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Dzi is the most PROMISING Magical Protector and Energizer
(Copyright reserved by Feng Shui Bestbuy)

      Dzi (pronounced as zeeee...) originated from Tibet and the Himalayan mountains around 3000 years ago. In Tibetan this word can simply be translated to bring good meanings of "splendour, brightness and shine". Dzi is a supernatural gemstone talisman that treasures magical powers. It comes in different shapes and sizes and are dark colored agate bead etched with a certain number of eyes, heavenly patterns and auspicious symbols. The dZi is originated from the land of mythical Buddhist lamas and is endorsed by all to possess protective, enhancing, curative and healing powers. It often brings fantastic good fortune, prosperity, wealth and good health to the owner as well. Wearing the powerful talismanic dzi is believed to dissipate such negativities depending on their patterns and usage.


      Tibetan Buddhist texts had recorded stories of stones (dzi) dropping from the heaven. It was about a basic Himalayan legend indicating that an evil spirit would from time to time cause diseases and natural disasters to mankind. Fortunately, a deity wanted to help mankind and cultivated its powers in Heaven, causing the beads to fall from Heaven. Hence dZi's are never perfect and are always blemished in some way. And those who obtain one of these stones would be protected from misfortunes and all kinds of evil. Some said the dZi is the gemstone worn by deities in the heaven and once they wear off, they are thrown away and ended up falling on earth. Another legend even said the dZi bead was developed from a magical bug that got petrified when touched by human. Whether dZi beads are petrified bugs or stones fallen from Heaven, they bring good fortune to those who own them. Since having a dZi bead can bring good fortune, luck, riches, health and wealth, rich people of Taiwan and Singapore have high affinity to these legendary jewels. In fact, history of ancient Tang Dynasty had recorded that Tibetans could trade a dZi bead for their most valuable animals that they owned. This reiterates how highly priced they are. If one had visited the Tibetan Jokhang Monastery, one would find hundreds of precious dZi beads decorating the statue of Jobo Sakyamuni.

9 Eyed Dzi being known as the King of all Dzi's; Pi Yao Dzi carved in immaculate design

The Real Dzi

      A real dZi must be made from genuine agate dugged from earth. In modern times, there are fake dzis made from acrylic, glass, resin, metal and wood is not a real dZi. The following are the three categories considered as a real dzi.
1. Ancient Dzi - these are claimed to be the original beads (with agate as content and patterns of heaven automatically appearing on them) believed to be fallen from heaven a few thousand years ago. Bottom line, no one knows who, where and when these dZis were made or manufactured. They usually exist as broken pieces and are not being sold openly in the market, instead they are being kept in museums and sacred temples/monasteries. Rarely available and even if they can be found, they are only passed down from ancestors to descendants because selling one's dzi away to others brings extremely bad luck! An ancient dZi can fetch up to 6 figures in dollars. None of the dZis sold in the open market or anywhere in the internet belong to this category.
2. Antique Dzi - these dZis are usually more than a hundred years old and worn by previous generations of Tibetans. They were manmade with known origins and being possessed by Tibetan ancestors, and were traded to others later. The main composition of this type of dZi is agate and the patterns of heaven and symbols were etched by skillful artisans on the beads. Because of their antique values, they usually fetch thousands of dollars. Although they fetch antique values, they are not recommended to be used in case they still possess stale or old energy left from the previous wearers.
3. The New Real Dzi - These are also made from genuine agate, carefully etched by skillful artisans of Tibet with firm delineation of shapes and patterns. The best new dZi are made by skilled Tibetan artisans who have been passed the ancient technique of dZi making through previous generations of dZi makers. Only those from Tibet are known as "pure" dZi. The rest that are made in Nepal and India are not considered as the pure dZi. The new real dZi are not being worn by anyone before and most importantly they emanate the same energy. They are still highly valued by Tibetans, Buddhist practitioners and bead collectors. They can be worn around the neck, as bracelets, or you can add them to your mala or even set a Dzi into a ring or pendant.

