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Customer Testimonials
We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all those who had written the following appreciation notes to us. But please forgive us if we have not been able to publish or miss out some appreciation notes because of our limitation. But keep your special comments coming to us so that we know where we should continue to improve.

Feng Shui Bestbuy

Hi Feng Shui Bestbuy,
I have faith in your feng shui enhancers because they had worked for me. I follow your annual chart recommendations every year. I placed my first order in 2016 to activate the wealth star 8 with the money tree hangings. In 2017, I bought your gold mining tools. And suddenly one day, Joe gave me a surprise by telling the kids that he had made a lot of money from bitcoin. It was a windfall for us after we decided to sell off at its peak. If you know what bitcoin is, you will understand what I am trying to say. Anyway, I want to ask if I need to buy again the above two items since they have aged, on top of the new divine boat for 2018? They had brought us so much luck and I want to make sure I retain the luck coming from them.

Jan 2018
Thank you very much! I have received the email with the tracking #. It is my birthday on Tuesday, what a wonderful bday gift from you all. To reply to your statement, yes, your products have helped us. We had been trying to have a child for years after multiple IVFs. We took a break and I decided to get the brass elephant set and the bronze unicorn bestowing offspring. We now have a boy & a girl of our own. Looking at the bronze unicorn with the 2 kids in the west area of our house always reminds me of this. More power to you guys. You have earned loyal customers for life.


12 Jan 2018
Hi Order Department

We just resieved the neckless yesterday. Thank you very very much. My wife is really happy about that. I cant believe how fast it arrived. It will not be out last from Feng shui best buy! Until our next order.

Kind regards
Jamie Rafn

9 Nov 2017
Hi Steve,

Thank you so much for the gifts you sent, they are beautiful and I'm sure my mother will love them and the prayer wheel. I am a new customer and am very impressed with the quality of your products and also your excellent customer service. It is very clear that you put a lot of thought into your customers' orders - thank you! We will definitely use your website again and will highly recommend to our friends! Thanks again and good health and wealth to you all!

Kind regards,
Happy New Year

1 Nov 2017

"I was on my way to Iceland to watch the Northern Lights in early March and dropped by Spain for a day. It was on a bright day light in Spain and a thief snatched my handbag. I shouted and he tripped himself onto something and fell. A sign board hit on him. I walked towards the bleeding thief and took my belongings back and walked away calmly. Other tourists clapped their hands and I walked away gracefully. Your amulet in my handbag must have worked miracles. Maybe because of my tiger horoscope, it did not prevent me from being a target this year, but it did prevent me from being a victim. Thanks FSBB."

March 2017

Hi feng shui, I have just come back to my senses from the Vegas massacre. It was a horrible experience and we shall never go back to that place again. I am back to Texas safely with my husband. We want to tell you how grateful we are that your amulet had saved my husband's life. I have captured the photos for you. I am ready to spread a word for you. If you need a live testimonial I can put it up somewhere for you, let me know. Again, thank you for saving my husband's life. God bless.

October 2017

In January, I bought your Jhambala Pot and placed it in the wealth corner of our living room. My husband was very impressed and happy with the quality of the citrine. Our financial position had strengthened through various kinds of windfalls since then. He managed to experience many small wins from his cable and euro forex speculatons every week. Thank you for your wonderful product.

15 July 2017

"Hello FSBB, I was an ordinary house wife when I approached your store to buy the wealth turbo bell in 2015. I must say it had brought me tremendous amount of financial luck since then and this is the reason I am a firm feng shui believer now. I am now a successful interior consultant. The bell's quality is still very good until today, except that I think it is too thick and heavy. My daughter laughed that she had never seen any bell so heavy. But I think this is a plus remark because it is really worth its value. Thank you for making my life better."

Hong Kong
June 2017

"I wasn't able to sleep for many nights due to anxiety. Chances were slim to win my court case, but my supportive girlfriend gave me your winged creatures. She told me not to be afraid and feng shui can help me change the circumstances. True enough, it made me win the case. Thank you."


"I was on my way to Iceland to watch the Northern Lights in early March and dropped by Spain for a day. It was on a bright day light in Spain and a thief snatched my handbag. I shouted and he tripped himself onto something and fell. A sign board hit on him. I walked towards the bleeding thief and took my belongings back and walked away calmly. Other tourists clapped their hands and I walked away gracefully. Your amulet in my handbag must have worked miracles. Maybe because of my tiger horoscope, it did not prevent me from being a target this year, but it did prevent me from being a victim. Thanks FSBB."

March 2017

"My brother, sister-in-law and I went back to Ipoh to visit our parents' grave for "ching ming" last weekend. Later that night, my brother and sister-in-law were both possessed and the horror episode traumatized me. My relatives there invited a spiritual master to help chased away ghosts from their bodies. The master told us both of them were followed by roaming spirits from the grave back to the hotel. I showed the master the amulet I bought from you and he said luckily I am protected by the amulet. Now, I do believe your items really work. I will share with my friends. Thanks."

March 2017

Hi Steve and team,

Thought you might like to know I think the hehe and the magic peacock mirror has made a difference to some of my relationships, to put it another way things have started to shape up in a good direction, also had a little money luck it was small so far but still lucky. I also feel that I put the other items in the east in the nick of time by a couple of days about another part of my life. I am still working on the other bits I need to get.
Many thanks,

Kind regards.
Caroline Walkusz( London UK customer)
23 Feb 2017

Hi Steve and sales department,

Thank you for the good service and text messages letting me know that my parcel was on its way. I did not expect that. Thanks for the free extras gifts rings and red envelopes which arrive with the parcel its a lovely surprise. Good delivery service. I am not sure if I mentioned it before but your amulets are really the best buy and I have tried a few on my quest to learning to feng shui my home. They are good quality and although I love reading another writer's books and have a lot of respect for her amulets are not a match on yours, hers are good but not as good as yours.

