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China Bronze

Feng Shui symbols from the quality racks are often made from bronze or brass. They are made to last a lifetime. They are definitely more supreme and more elegant, for you to proudly place them into your premises. Feng Shui masters often prefer to use bronze-made or brass-made Feng Shui symbols because of its metal energy potency. According to 5 Element Theory, metal element controls earth energy and therefore is able to suppress bad earth energy from unlucky stars such as 5-Yellow or Illness Star-2.

Click "info" in the individual columns below to learn more about the protective symbols and how to apply them in your Feng Shui!
Bronze Ru Yi Dragon Tortoise
Beautifully crafted, this dragon tortoise has a beautiful Ru Yi carried on its back. The dragon tortoise supporting a Ru Yi represents strong promotional opportunities, support from management, improved networking and excellent influential skills. It will provide a smooth ride in your career and authoritive endeavours. It is a perfect enhancer to invest on if one is seeking for long term authority. This product is a suitable display at office desks or the north corner of any space for those seeking for strong support from bosses and promotion.
List Price:USD88
Our Price:USD36.88
Material: Bronze
Color: Bronze
Dimension(in): 4x2x3.4 in
Weight: 450g
ID: SL10798
La Cha the Kid Warrior
La Cha (or Na Cha) being the third prince of Lei Cheng (deity holding a pagoda) was born with special powerful fighting skills at a tender age and was made a warrior at the age of 7. His strong presence among the chinese community is due to his popular epic. His most popular weapon is his magic rings he use to fly on sky and fight his opponents away. He always take the lead on any war against evil, with his entourage sent down by heaven. His presence will scare off all evill spirits on earth. In feng shui, the La Cha is normally invited into homes to usher in happiness, increase descendants luck, protection of the kids from sickness/danger, preventing child bully and grooming obedience in children. When the kids are well taken care of by the guardian angel and give less problems to the parents, the latter can focus better on their work in the office.
List Price:USD48
Our Price:USD12.88
Material: Bronze
Color: Bronze
Dimension(in): 1.5x1x2.5 in
Weight: 150g
ID: SL10597

Bronze Camel Biting a String of Coins
The string of coins represent monetary gains. The combination of camel with the coins signifies the ability to bring you out of troubled times and resulting in financial gain as the end result. Camel is known for its resilience and persistence. The camel is often used in feng shui for those who are carrying out an important undertaking and need good luck to ensure that the undertaking will not fail. It is also the main ingredient to remedy for those who are facing a tough time at work, experiencing financial problems or have personal problems in personal life. It will bring you out of troubled times so that you will be unharmed and blessed with good luck. The camel is best to bring out someone's talents so that he will not be left unnoticed, and at the same time overcoming difficulties and nourishing him with good luck.
List Price:USD78
Our Price:USD25.88
Material: Bronze
Color: Bronze
Dimension(in): 2.2x1.2x4 in
Weight: 300g
ID: SL10596
2-Pieces Special
Our Price:USD44.88
ID: SL10596st
Ornament of Immediate Victory and Promotion
This special ornament comes in a pair of horses (representing speed and perseverance) with a fly and a monkey carrying peach on top of them individually. The monkey signifies the duke which is a senior position in chinese officials. It is the second highest ranking lord among the five ranking lords in ancient China. When the monkey rides on the horse, it implies immediately winning a good position and salary, because monkey sounds like "lord" and on the horse means "immediately". On the other hand the fly sounds like "win or triumph". When a fly goes on a horse, it means "winning immediately". This special pair of horses brings one the joy of a smooth and quick-to-success career. Place them as a pair at ones sheng chi direction or simply at ones work desk.
List Price:USD32
Our Price:USD19.88
Material: Bronze
Color: Bronze
Dimension(in): 2x0.8x2 in each
Weight: 200g
ID: SL10402

Bronze Cicada King for Superior Protection and Immortality
This is the Cicada King for more superior protection against office politics and enhancing longevity. Cicada is regarded as the symbol of long life, happiness and eternal youth due to its intrinsic properties of being the longest living insect, for as long as up to over 20 years. The cicada is the best emblem of immortality and protection against office politics. Displaying the symbol in the office would benefit those who require protection against jealousy and ill hearted boss. Displaying it at home would protect you from unfaithful friends, danger and enemies.
List Price: USD45
Our Price:USD19.88
Material: Genuine Bronze
Color: Golden Bronze
Dimension(in): 4x1.8x1.6in each
Weight: 350g
ID: SL10273

Double Carp Over Dragon Gate
The new stock comes larger in size and also crafted to be more beautiful.This is the symbol of double carps successfully crossing Dragon Gate, resembling joyous unions, marriage luck, abundant good fortune, prosperity, successful examination and literary luck. The product is made from high quality bronze.
List Price:USD32
Our Price:USD18.88
Material: Bronze
Color: Bronze
Weight: 400g

Rooster for Protection
This is a bronze rooster specially made with characteristics that is needed for Feng Shui potency. It has a solid crown on its head with a well shaped beak. Its tail is also attractive and showing off its masculinity. Its gesture is firm, confident and fierce to counter office politics, biz competitor and 3rd parties in relationships. It could also boost your fame luck and authority for the patriach.
List Price:USD68
Our Price:USD20.88
Material: Bronze
Color: Bronze
Dimension(in): 3x2x4in
Weight: 700g
ID: HG2901

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