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Tibetan DZi Beads and Agate
Dzi (pronounced as zeeee...) originated from Tibet and the Himalayan mountains. In Tibetan this word can simply be translated to bring good meanings of "splendour, brightness and shine". Dzi is a supernatural gemstone talisman that treasures magical powers. It comes in different shapes and sizes and are dark colored agate bead etched with a number of eyes, heavenly patterns and auspicious symbols. The dZi is originated from the land of mythical Buddhist lamas Tibet and is endorsed by all to possess protective, enhancing, curative and healing powers. It often brings fantastic good fortune, prosperity, wealth and good health to the owner as well. Wearing the powerful talismanic dzi is believed to dissipate such negativities depending on their patterns and usage.
Bodhi Dzi Bead with 8mm Amethyst and Aventurine Beads
The bodhi tree had provided shelter and assisted Buddha into achieving HIS enlightenment. Therefore the bodhi tree is regarded as sacred and magical in feng shui in fulfilling everyone's wishes, providing protection against failure and assist one in achieving desires goals. Most students taking important examinations will seek blessings from the bodhi tree to attain great results and heighten scholastic capabilities by placing their wishes around the bodhi tree before the examination day. When strung with the expensive amethyst, it further helps you calm your emotions and enhance your thinking clarity and capability. It purifies and transmutes all forms of negativity. It gives a spiritual perspective on life's circumstances. A lavender-purple relates to the Heart Chakra, easing a betrayed heart and healing the sense of loss of life and innocence. Amethyst helps you think and act at your highest level. Meanwhile, the aventurine boost up motivation and provide good start in our new undertakings in our career, studies and business, enhances creativity and innovation, sharpen our minds, enhance leadership quality, heals old wounds and balance our lives.

Note: Item comes with Certificate of Authenticity
List Price:USD90
Our Price:USD43.88
Material: High Grade dZi, Amethyst and Aventurine Beads
Color: Natural Dzi and Crystal Beads
Dimension(in): 1.5in dZi bead
Weight: 50g
ID: SL10220

Tortoise Shell Dzi Bead with Amethyst and Faceted Clear Quartz
Tortoise Shell dZi is best to promote good health, and longevity. Besides, this ultimate symbol from the celestial tortoise's shell would also provide protection against injuries, harm and damages. Amethyst is recognized to give the magical effects of calming our emotions and enhancing thinking clarity. It has curative energy to enhance us physically and mentally. Thus, our health could also be improved by the Amethyst. The Amethyst is most suitable for those who are experiencing pressure and stress under high pressured environment. It would stimulate meditative energies to create harmonization between you and your environment. It is also a potent item to reduce quarrels, anger and emotions. Clear quartz is able to purify and provide energy to the physical, emotional and mental bodies and absorb negativity.

Note: Item comes with Certificate of Authenticity
List Price:USD118
Our Price:USD46.88
Material: High Grade dZi, Clear Quartz, Amethyst
Color: Natural Dzi and Crystal Beads
Dimension(in): 1.5in dZi bead
Weight: 50g
ID: SL10500

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