Happy New Year.

Kind regards
Caroline Walkusz ( London UK customer)
27 January 2017


I wanted to thank you for my recent order. It arrived very fast and I was impressed with the quality and excellent packaging. Please accept my gratitude for such a good buying experience!

Amelia Osburn
11 Dec 2016

Hello Steve,

I've just received my beautiful vase. & beautiful it is. Thank you so much for everything including such very quick delivery. I'm wearing the rings on my fingers as I write. When I've saved up some money, I want to buy your water feature & a gold ship. Until then I wish you good health & prosperity.

Many warm wishes Sharman
15 Nov 2016


Another update: There was a tough pregnancy in our office. My team member could have lost the baby many times. I gave the couple many of your products. The wife was supposed to be hospitalized until birth for bed rest after the 24th week. She stayed in the hospital for less than a week and then was sent home. In the hospital, they set up the feng shui items as I had suggested. They did the same after arriving home. Ever since then, the wife stabilized and baby was born on May 7th. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.

Have a cheerful day,
Vincenta Cheng
19 May 2016

I have bought from your store 3 times so far, and always, your products are of high quality with good workmanship. -- Keep up the good work! :)

Edwin Loo
8 April 2016


I have purchased many items before from you and I must say they work like miracle! Thank you.

Best Regards
Matthew Sim
20 March 2016


BTW, the 100 longevities works like magic. I place one at my husband's Tian Yi direction, place the 5-element Star of David & Conquering Yin by his bedside, and the life force aura under his pillow, his severe respiratory allergy disappeared immediately. I give the 100 longevities most credit because this was the first time I applied the Tian Yi concept.

Vincenta Cheng
26 Feb 2016


Thank you so much for the email ! We very much like your products - the quality is very good and your service is always excellent. Also we very much like the information and guidance on your website. Thank you again and wish you a most wonderful happy new year !

Best regards,
Dr. Raina
22 Feb 2016


FYI, your products have helped a young man who suffers from severe ADHD to become functional again. My friend is very grateful.

Vincenta Cheng
16 Feb 2016

Hi there, I received 3 items today please with quality. I ordered more his morning.

9 Jan 2016

Greetings Steve, Thank you! I appreciate your fast delivery. The quality of your products is amazing. I feel they are working well. My apartment has some bad feng shui issues and I am happy to have your amazing cures to help me remedy them.

Warmest wishes,
Laura Matherne
6 Jan 2016


Hello, I just wanted to take a moment and write a review for you in gratitude for all of your wonderful products. Last year on Jan. 28. 2014 I place my first order with you. I had decided that I was going to have a successful year, bring my business back to life, and get away from the unhealthy relationship I was living in. I remember spending the last of my money on that order and having about $50 to my name. I started with curing the bad stars. Slowly I started getting business and more money and each time I booked a job I would order something else and soon began enhancing the good stars. After purchasing the wealth turbo charging pagoda and the 9 horses plaque in March, my business and income took off. I was getting jobs from every direction including jobs with magazines. All of a sudden everyone had heard of me. By June my bank account had $10,000 and kept increasing the rest of the year. I also won $200 in the lottery for the first time. In August I had saved enough money to move into my own house. The relationship revived after moving away and now I just had him place a $300+ order to cure his house (our old house) When I moved out and removed all the things protecting the household he was sued for $25,000, lost his job, and became terminally ill. So I gave him a Pi Yao Jade amulet he carries in is pocket and his luck has changed a bit. Now he wants to cure the whole house. Your products are not only beautiful but do have a magical quality. When I was putting together my wealth vase I could feel its vibration through my whole body. Thank you very much for everything. I am especially excited by the magical geometry for curing the center this year WOW, it is stunning!

Robin Parrott
New Mexico
2 Feb 2015

I have received my 2015 enhancers and I congratulate you on the fine quality of the pieces! I am very happy with them.

I have two quick questions

A few years ago I purchased a figurine of a family of dogs (see attachment). I can not find the information on your site regarding them and would like to know where to place them for 2015.

Also when I place my pi yao for the year should I have him facing southwest or facing northeast?

Thank you again for your fine products

JR Laverty
1 February 2015

Dear Fengshui Bestbuy,

I bought the 5 Element Piyao Union and the Taisui Amulet back in 2014 and I must comment that despite my unfortunte year, I did not have too much unpleasant issues troubling me (born in the year of Rat). I'm pretty sure it's because of the faith in the products I bought from your store. My relationship with my lady boss has been good and no major unfortunate accidents whatsoever. Do continue to intro us new products and dish out Fengshui advices.

Have a prosperous year ahead!!

20 January 2015


I just bought Racing to Riches bracelet and the Five Element Phoenixes - they are beautiful. I also received the free gift - ring ... thank you. Thanks again. Love fengshui bestbuy products - very high quality.

16 January 2015

Thank you I feel lucky already as I just avoided a car accident this afternoon. Will buy again. (customer bought Golden Mountain of 8 Immortals)

Kind regards,
14 January 2015


Every year I will at least get some item from you and I just want to said once again all your items are beautiful and came well packed! I ordered the 3 Gold Emperor Coins, 6 Gold Emperor Coins and Wulou.

Gong Hey Fat Choy in advance.