The most important point to be stressed here is that only the real dzis possess mysterious energy that can make one more energetic and bring good fortune. The real dZi have over 10 minerals from the Himalaya. They must be etched with volcanic temperature and only the good grades can withstand that level of heat. Unfortunately because of the advancement of technology today, many manufacturers have successfully made immitations close to 98% perfectly the same as the real dZi. Therefore, only the expert knows how to identify the real dZi. The exact criteria is hard to be spelt out according to the experts. They just know how to differentiate them when they see and feel them. Some said the dZi has to be broken into half to tell if it is a real dZi or some even suggested diaphaneity (transparency) using lights. But the immitation dZis have successfully achieved the same.

Previously a broken dZi to confirm "etching" was used to determine if dZi was real. But today the laser immitations have successfully shown the same. Today the raw dZi from the factory comes with supplier endorsement and grading.

Therefore, the safest way to get a real dZi is to ensure that the source or supplier is reliable. And there is currently one manufacturer that is widely recognized worldwide as the producer of real dZi. Each "raw piece of the dZi" produced by this manufacturer has its trademark that consist of a hologram sticker logo with "a triangle inside a square inside a sunflower". And there are three grades given to the dZis which are the silver, gold and double gold. The specific criteria of grading are not revealed by the manufacturer and unclear. But the price difference is significantly different which equates to 1x, 2x and 3x for silver, gold and double gold.

Feng Shui Bestbuy is a certified agent that carries the real dZi from the manufacturer. We promise the best to our customers and we only get the Double Gold quality. There is a higher price one has to pay for the better grades but it would be a worthwhile investment because it stays with one a lifetime.

The Fake Dzi

Be careful: Not all new dzis are real. Some do not have the patterns etched, but instead the patterns were painted on the bead. These are not considered as real dzi. And some beads are not even real "agate", but instead made of synthetic glass that are as good as a piece of glass. As a rule of thumb, remember that a properly etched dzi will never be able to look perfect. The etch lines will follow the crystalines, scars, impurities and internal cracks of a genuine agate bead.

However, with advancement in technology, even a dZi that looked seemingly etched could be a fake dZi. Today, the market had started to get flooded with lasered dZi. Therefore, one has to be more careful with their presence. They may look exactly the same as the real dZi and can hardly be differentiated.

Certification is Crucial

It is crucial to ensure proper endorsement and originality in your dZi purchase. The customer reserves the right not to get cheated. All dZis from Feng Shui Bestbuy will come with a "Certificate of Authenticity".

12 Eyes Dzi and 1 Eye Dzi

Degree of Perfection

The degree of perfection varies from one piece to another. It has to be noted that the dZi is not graded according to its degree of perfection. As long as it is intact, not broken into half or scarred badly, slight stone weathering marks, chip or damage is acceptable by dZi collectors. In fact, most collectors are madly in search for beads with:
1. Cinnabar dots - considered sacred as the dZi bead had attained certain meditative level of power.
2. Circular dragon vein - lines that grow within the bead with time mysteriously and known to give talismatic value.
3. Weathering marks - corrosion on surface of the beads revealing the boundaries of crystalization of the stone.

A dZi with dragon veins and cinnabar dots
Scientific and Medical Properties of Dzi

      A real dZi bead is made from agate with over 10 minerals are mined from Himalayan mountains. This is also known as shangrila where the heaven is found on earth. The main ingredient of dzi is actually agate, but the difference is it possesses stronger magnetic energy compared to normal crystals. Its voltage can go as high as 15 volts. Some of our customers claimed that they feel dizzy, overly energetic and strong when they first wear the bead. This is because it takes a few days for our body energy to adjust to this strong magnetic field possessed by the dzi. It can also increase your metabolism, make you healthy, make you loose weight and increase your blood circulation.

