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Introduction to Sandalwood Incense

The using of natural incense can date back to before 2000 years ago in India and China. But for its rarity and expensive, it can only be used by royal family aristocrat and Buddhism.

Sandalwood Fruit

Nowadays, even though we are already in the modern culture, mankind are still eager to go back to enjoy the traditional means of incense purification. Authentic natural incense products are now being highly sorted after in the West. The smoke and smell from the incense can create a peaceful mind and a serene visibility in our daily lives.

Sandalwood Background


Sandalwood has been used extensively in the east for many centuries; particularly in China and India. Because of its aromatic properties, it is highly priced for use in ceremonial occasions when joss sticks made from it are burned as incense. In Feng Shui, Taoism and Buddhism, genuine sandalwood incense is said to ward off evil spirits and is used for space clearing and purification. The incense not only can refresh oneself, but also claimed to cure certain disease. For instance, Sandalwood oil had been used as "perfume base" in France in 1828. Guerlain added Sandalwood oil to 'Jicky' in 1989. The use of Sandalwood oil continues today in leading perfume bouses such as Christian Dior('Poisom'), Yves Saint Laurent('Opium') and Calvin Klein('Obsession'). Today, the incense made from Sandalwood has been to the most expensive incense.

We are a Manufacturer of Sandalwood Incense in Asia

Feng Shui Bestbuy incenses are all made from natural ingredients (sandalwood) and contain no coloring or charcoal. This ensures our incenses emit clean smoke during burning, and the burning is long lasting and the smoke is good for your health. All our products are handmade and our workers are skillfully trained by chinese traditional incense making craftsmanship. The materials of our incense include bamboo, sandalwood, Chinese Herbs and some other superior wood powder found in the mountains of China. Our manufacture of incense is both a science and an art. We supply incense to many retailers, temples and merchants both locally and foreign.

Modern fragrance technology and efficient production techniques combined with modest labor cost, this is the winning formula which enables our company to offer superior quality and high profit margins to importers. Our ability to respond rapidly to the needs of our clients makes our ally in a rapidly expanding market and our talent for innovation is helping for our clients to open many new markets around the world. Our ability to design the product and the superior packaging to our customers' own specification has enabled our incense widest possible retail customer base. With excellent incense making technique and scrupulous control of raw material, our incense receive good feedback from all our customers.

Kindly make enquiries pertaining to our bulk prices for importers and retailers to: sales@fengshuibestbuy.com

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