Five Ghosts Sector Causes Long Term Illnesses

Traditional purists always check the Wu Gui (Five Ghosts) sector of houses during their audit sessions. As it is the major health’s corner, this is to ensure that it is properly remedied so that the entire household’s health will be at tip top condition. 

The “Five Ghosts” or traditionally known as Wu Gui is an evil energy that will bring one empty hopes and disturbances in the form of illness energy. This is because illnesses can ruin many things and lead one to emptiness in life. Feng Shui masters from Hong Kong had obtained significant statistics showing that many cases of illnesses, abnormal tumor growth and emergency surgeries are due to Wu Gui. The worst case scenario happens when the Wu Gui sector falls in the bedroom and kitchen which are two major health corners of a house. This is often not shared openly in books because it is the trade secret of the feng shui consultants.

The Wu Gui location is a compulsory sector to be counter-measured whether it falls in a bedroom or not. And the Double Wulou with 5 Dragons will be the best remedy against the Wu Gui. The followings are the Wu Gui sectors based on the 8 Mansions Theory (does not have a time dimension and is permanently the same):

Houses facing north, the Wu Gui sector is in the west.
Houses facing northeast, the Wu Gui sector is in the southeast.
Houses facing east, the Wu Gui sector is in the south.
Houses facing southeast, the Wu Gui sector is in the east.
Houses facing south, the Wu Gui sector is in the northeast.
Houses facing southwest, the Wu Gui sector is in the north.
Houses facing west, the Wu Gui sector is in the northwest.
Houses facing northwest, the Wu Gui sector is in the southwest.

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