      For those who are familiar with crystals, we know that agate is very powerful to expel off negative energies and nourishes your good fortune luck. On enhancement of health, it helps relieve tiredness, improve blood circulation and nourishes the root chakra. It would stimulate analytical capabilities and enhance your inherent talents. Agate is sometimes called the Firestone and will encourage good luck to flow to you. It promotes prosperity by making you more energetic and sociable and can greatly benefit business and personal matters too.

Bodhi Dzi and Mythical Bird Dzi
Claims by those who had owned Dzi

      There had been many claims by the media and by many asian countries including Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore that said dzi had saved many lives from natural disasters, airplane crashes, road accidents and those who had suffered from fatal illnesses. Many have survived despite impossible chances.      

Shapes, Sizes and Blessings

Dzis can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes including oval, square, triangular, circular, animal, abstracts and symbols. Different shapes and patterns give different meanings and all are holy in nature. But in general the dZi is able to absorb energy from the universe and groom generations of good fortune for family heirloom. It transforms wisdom into prosperity, harmony, good health and compassion. It can be worn by everyone irregardless of age, sex and religion. The dZi is known to be a talisman and also a charm mainly used for: overall blessings, protection, wisdom, good fortune, good luck, good health, love, good influence, balanced internal and external chi energy etc.

Nectar Dzi and 15 Eye Dzi
Meanings of Different Dzi Patterns

      Dzi are most commonly etched with eyes and stripes. You may find one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fifteen and twenty one eyes the most. Eyes are representation of heaven's eyes and energy, and some even believe they are Buddha's eyes. The stripes on the sides are reminiscent of the trigrams. There are other auspicious symbols that could be found on dzi such as wave, sun, moon, lotus, nectar, ru yi, tortoise shell patterns etc.