Sabrina x
13 January 2015


Every year I will at least get some item from you and I just want to said once again all your items are beautiful and came well packed! I ordered the 3 Gold Emperor Coins, 6 Gold Emperor Coins and Wulou.

Gong Hey Fat Choy in advance.

Sabrina x
13 January 2015

I have placed an order last Monday and received my purchase on Thursday. The item was in pristine condition and I really love it and I am very happy with my purchase. Thank you soooo much. I am very pleased with the service. I will be ordering more products soon.

Thanks again.
9 January 2015

I ordered the *Palm of Windfall with Clear Crystal Ball (Fingered-citron Fruit) *and just wanted to tell you that it came so fast and is so neat. It was exciting to see the Angpow included with my package. I'm very pleased with my order, and can't wait to purchase more items! Thank-you so much.

Tracy Thomas
1 January 2015

Thank You so much for the fast delivery. Unbelievable how fast You worked!!! I got the item well packed. You have a very good service and thanks a lot for the gift.

Best regards,
Sergio Rego dos Santos
29 September 2014

Thank you for the gift of the ring! First, the feng shui products purchased are first rate. The quality is wonderful and products are powerful. My family and friends have all been blessed by your company's products from my recent purchases. Secondly, the ring I received as a gift is lovely. Do the etchings have special meaning? Please explain the meaning of the etched characters and best place to wear the ring. I would be very grateful. Thank you.

Very cordially,
Irene Wu Adams
16 September 2014

Hi there, Firstly i want to thank you for such a fantastic service and really good products. I had placed order with you in the past two times, and both the times your products worked wonder for me. First time i brought some fenshui based items for having luck in Love and Marriage, and as soon as your items arrived, and i placed them at my home, i got married within 3 months. Second time i ordered item for Career and Luck, and as soon as your order arrived, i placed them at my work desk i got promotion and career has been good.

Monu Koshy
30 April 2014

Thanks for your quick replay I really love your goods Plus your gentle way to look after the customer .

God bless you all
28 Mar 2014

Dear Sir,

I received my pen and I am completely satisfied. I will use your dependable and quality service and products in the future. Thank you

Jean Farish
11 Mar 2014

Just a little testimony for Feng Shiu Best Buy for 2014, I believe in all the Feng Shui good luck charms that I purchased from you. I am a very loyal customer from your online store since 2007 and I seen tremendous change in my life and my family. Every year, I purchased different items despite where I lived. I used to lived in Misawa, Japan, South Korea, and different state in the USA. For now, Greetings from New Mexico, USA. Thank you very much to Feng Shui Best buy and Staffers!

Myrna Lovett
6 Feb 2014

Thank you for providing me with wonderful, quality gifts for the new year for my friends and family. I am very pleased with my purchases, which are very welcome to those that I gift them to. I always know that they will be happy with the gifts that I bought from you. Thank you. Thank you also for the gifts for me that you included in my order. This is an additional happy surprise.

Lorelei Allen
30 Jan 2014

I just ordered some more items from your site. I have a couple times before. Your feng shui is the best by far. The other places just don't have the great energy to it. I have been so pleased with all the items.

29 Dec 2013

I just want to inform you that we received the shipment which we ordered through your company. We are very happy with the quality and the attention to details which had been paid while making these important products and also the care taken in shipping them to us. We are extremely happy with the services and would like to continue giving our business to you.

Thanks a lot for your excellent customer services and looking forward to give you our business.

Regards Lei (Jacqueline) Hua
28 Nov 2013

Thank you so much Steve. I have received the vase today! Nicely packed with all necessary instructions! Cant wait to build the wealth vase tomorrow based on the aspicious date on your web. Many many thanks!

23 Sep 2013

I must admit that your amulets are truely effective. I bought your Gold Lock Coin amulet you recommended and since then I have been earning 6 rounds in my stock investments in a short span of a few weeks. After receiving the wealth amulet, I see gold as good investment (Goldcorp Inc, Eldorado Gold Corp and Eldorado Gold Corp) when nobody else including my financial advisor sees them as a poor choice. Each time I gained at an average of 6% of my investment values within less than a week for each round.

16 Aug 2013

Hello Wow. I placed an order on the weekend and it arrived this morning! That has to be about the best service EVER. I am so happy with my items, thank you. Beautifully packaged, carefully wrapped for shipping and they all look excellent. The Dragon pen is past my hopes and expectations. I will absolutely be ordering from you again!

Thanks again, Tannis Antonio
4 April 2013

Dear FSBB, Thank you. I consider myself as your special client. I could not help but write this testimonial. I bought the Six Longbi Pi Yao more or less some 3 years now. But going back after some three months displaying them in our living room, I was diagnosed having a tumor and then I had surgery. When I was recovering really positively, my husband took me to the countryside to visit my mother-in-law. Along the way, I looked up at the bright skies (because it was such a lovely day), I saw a very special cloud formation. It was the six longbi pi yao! It had his son at his back exactly like the figurine I have at home! Whatever that means, I am just really grateful because I feel good and blessed. Thank you again and I continue to be your special client.

Maria of Italy
17 March 2013

Kudos from Los Angeles, CA, USA

I am writing to highly recommend the site and all of its products to anyone out there! The quality of the products I ordered several years back stand for themselves. Unfortunately, I ordered from another online store and was highly disappointed with the cheap quality. Best Buy - Please consider me a lifelong customer & please do keep me on any and all of your email lists!

Kind regards,
Charissa Sedore
8 March 2013

One of the reasons I like ordering from your company is because your customer service is top notch and always answers my questions promptly. I appreciate that. Thank you.

