ming - This is the most harmful energy of all. Its objective is to end one's destiny. This energy causes jeopardy in ones career, money loss, bankruptcy, long term illness, injury and disaster. The element of the energy is Metal.
6. Wu Gui - The energy means "Five Ghosts". The energy will bring one empty hopes. It will create good fortune and when one reaches the peak, it will bring disastrous ending. This kind of energy also causes one to be very quarrelsome and disturbed. The element of the energy is fire.
7. Liu Shar - The energy means "Six Types of Killings". This energy causes havoc in relationship and love. It causes hostility at work and makes one unpopular. The element of the energy is water.
8. Huo Hai - The energy means "No Luck". This energy brings hardship to people. One will not attain success when disturbed by this kind of energy. Everything will follow the path to failure. The element of this energy is earth.

Actually wee need not remember the bad directions because as long as we can remember the four good ones, the rest are the bad ones which we can remind ourselves of avoiding.

Please make sure you use a proper compass to take directions when identifying your auspicious and inauspicious directions. Don't take chances. Replace luck with a reliable compass. Click here to buy a good compass.

There are a few essential elements that are important in our house or any premises to follow this formula. Those considered essential include:
1. Maindoor - the maindoor must be opened to face ones best direction, especially the breadwinners. This direction can be any of the four best directions according to ones kua number, but the best is if the maindoor is facing the sheng chi direction. The maindoor is the mouth of the house and should be related to riches and wealth and overall luck. If it is a company maindoor, it must face the boss' auspicious direction.
2. The bedroom location - Everyone should select a room that is located in an auspicious sector in a house. For example if one is an east person, he should choose an east room. A good location for a bedroom is the nien yen location because bedroom is related to love and relationship.
3. The bed direction - One should have his headboard pointing to his good directions. This means that when he is sleeping, his top of the head is pointing towards his good direction, and not his feet. A good direction to face is the nien yen direction related to love and relationship.
4. The stove facing direction - The stove facing direction (when one is cooking his back is known as the facing direction) is important because fire mouth determines ones wealth generation. This fire mouth must always face a good direction, especially the sheng chi.
5. The workdesk or study table - The workdesk should face ones good directions to obtain good energy at work and succeed. If one faces his bad directions, it is hard for him to succeed. The best being his sheng chi direction. For those who are studying, the best is to have one facing his fu wei direction for education luck.
6. The facing direction when dining - Always ensure one is always facing his tien yi direction when eating his meals. This is to ensure he is always in good health and tip top condition.
7. The facing direction of cashier for business - The cashier must always be located in good flying star combination sector and facing ones best direction.

Not everyone can have all the important positions and directions that are desirable to them. If they are not, the ultimate cure to prevent bad luck due to wrong orientations is the Noble Dragon Tortoise with Bagua Luoshu. The dragon tortoise with bagua luoshu is best to be placed in vicinities where:
1. The maindoor, stove, headboard of bed, cashiers, workdesk and important areas are not facing a favorable direction according to ones kua number. For example if a person's best direction is east, but his maindoor is facing west, then place this noble tortoise in the vicinity of the door.
2. The important areas which you desire to use often such as living room, dining room or bedroom are location in location directions where they are not desirable to one's kua number. For example, if a person's best direction is east, but he desires to use the living room often which is located in the west, he can continue to do so without bad luck by placing this noble tortoise in that living room.

Please take note that if ones good locations are located with either the kitchen (suppresses good luck) and the toilet (drain away good luck), he should hang the 5 Rods Pagoda Windchime in the kitchen or toilet.

When you are out in the field, how do you solve bad orientation, inappropriate sitting sectors and position of your facing directions that are not ideal according to your kua number? They can be anywhere out in the field, for example in your office, in a meeting room, at an important interview, at lunch with important clients, or even when you are driving where your directions dynamically change all the time. There is no way you can always position yourself to face the best direction when you are out in the field. Worry no more now! As long as you always carry along or have the bagua luoshu amulet near you, you will be IMMUNED to inauspicious sectors and directions that are not ideal to you.

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