1. One Eye - to increase brightness, intelligence and enhancement in specific talents, especially great for kids, youths or those who are in school. It also promises luck in advancement and success, which means those who are seeking for victory in their endeavours will have their dreams come true. The 1-Eye dzi is also excellent to clarify thoughts and create calmness.
2. Two Eyes - to bless singles with love luck which results in strong relationship that will blossom to become successful marriage. Besides, it is also best for those seeking to strengthen their love ties for married spouses. Therefore, it would help partners rekindle their broken relationships.
3. Three Eyes - The triple eyed dzi symbolizes the rolling in of heavy wealth. This is because it symbolizes the Tibetan Wealth Gods (Jhambala). This dZi enables one to obtain prosperity, happiness and good health. For those who are lack in good opportunity, this dZi will help them get positive surprises. It will also boost up ones financial status incredibly.
4. Four Eyes - The 4-Eyes dZi is very famous for its effectiveness in combating obstacles. It signifies significant blessings from the four Bodhisattvas: Avalokitesvara (compassion), Manjushri (wisdom), Ksitigarbha (enlightenment) and Samantabhadra (dharma). Therefore, ones path would become an extremely smooth, fulfilling and healthy one till he/she dies at a ripe age. Those who have had a spate of bad luck for a long time and thinking to experience a turnover of luck will have to possess this dZi.
5. Five Eyes - The 5 Eyes dzi is a wealth charm. 5 Eyes represent Five Wealth Gods from the five directions. It is the charm that blesses the wearer with better money luck, wealth, prosperity and longevity. It is therefore extremely suitable for those seeking for monetary gains and multiple sources of income coming their way.
6. Seven Eyes - The seven eyes dzi will bless one by fulfilling 7 human necessities: perfection, career, recognition, riches, health, good relationship and longevity. It is very much alike the blessings from Taoist's Eight Immortals and Fuk Luk Sau.
7. Eight Eyes - The 8 Eyes dzi is the most sort after dzi in Period 8 because it becomes very important during this period and exerts very powerful force to manifest ultimate good luck due to its auspicious number "8". The 8 Eyes represent 8 magical realms in the heaven known as "tien lung par pu" and pacifies 8 types of harm to gain entry to the right path. It is also excellent to protect against obstacles and "shar chi". It will bring turnaround luck from bad to good for everyone during this Period of 8 (2004-2024). It blesses the wearer with monetary gains, wealth, good fortune and abundance. Also suitable to bring gambling luck.
8. Nine Eyes - 9 eyes is the emperor of all dZi, the more priced and sought after dZi of all. Today, almost all feng shui enthusiasts are craving to have his own 9 eyes dZi for all kinds of good fortune, divine protection, good health, wealth, prosperity from heaven, double longevity, victory over foes, windfall luck and ultimate good luck; protected by the Buddha's eyes. This DZI will enable the wearer to gain power and influence.9 Eyes dZi brings the most complete blessings, which helps to remove negative sins and dissolves all obstacles and blockages along your path. It could also protect the wearer against all kinds of misfortune and harm from evil.
9. Ten Eyes - The 10 Eyes dzi plays the most important role to purify ones karma. If one has been suffering from prolonged bad luck due to his/her heaven's luck, this is the dzi to purify his past and current doings to enhance his luck for the future. It is also the dzi that increases wisdom and instill ones charisma which is important for anyone who desires to be a leader. This dzi will also bless one with good networking so that he can achieve complete "10/10" in life.
10. Eleven Eyes - The 11 Eyes represents the combination of "5 Wealth God" and the powerful mantra "Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum" downloaded from Kwan Yin Goddess of Mercy. This powerful dzi bead therefore blesses one with not only wealth luck, but also with wisdom and leading one to doing good deeds. It brings protection from negativities and evil energy.
11. Twelve Eyes - The 12-Eyes dZi is a wishfulling dzi, equivalent to a magnified and more powerful wishfulling jewel. This dzi answers to every wish one makes, especially those that are hard to get and tricky. Such wishes can be related to health, wealth, love, self improvement, fame, social life, children and career. It also increases ones reputation tremendously when worn and bring about appreciation, helpfulness and great support from all walks of life. For those who are doing sales, marketing and businesses, this dZi would lead to their dream come true.
12. Fifteen Eyes - The rare 15 Eyes dZi blesses us with heaven's luck. When one's heaven luck is activated, he or she will enjoy long term windfall, all sorts of opportunities and good luck from all directions. This means you will have a smooth, easy and unobstructed ride for your undertakings. This is especially important for those who desire to embark on big projects, competitive undertakings, risky businesses and important endeavours.
13. Twenty One Eyes - The 21 Eyes Dzi is the most powerful of all because it represents the highest level of attainment for both human and deity in heaven. The 21 eyes dzi is suitable to bless those who are seeking for extreme power such as a leader in a corporate, a general in the military, the headmaster of a school or a director of a business. It will provide smoothsailing luck in all your endeavours and ensure all your wishes will be fulfilled. "Just think and you will get all you want".