Colleen Kato
1 Feb 2013

Thank you so much for all the items. They arrived safely. The items were immaculately and carefully packed and checked. I'm very pleased with the standards you guys have maintained for the past few years. I would not hesitate to order more from you when I need anything. They r beautiful and pretty, not only just for fengshui but as beautiful display ornaments in my home.

Cheers and Kind Regards
1 Feb 2013

I have to mention that I am so pleasantly surprised that I ordered for the first time from you on Sunday and already received my products. Wow, what love and care in the packing and what high quality. Very pleased. Thanks for the gifts.

Thanks again and many blessings,
Vilma Divine
1 Feb 2013

I am writing to feedback on yr excellant products, prompt delivery and reliable service. You have made the sale process hassle-free and convenient, easy to shop and yr description of the product was informative. Thank you for letting me 'adopt' a set of Pi Yaos.

Stephanie Pinto
30 Jan 2013

Hello I bought this 24K Millionaire Lock Coin - Windfall & Wealth Luck Magnifier Long time ago on your website and this was really working i won few lotteries and scartch tickets. but during that time i was staying with my ex-girlfriend then I moved out and one day I found this on in one of my boxes.. Now my quesiton is can I still use this since I haven't used it for a while and it was just inside a box? Please let me know

6 Dec 2012

You're very welcome! Thank you also for all the genuine products that brought blessing my family and I. While all the blessings keep coming to my house, then I would keep buying, and support the Feng Shui Best Buy. Every time I purchased and I received your products, I always have blessings. May all the blessings will be in Feng Shui Best Buy too. Thank you, Myrna Lovett

Myrna Lovett
1 Dec 2012

Thank you for being so consistent and not leaving this issue along until you got to the bottom of it. I appreciate it! I finally placed the order. I am looking forward receiving the products.

10 Nov 2012

I must be lucky to have bought it last year. After I bought there were some changes..not become millionaire overnite but rather helps to cut down my investment losses by stopping our investments in unti trusts..cos the unit trusts made us lost money since 2007. Also we were able to change house, though smaller but feng shui much better for me and my family. So that's why this Turbo charging wealth pagoda very important to me. I have been buying FS products from FSBB and I am please with its services and also your advices from the past. We will ocntinue to buy from FSBB. Thank you very much.

24 Sep 2012

Hello, good day, first of all, let me congratulate you on your excellent service, it's the second time I order something from your website and they delivered the product in a short time and in excellent condition, the quality of your products are exquisite, I've been following your website for years and following your advice, but had never ordered, I thought the fact that I lived in mexico would take too much time and it would be too expensive, but surprise surprise... it's super easy and your prices are WOW!!! If only I had done this years ago. I just recently purchased the three chillins amulet and a few months ago the Love Binding Pandora.

Regina Basanez
16 Aug 2012

Hello, this is Mary Jane Tejada. I have recieved my package today and I would like to say thank you for the good quality dzi that you sent to me. I'm very happy about it.

Jane Tejada
24 July 2012

Really appreciate slot for the really fast shipment. I received my items Monday!!!! fengshui bestbuy never fail to impress me!!!

Serene Sim
30 May 2012

Hi there! I just wanted to thank you for the lovely products i purchased from you! I am so very pleased with each and every one!! They are all very beautiful and stunning, so well made! I also appreciate the very quick delivery of my products! You are a wonderful company and I have already told all my facebook friends! haha I am very lucky to have found you! :-) Also, if you have any kind of company rating page or feedback page and would like a positive write up forward this to me please and I will do that for you!

Angela Yannatos
23 May 2012

Everything came today.. Wow!!! It's so good... So beautiful... Even the packaging is perfect.... Thank you so much... I'm wondering if the 5 elements dragon globe will come back ? I tried to buy it but it's sold out. Please let me know what's going on with that? Thank you.. Have a wonderful day!!! :)

Robin Stano
16 May 2012

Hi and thank you again. I have been purchasing your products for more about 6 years now and I love the powerful energy you provide. This year I got the Romance/Money pendant and the Love Binding Pandora and met the man of my dream 1 month later in the most easy, smooth and romantic way ! Thank you.

23 April 2012

Your Fengshui product looks great and made of high quality material. Shipping was fast and I got it today. I will definitely buy from you again. Thanks.

11 Feb 2012

I recieved the item today. This was terrificly fast shipping from half way around the world to Chicago. The items I brought from you were Pair of horses with Monkey and Fly on the back for career opportunities, and sword coins.. that also i brought to put it in my office cube. I must say that the quality of the items were top class. Initially i thought that your prices are over rated.. but after looking at the quality of the product i feel that every penny is worth spending on ur quality product. I will keep buying things from you in the future based on time and events.. :) also will refer to my friends and colleague.

11 Dec 2009

HI! I was very impressed with the quick response my family and I received after placing our order on line. The only delay was with FedEx and customs, no worries though. We could not believe how much care was taken with each product we ordered and the packaging it was in. You all did an excellent job! This will NOT be our last order, we are going to tell other family members and friends about you.

Barry Ahrens and Family
22 Nov 2009

Great! I appreciate your fast response with this. Now that you've explained it, it all makes sense. I really do enjoy your products. Thanks a lot Steve!! trust me i'll be buying more in the near future. One thing I do value is quality and you by far have the best. And they do work because I've had some significant changes in my life already because of them.

George Thurman
10 Nov 2009

Dear Mr. Lam

I have just received your products, they are so beautiful, good quality and very lovely designs, specially the fountain and the products of yellow jasper are delicated and fine. thank you very much!

