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Phoenix Lady of Nine Heavens - Goddess of Feng Shui

(Written by Feng Shui Scholar. Copyright reserved by Feng Shui Bestbuy.)

”Jiu Tian” means nine heavens. Nine heavens means boundless heaven or universe. “Xuan” means phoenix. Legend says she came to earth riding on a phoenix. “Nv” means lady. Translated into English, her name becomes the Phoenix Lady of Nine Heavens. She rides on the phoenix as her vehicle because she is the disciple of the West Queen Mother (Xi Hwang Mu). The Phoenix Lady of Nine Heavens (also known as Lady Ba) was sent by the West Queen Mother (Xi Hwang Mu) from the heaven during a critical war by the Yellow Emperor against his rebel field marshall Chih Yue. The rebel Chih Yue used many dirty tactics to supplant the Yellow Emperor. One of the most threatening tactics was the "black storm" to blind the Yellow Emperor's forces. They lost many settlements because of lost in directions. It was during this critical period that the Lady of Nine Heavens presented the luopan to the Yellow Emperor to successfully defeat Chih Yue. Besides, the Lady of Nine Heavens was also known to be a close advisor to the Yellow Emperor in paving way to the invention of the Magic Square, feng shui of the city and agriculture of the country. She imparted the knowledge of the Three Great Books to the Yellow Emperor. These books (Qi Men Dun Jia, Tai Yi shen shu and Liu Ren Shen Ke) possessed great “SECRETS” for power. Learning from these books, the Yellow Emperor (Huang Di) during 2500BC defeated four other emperors from four cardinal directions, namely north (Black Emperor), south (Red Emperor), east (Green Emperor) and west (White Emperor). He later conquered all of China. He was also the first emperor who studied in depth about land contours, built cities that successfully avoided flood and established building rules.

The Lady of Nine Heavens later became known to be the heavenly guardian of feng shui or simply the Feng Shui Goddess. Her role is to bless one with good feng shui luck and drawing good energy from the earth for mankind. She has powerful control over all manner of feng shui on earth. She has been popularly worshipped in Chinese temples for over 4500 years till today to usher in good feng shui luck. Mediums today even claimed that the Lady of Nine Heavens now had attained higher enlightenment as a Pu'sa. Her statues are normally shown to be holding the luopan, the wulou or a flying whisk.

The followings elaborate further about the benefits of inviting the Lady of Nine Heavens into your homes.
1. To correct many hard-to-remedy problems associated to poor feng shui. Houses that have hard-to-remedy feng shui problems can be cured by displaying her statue or image in the living room. Houses that have poor external landscape, complex interiors, odd shaped buildings, improper orientation, lousy directions, poor ventilation, polluted "chi" and bad flying stars will need her assistance. Her image should appear in prominent areas such as the living room and facing towards the maindoor to protect the household against bad feng shui. In essence, her presence will solve ones worries and frustrations about their bad feng shui.
2. To increase female luck and martriarch's luck. To increase female luck, authority and dominance, one can choose to display her statue at your personal sheng chi location or the universal matriarch corner in the southwest..
3. To impart winning strategies in career and academic. She is the master of the Three Great Books ("bibles" of china). One can display her statue at the "fu wei" direction according to your kua number or at the Annual Literary Star #4 sector or at the universal knowledge corner in the northeast.
4. To boost the learning journey of feng shui enthusiasts. Beginners who are hoping to pick up feng shui quickly will also benefit with her guidance. Those who prefer the "do-it-yourself" approach can obtain spiritual enlightenment from her blessings. With her presence, feng shui knowledge will be drawn to you, where one will discover important findings that link to each other like a chain. If you accidentally press a wrong link on internet search, it will lead you to a vital piece of information.
5. To renew the auras of Feng Shui Masters and Energy People. Feng Shui masters and practitioners will consider her image compulsory to guide them on continuous improvement and attaining higher acquisition in mastering feng shui knowledge. Feng shui masters will normally have her image in their office or home for protection against any harm due to their work that provoke forces of nature. Not everyone belongs to the energy world, therefore spiritual support and blessings is most of the time required. She is the Goddess of Feng Shui and blesses all feng shui masters and practitioners who acquire blessings from her. Feng shui masters need to rejuvanate their own energy because they provoke the forces of nature in their audit works. In the energy world, heavenly blessings is vital.

It is also worth taking note that houses that have their facing direction or maindoor facing in the directions of LINES OF EMPTINESS would in particular require to invite the Lady of Nine Heavens to correct the problem. Display Her image facing the maindoor or the facing direction. Lines of emptiness are actually transitional middle point between a cardinal direction and secondary direction. Such type of houses normally project a major problem according to the Flying Stars theory. The directions of lines of emptiness are as follows:
1. Transition between south to southwest: 202.5 degrees
2. Transition between southwest to west: 247.5 degrees
3. Transition between west to northwest: 292.5 degrees
4. Transition between northwest to north: 337.5 degrees
5. Transition between north to northeast: 22.5 degrees
6. Transition between northeast to east: 67.5 degrees
7. Transition between east to southeast: 112.5 degrees
8. Transition between southeast to south: 157.5 degrees

Note: Since she is quite highly ranked in the heaven now, respect is required where the figurine cannot be displayed in storage rooms, toilet and bedroom.

Beautiful artwork showing the Lady of Nine Heavens successfully bringing auspicious chi with the magical presence of wind, water, mountain, sunshine, colorful plants and flourishing flowers.

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