14. Tiger Teeth - For those who are not so brave, it will help them dismantle fear that is regularly embedded in their hearts. It will instead instill confidence and mental strength so that one can progress under all difficult circumstances by removing frustrations along the way. For those who are suffering from undecisiveness and OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), it will help them develop a firm stand. Actually the tiger teeth dzi is popular for its protective abilities, in which it is able to remove negativities, evil and black magic. If you are doing space clearing regularly, you can wear this dZi to create awareness of negativities. Because of its strong ability to remove obstacles, it is able to roll in good fortune, wealth and longevity.
15. Dorje - In fact, it is also known as the Diamond Pestle Dzi bead. Dorje is the Tibetan Dharma Implement to pacify the supernatural world such as ghosts, evil spirits and demons. Dorje in Tibetan means 'indestructible.' The Dorje is the Tibetan Buddhist equivalent of the double terminated Hindu ritual tool known the thunderbolt. It represents the male force, enlightenment, the 'cutting' of ignorance and illusion. This dzi promises to keep ghost from human body for sure. Next, it could also improve ones health and maximizes wisdom in terms of spiritual enlightenment on the wearer.
16. Heaven and Earth - The Heaven and Earth Dzi symbolizes the energy linkage of heaven and earth. It possesses mystical power and increases one's merit and virtue. When worn by human, it generates the trinity of Heaven, Earth and Mankind and serves to increase ones good feng shui. When this is achieved, one will become extremely fortunate in all areas of life. One becomes blessed with a good life filled with wealth, health, power, descendants, love and much more.
17. Mythical Bird - The Mythical Bird dZi helps to overcome sickness, remove sufferings, correct confusion, resist danger, subdue evil spirits, dispel bad luck and enhance fame luck. The mythical bird is believed to be related to Garuda, the guardian of temples and spiritual places.
18. Kwan Yin - Kuan Yin is an extremely popular Goddess among buddhist followers in Mahayana Buddhism. She is the ultimate symbol of mercy and passion. Her kindred heart and compassionate character had touched the hearts of many Buddhist followers. She helps and guides all beings in attaining better merits and karma in life. Wearing this Kwan Yin dzi will help you overcome sickness, family problems, relationship problems, career problem, conceiving problem, children problems, death of loved ones, all forms of stress, examination problems and other types of bad luck.
19. Lotus - The Lotus is essentially used to signify joy, peace, purity and sincerity. Many Feng Shui Masters had recommended it for use as an enhancer of good fortune. The Lotus is the flower dedicated to Buddha. The lotus confidently rises above water and blossom to create a strong sense of purity in the surroundings.The lotus is also a sign of love for the family, friends and associates. The lotus dzi will emit good chi for a more peaceful and clear mind for those intending to set important goals and achieving them.
20. Bodhi - The bodhi tree had provided shelter and assisted Buddha into achieving HIS enlightenment. Therefore the bodhi tree is regarded as sacred and magical in feng shui in fulfilling everyone's wishes, providing protection against failure and assist one in achieving desires goals. Most students taking important examinations will seek blessings from the bodhi tree to attain great results and heighten scholastic capabilities by placing their wishes around the bodhi tree before the examination day.
21. Tortoise Shell - Tortoise Shell dZi is best to promote good health, and longevity. Besides, this ultimate symbol from the celestial tortoise's shell would also provide protection against injuries, harm and damages.
22. Ru Yi - This Ru Yi dZi is best to bring SPECIAL LUCK for those who are: 1. seeking for a good job and 2. starting to work in a new place. The combination of Ru Yi Dzi with aventurine and mother of pearl brings more career luck especially for those are starting a new career or intend to find a new job. It also helps newbies at work to gain influence on peers to smoothen their job.
23. Nectar - The nectar dzi actually has the "longevity bottle" motif on it (also known as poh ping). Primarily, it ensures safety and prevents death due to bad luck. If wards off negativities and protects one from loss. Besides, it also helps to roll in wealth and one gain good health/longevity. The nectar is so powerful that it also ascertains that one achieves perfection in all virtues establishment.
24. Pi Yao - The Pi Yao is the best celestial animal to protect and help smoothen paths, and is best if it is carved from stone that itself have protective energies to ward off evil, suitable as a protector from dangers and will invite fortune like the dzi. The Pi Yao carved out of a strong material like the dzi stone ensures double the protection from any danger and evil. And it has strong ability to absorb wealth from the direction it faces. It possesses special forces to overcome bad luck, therefore is also helpful for those who are going through a bad year according to their zodiac. It would also help you remove obstacles and those facing great problems for a long period of time. The Pi Yao is the strongest symbol to protect your fortune.

Tiger Teeth and 4-Eyes dZi strung with genuine "natural" crystals

      Choosing a suitable dzi depends on one's own affinity. Depending on one's personal aspirations and desire, he or she would choose the type of dzi that would help them achieve their goals and actualize their dreams. Today, since it is so affordable, almost everyone would not just own one or two, but a selection of Dzis strung with semi precious stones as bracelets and necklaces. Besides obtaining blessings from the dzi, when strung with powerful natural crystals, strong earth energy from natural crystals amplify the energy of the dzi further to fulfill desires for a lifetime.

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