Edith Gonzalez
7 Nov 2009

I just received my Pi Yao pendant today. Thank you for your quick service and quality product!

Kathryn Shimmura
Colorado, USA
30 Sept 2009

Dear Mr. Lam,

My order was received. Thank you so much!! It arrived quickly, and perfectly secured. I also wear my "Wealth Stimulant Ring" each and every day. It is greatly admired, and desired by others and I give them your website. It works for me! Saw an Anchor woman on the news wearing one. Your website is Awesome!!! Such great quality. I'm a satisfied customer. Will order again soon..

E. Branch
Brooklyn, NY
30 Sept 2009


I have been a customer for several years and can't say how much I trust and love your product. I have been greatly successful particularly in the past year into moving to a new job while I had my other one and I was offer 4 jobs within 2 months, the effort was minimum and now I got a new job exactly like I want with lots more money...even in this downtime. I use a lot of your product into my small studio apartment and they have been so so beneficial. Thanks so much.

Marie-Pierre Belanger
7 Sept 2009

Hi Manager,

Last night, all my neighbours had their homes broken into by thieves except mine. I believe it is because I have displayed your blue rhinoceros and elephant to guard my property.
You guys make miracles happen. Thank you for providing me with peace....

Anna Bright
New York
18 Aug 2009

Hi steve,

You are so right. I tried purchasing the 6-inch gold five element pagodas
from your competitor. The quality is significantly poorer. Yours are so much better....I can feel it is made from superb material. And your gold is real gold plating. Theirs are not even gold plated :( I am sorry I scolded you. Although the pictures are similar, but their real thing is so different.

Ms Kyoko
6 AUG 2009

To sales,

I retail natural stones and crystals in my own store and also online. I have been purchasing from you a lot in the past without informing you that I use them for my own retail. I like to take this time to congratulate you on your good work in bringing to us your usual high quality natural crystals, particularly the "dzi beads". I wonder how you could retail them so cheaply. Even we get them direct from the supplier, they are much more expensive than your prices. Also the quality we got from them is very poor. So I must really compliment your items.

Fifa Goldman
3 AUG 2009

Dear Feng Shui Bestbuy,

Thank you for your wonderful service. I have received refund as well as items ordered. I have already spread the word about your website!!!We await the good luck, good fortune and prosperity!!!!

Loredana Manfredi
24 July 2009


Your Financial Stimulant made it big for me. I picked up some stocks after buying your stimulant in June. And in less than two weeks later in July, I made big money! It really works.

22 July 2009

Hi Steve,

Thank you so very much for your advice!!! It is so helpful and I would recommend friends to go to your web to search for feng-shui items. Most sellers just sell and that's it but you took the time to advice and wrote back which is a very personal service and I'm so happy and grateful to you. Thank you again Steve and I'll follow your advice and let's hope EVERYONE will live in harmony!

26 June 2009

Hi Steve,

I must feedback to you on how effective your Financial Stimulant was. I bought it last december after all my finances went down. In less than a month later, I managed to put up a proper financial plan with the help of my old employer. And I have made close to 30% in profit in a quarter. I guess very soon, I will recover everything I have lost. My wife and family appreciate your remedy a lot. My son wants to sell them, can you give me the wholesale price?

Tom Huben
New York
2 June 2009

Good Morning Customer Service Department,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so very much for assisting in the tracking of my package. I received the package yesterday, and I am VERY pleased with my purchase. I will continue to do business with you in the future, and will definitely share the online information of the products your company carries. You have been very nice about my insecurities of the delivery of my items.

Great customer service, and again thank you.

Yvette M. Balk
Joint Base Bald, Iraq
31 May 2009

Hi, I like to share with you on how happy I was when my dad recovered from a deadly virus. His jade pendant of Longevity God broke mysteriously after he recovered. I believed the jade piece had cured him and replaced his death.

Jen Walter
29 May 2009

My family and I have recovered from H1N1. We were so depressed during the quarantine. Many friends left us :( But the Medicine Pendant, the Longevity Plate and Medicine Buddha came to our rescue. GRATEFUL TO YOU STEVE! We love you.

17 April 2009

HI! thank you very much i just recieved my order today and i am very happy, everything is nicely packed and in good condition job well done your fast and reliable me and my friend will be ordering from you again very soon.

14 April 2009

Hello sir,

My son had obtained an offer from the university. I gave him the pen of intelligence and he did so well in his entry exams. I think I will be buying the Dragon Pen for him later. Your products are wonderful!

10 April 2009

Dear KBLam,

The package has been successfully delivered this morning! :-) Thank you verry much indeed for making this happen. The items are just gorgeous! I'm thinking of buying new ones. :-) Thanks again and have a great day!

9 April 2009

I have received my order and everything is beautiful.

Thank You, Mercedes
5 April 2009

It is like magic. I displayed the Peach Blossom Breaker, and my husband suddenly walked back into our home. He apologized to all of us and promised to love us more.

My gratitude, Nina
28 March 2009

Thanks, I received the items in good condition. I particularly liked the gem trees. They are beautiful. I am eagerly looking forward to see what changes these items will bring. Thanks again for shipping them with care.

26 March 2009


The Jasper Chilin is so beautiful. I seriously think it is so worth it! My husband got his new contract after we placed it in our living room. Even though time is difficult, I believe your products are helpful.

Love...Juby, London
20 Feb 2009

To Whom it's may concern,

Thanks very much for fast delivery. Your items so beautiful.

