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Feng Shui Scholar Q&A

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FS Bestbuy's Feng Shui Scholar CARE CENTER

Feng Shui Bestbuy has a few Feng Shui "scholars" who are qualified but humble experts in Pure Feng Shui. They are genuinely qualified Feng Shui masters with wide practical audit experience of 20 years and beyond, besides excelling in theories and formulas.

Feng Shui advices may be provided for FREE under our jurisdiction.

You may submit your questions by sending an email to sales [at] fengshuibestbuy.com. Enter in subject title "Feng Shui Scholar FREE Service".
1. Give us a short description of situation before asking us a question. If your email is too long, it may be abandoned for good.
2. All questions will be read according to our email queue, on a first come first serve basis. We may or may not be able to answer to everyone's request.
3. We also reserve the right to publish the contents of your question, your name with details and our answers on our website.
4. We do not read your home maps for free. Therefore, please do not send us your home layout asking for a free full consultation.
5. Please do not include any form of attachment in your email.
6. We also do not provide free descriptions or explanation on what you have bought from other merchants and products that are not related to us.
7. If you own a feng shui business or is a feng shui master yourself, please do not make use of our free service to answer to your own clients.
8. This service should not be abused as a daily interaction where you need regular assistance on your feng shui needs. It will be a one time deal or once in a blue moon service for your needs. We reserve the right to cut you off at any point of time if you are seeking free long time private services. Please give others a chance to interact with us.

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For any queries,please e-mail us at sales [at] fengshuibestbuy.com
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