Five Element Wealth Vases

Choosing the right Color and Element

There is no hard rules to selecting the color of your desire. In general, you can select the color that suits you according to either one of the following criteria:

  1. Your aspirations following the table below.
  2. Your personal zodiac, determined by the year you were born in and following the table below.
  3. Your kua number, determined by the year you were born in and also your gender. Follow the table below.
  4. Your lucky element. Your lucky element is determined by the element you are lacked in and is usually derived from the season you were born in. Follow the table below.
  5. The direction or sector in which you like to display the item.

Choosing Colors and Elements.
*Resource color will benefit and stabilize the basic.
*Growth color will boost up and extend the luck more than the basic.

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