Sincerely Your, Elizabeth Khalif
18 Feb 2009

Hi Steve,

Greetings to you too. I have been secretly purchasing your stuffs for the past year. They are for my clients. I am a feng shui master. I found your stuffs are more authentic and capable. My clients felt the same. Today, I just received my Hotu Chilin and Bagua Loshu. Wow, they are amazingly beautiful. And i studied the trigrams, you are so authentic.

29 Jan 2009

Hello sir,

I followed your annual guide in 2008, everything went smoothly even in september. My friend also shared the same joy!! All of us who used your guide are successful. This year, I want to buy all the cures again. Please let me know what I need to do with the old ones.

25 Jan 2009


I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your product and service. This was the first time I ordered from your company (Order No : 1048680837 - Boutique Tree with Mixed Colors) and it arrived so quickly and in perfect condition. The quality is also excellent. Many thanks.

R. Yee
1 Oct 2008

I love everything I have ever bought there. Glad u didn't have a problem. Send me the page that I can leave u credit.

Thanks, Michelle
9 July 2008

Dear Friends,

I truly LOVE my lucky fan pendant. It just arrived in the most beautiful box, and thank you very much for my free gift. I will think of your company each time I put this gorgeous, gold pendant on. It shipped so quickly, exceeded my expectations and I know it will bring me such good luck. May God bless you and your company and bring you much prosperity and good health.

Yours Truly, Judy Crowdis
30 Apr 2008

Fengshui Bestbuy ; Attn : Sale Dept.

The Feng Shui Bestbuy order number 81933643 already received today Feb. 13, 2006 . Thank you so much for the super quick shipping ! Items exactly as described. Great product ! Great seller ! and excellent service ! Thanks !

B.V.McThai USA.
13 Feb 2006

Good morning,

With reference to the order No 270829050, the Red Agate Pi Yao Bracelet that I received yesterday, I wish to thank you for the excellent service: the bracelet came very fast and in excellent conditions. I very much appreciate your professionalism and I will certainly reorder again.

Thanks a lot and best wishes for you all as well.

Best regards from Arnaldo CAPPA
10 Feb 2006

Thank you very much for shipping out so fast. I received the items yesterday. That's so emazing and beautiful pieces.

Jasmine Nguyen
25 Jan 2006

Just a note to tell you how wonderful everything is that I purchased from you and to ask you about another product you have on you website.

I am interested in knowing if you will sell additional Smoothsailing Talisman Pocket Calendars. I know that if I make an additional purchase of $50, you will again include one in my order. I would also like to give one to both my sons. I gave the one from my previous order to my husband. I think it is a very powerful thing to have. The day my order arrived, I put the calendar in my wallet. To my surprise, a job position - one that I have been wanting to find for almost three years - became available, and I was hired! A couple of other things out of the ordinary happened that was very good. If I could purchase two additional that would be fantastic!

Thank you,
Judy Miller
22 Jan 2006

Hi, Just received this order this morning. As usual, fast & great service. The pendant gift is sure beautiful. I sure LOVED it. Do you remember what kind of stone it is? It looks like a moonstone. I'm still waiting for the Flying Star 2006 on your website so I know what I will be needing again on the year 2006. Your website have a lot of new beautiful items. I'm sure glad you guys have new things for cure!!! Always improving & helping out everyone!!! I will wait till I see the 2006 Flying star so I know what to use this 2006. Again, Thanks a Million for everything!!!!!!! Good luck, Good Fortune, Prosperity, Success & Good Health always to you all guys!!!! You guys deserve the best for helping us all here.

Rebecca Muego
Michigan USA
5 Jan 2006

Dear FS Bestbuy,
I just had to email again to say many thanks for the free gifts which I was not at all expecting! Surprise, surprise! My huband is the one who picked up our order from the FEDEX office, so I was so happy when I found out:-) .

Believe me when I say you are the best. I notice that your items, many of which are normally quite expensive, you have significantly reduced the prices so as to be within reach of most ordinary people, like us. For this we are extremely grateful. I have checked other places in the US and Malaysia, and they can neither compare/compete in price or in quality.

My husband cannot stop raving about your products.

We will continue to do business with you and you will hear from us again very soon!

Warmest Wishes,
Mitzi Mitchell
16 Dec 2005

Hello helpful scholars,
I had nothing in March this year when I started approaching you. You thought me a great deal things and my luck flourished ever since. I have cleared all my debts now. You are amazing. Thank you for helping me.

With appreciation,
Wayne Jackson
6 Nov 2005

Dearest Scholars,
Thank you very much for helping my partner and I. We are now living more harmoniously than ever. Am glad you are helping gay people without any prejudice. I suggest you should register your website at gay friendly sites as well. I will spread a nice word about your website around. Thank you.

Nice guy,
Carl Neil
1 Nov 2005

Hello Feng Shui Scholar,
My deepest gratitude for your feng shui recommendations. I have now resolved the office conflicts and quarrels. Also my husband's business went up over 50% more profit after using your cures. Like what others here in USA are claiming, your products are the most effective and trustable. Thank you.

Good day,
Venice Sek
15 Oct 2005

To Whom It May Concern,
I would like to extend my compliments on the recent service provided me by Feng Shui Bestbuy. Beginning with my e-mail inquiry last week, which was responded to quickly, to the e-mail notice sent to me indicating my order has been shipped, the service at Feng Shui has been exceptional. It was a pleasure doing business with such a professional and courteous organization.

Linda Greco
20 Sept 2005

P.S. I am delighted with the pair of Shiwan ceramics Mandarin ducks on the lotus root. They are adorable, and I am proud to give them as a gift. Thank you!

i received my order of the auspiscious rice urn and apple pendant. it was so fast than i expected considering that those will come from out of state. i really appreciate it. i also want to thank you for the 2 gifts (eight coins). i am sure it will bring me more good luck. thanks a lot and more power.

jean tinsay
4 Sept 2005

Hello you nice people: I have received my shipment and I am very happy with what I have received. But I was even more happy when I discovered the enclosed gift and I do not want to miss to tell you a big, huge THANK YOU.

Hannelore Selim
9 Aug 2005

Dear Feng Shui Bestbuy,
The order I placed for the Ru Yi Dzi bead bracelet arrived today and it is beautiful. We are so happy with it that we have placed an order for the 3 Color Dzi Tiger Eye bracelet. Thank you for the extremely fast shipping and delivery, I look forward to shopping with you again in the future and can not wait to see the 3 Color Dzi Tiger Eye bracelet.
Warmest Regards,
Mary Vilhelmsen
8 Aug 2005

I just wanted to let you to know just how much I appreciate the wonderful advice you gave me (see below) when I was selecting a personal gift for a "spiritual" bride-to-be. Tomorrow is the wedding, and the bride and groom will be married on a beach. I ordered the Silver Mystic Knot and asked my daughter, who is a friend of the bride's, to bring the gift to the rehearsal dinner last Thursday evening. Thinking the bride already chose her wedding jewelry, I suggested in a note with the gift that she pin the Mystic Knot inside her bridal dress or pin it to her handbag.

The bride left me a beautiful voicemail message Friday, stating she meditated over the Silver Mystic knot, along with her fiance, and she's planning to wear the piece for her wedding day. I was so touched.

I am very pleased with the Mystic Knot - it really is a beautiful, meaningful piece.

Thank you so much.

Helen Filippone
9 July 2005


8 July 2005

I've got my orders today, the both packeges in one time! Thank you very much
- service is great, the products are excellent! I love your site, already
made few orders before, and definately going to
order from you again and again, and telling all my friends about your site.

13 June 2005

Feng Shui Scholars,
I m very proud of your work for this website in spreading authentic feng shui and helping so many people succeed. I read through every inch of your articles and found that you have wisely incorporated feng shui's practical side for modern living and cleverly embedded its practice to benefit the modern life, while not changing the fundamental side of classical feng shui. I want to also praise you for your generosity in not earning money from the work you are doing for the world community. Comparing to some masters who had gone far to acquire wealth as their main motive, I guess you are the most different, the most honest and helpful of all. Well done!

Master Yeap
Founder for Institute of Higher Learning for Feng Shui
11 May 2005

I purchased the 3 coins tied together with red ribbon and noticed results with 48 hours. my husband recieved a raise of 100.00 a week and money I gave away came back doubled. We have lived in poverty for over 20 years and need a break. Are some objects for wealth more powerful and work more quickly than others. I would appreciate your help. Thank you.

Margaret Lynch
8 May 2005


8 May 2005

Hi, Just wanted to send you a note...I received the two Chung Kwei Ceramic Statues today...they're beautiful! Much nicer than even your website description could capture. Thank you so much for their timely shipment (took only 2 days!) and they arrived completely intact. Thank you again and I look forward to doing more business with you!

Sincerely, Paula Williams - Houston, TX
7 May 2005

Hello there. I received the products today. They were all lovely and I am so happy- a good sign. Thank you so much. If the carnelian agate-quartz heart bracelet will be available, please let me know. Cheers.

5 May 2005

Thank you so much! You all are awesome!!! I ordered from 3 different stores at the same time and you'll be delivered first, by several days.

Paula Williams
5 May 2005

Dear Scholar,
Are you a living god or what. I followed your advice on enhancing descendants luck and now I m 2 months pregnant after unsuccessfully trying for 5 years with my doctor. Your enhancers elephants, hundred children, pig and all that are working so well. Should I still leave them there since I m already pregnant? I have to tell you this because I want you to believe in what you are doing. Please also recommend goods to enhance my husband's business. He has a competitor.

15 April 2005

Thank you so much for responding. I just want to say, I am very happy with your products and especially the great 'customer service', which also includes the shipping times. Keep up the great work.

Elaine Alcedo
4 April 2005

Received my lapis lazuli globe today. It is so beautiful.Thank you for the good service and excellent products. Also am wearing the 7 chakras bracelet which I love. I pray for you and all your people, with the recent catastrophe .

Kathleen Adams
29 Mar 2005

I m glad I confessed to you. You are right, my fortune and luck has gotten better now after I stop cheating. I don't cheat any internet shops on their goods anymore. I m glad you told me about karma and I m now a changed woman. I will also start doing charity and helping people. I m sorry I cheated on you the last time on the missing product, but am thankful you hilighted to me. And your generosity to also help me become a more honest person. Now, I got more friends in the office and a lot of odd hours work. I m soon going to be rich.

Good Lady
3 Mar 2005

I appreciate your response. Thanks. I like the products, I bought them for my friend for her birthday. I plan to buy a few things for myself in the near future.

22 Feb 2005

Hello there,
I received the product today. and I am so happy,, you guys are the best.. I will do business with you again...

22 Feb 2005

Dearest FSBB,
Thank you for saving my mother's life. She had gone through the operation successfully and now recovering. Your six coins wulou is really working so well. Even her doctor said it was a miracle for her to survive. Thank you so much. Although I dont believe in feng shui, I believe in you.

Dr Carsons
17 Feb 2005

Dear Feng Shui Best Buy,
I am excited about recieving my order. I love your website, and greatly appreciate your prompt and timely sending of my order. I hope you remembered to use the singing bowl before sending my items. I have searched many Feng Shui sites on the web, and feel yours is the best one.

Thank you once again,
Janhett T. Windglows
1 Feb 2005

Hi Scholar,
I striked lottery for the first time after using your feng shui coin. Although is only a few thousand dollars, but I believe I will have more luck after this. I m planning to keep it in gold pouch with me all the time. It must be due to your blessing. Thank you so much for your advice. Please give me more advices to get rich fast.

Greetings to you too,
15 Feb 2005

Dear Steve,
Just to let you know that I get the package yesterday,thank you.Great business,nice working with you and I'm looking forward to do more business in the future.

Sincerely,Touria Salama.
8 Feb 2005

Hello FSBB,
Greetings. I got my promotion yesterday after getting your 9 eye dzi and other career cures for 3 months. They are truely magical and powerful. This is amazing and incredible, I think I should now get the citrine dzi also because I want to have multiple source of income also. Should I also get a bigger ru yi for authority since I m a new manager?

JK Eileen
16 Jan 2005

Dear Feng Shui Scholar,
I want to thank you for bringing my husband back. You had helped me a great deal when I had no one to turn to. And most importantly, your remedies have brought my husband back to me now. He loves me more than ever now. My kids asked me to visit you to personally thank you. They are now back in a happy and harmonious family. I will spread your remedies to all the mums who has broken families due to third party involvement. I have also found a job for myself and am independant. Thank you thank you.

Mrs Cheong Kam Hoong
9 Dec 2004

Thanks for delivering the item so quickly. Using FedEx is a wise choice as well! I really like the treasure box I ordered, it looks great with the fine finishing. =) By the way, can I check if you guys are able to find any Pagoda that's made of wood? Those you have are either metallic or earth or jade materials. Let me know, thanks!

26 Nov 2004

Dear Staff at Feng Shui BestBuy,
I am very impressed by your service. I was very surprised this morning to receive the items that I ordered. Keep up all your excellent services.

Best regards
Sian Huang
25 Nov 2004

Good morning!
I just received my order and want to thank you for it.It came very fast with an excellent packaging.Every thing was in good shape.I will reorder from you and give your website to friend of mine. Even the other day I email you a question of feng shui and you answer me very fast , I greatly appreciated it. Thank you again for your professionalism and serious.

With respects
Nathalie Abellan Nicholas
12 Nov 2004

FS Scholar,
You had enlightened me. I hired two feng shui masters to look at my home but nothing works. They don't make sense. Your teachings are all so reasonable and true. And you have changed my luck totally. You are incredible. And I cannot believe you are FREE. I want to recommend all my friends to you.

Santha, Az
4 Nov 2004

Dear BestBuy:
Yes, please put me on the reserve list for the lotus rolling ball water fountain. I really, really want to get it to activate my wealth sector and it is truly beautiful. All of your products have been lovely and my luck continues to improve. You have a wonderful site and your service is excellent. Many good blessings to all of your organization!

Warmest Regards,
Stacy C. Harclerode.
28 Oct 2004

Good Morning..... I just wanted to thank you for my order. I received it today and THAT WAS QUICK!!!!! Iím impressed!!! Had a question for you too. Do you not carry the amethyst/rose quartz bracelet any longer? I was thinking of ordering one. Thank you!

T. Simmons Lakeville, MN
1 Oct 2004

Dear FSBB,
I got my order yesterday. I really enjoy your service and products. This is the third time I have ordered from you. Thank you,

DH in Portland, Or. USA
29 Sept 2004

Dear Scholar,
In this year of Monkey, I followed your advice on feng shui placements and just shortly after 8 months, I have made my first one million. Now, I will buy all your things, because they are incredibly effective and working amazingly! I hope you will keep up your good work. I want to invite you to my place to check out the feng shui, okay?

Gibbs, Florida
18 Sept 2004

Hello Steve:
I wanted to thank you very much for your prompt and gracious return of my inquiry. I had also received a voice message from your vendor in the USA. I can happily say, I have indeed received the "Phoenix Splendour" package - it arrived a just a few hours ago! It is quite beautiful, along with many the items on your website. I also wanted to say how wonderful and affordable your products are - they truly have a unique energy of their own. I have recommended the site to several of my friends in New York and many have, and are still planning on purchasing additional items. Many thanks to you all, and please keep up the fantastic business ethic and service.

All the best,
Savio Clemente
15 Sept 2004

I just revceived my order. Thank you very much it is absolutley beautiful. I will use your business for all my future needs. Thank you so much again.

Traci Hare
23 Jul 2004

My respected Feng Shui Scholar,
I wanna say a big thank you to your advices. You had changed our lives significantly. After I followed your feng shui advices, my husband had stopped taking drugs and had seeked rehabilitation. My daughter comes home early now and my boy has his school grades improved. My family owes it to you. May you be blessed with a thousand years old so that you can help all the needy ones.

Love, Marianne
2 July 2004

Hello Scholars,
Thank you for saving my business. I finally managed to save my business from debts and competitors. Your feng shui tips and your products really worked so effectively. I m glad I found you. You are really genuine. Thank you for your generosity. After this bad experience, I will now focus to create a new strategy and restructure my business slightly to prevent the same thing from happening again. Do you think I should get a Chu Ke Liang to be placed in my north west? Big thanks from myself and my wife.

Michael Vansdale
Sidney Tools and Hardware Inc.
California 1 July 2004

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