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Bedroom Feng Shui
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There are THREE primary areas that must be checked by a feng shui master when doing an on site audit: Main Door, Kitchen and Bedroom. Bedroom feng shui has its importance because the bedroom is the place where we spend one third of our lives (8 hours a day resting and sleeping). For a bedroom to successfully carry out its function of sleeping, intimacy and procreation which impacts health, vitality, love and the number of children the family is blessed with, one has to ensure that the "chi" that affects the bedroom feng shui is positive. First and foremost, the bedroom must itself has good forms and not affected by negative forms before we look at the location of the bedroom and the position of the bed. Remember that Form Feng Shui always over ride Flying Stars and 8 Mansions.

The bedroom must have "good forms" for good bedroom feng shui

1. The most ideal shapes for a bedroom are square and rectangle. Other shapes such as circle, oval, triangle, trapezium, L-shape, T-shape, I-shape and any other irregular shapes will bring about imbalanced flow of "chi" which is unfavorable to your fortune and luck. Remedy with Faceted Crystal Ball.

2. No bedroom in the house should be larger than the living room. If the bedroom is bigger than the living room, the occupants of the bedroom will most likely suffer from loneliness, depression, melancholy and autism which can lead to suicidal behaviour.

3. The bedroom should have exposure to gentle sunlight and well ventilated. However, sunlight exposure should not be too strong else it can cause insomnia. A bedroom that has no window allowing sunlight to enter can increase its chances of "yin formation" and attract spirits. The worst situation is when the bedroom is located in the basement. Remedy with bright lights during daytime and the Faceted Crystal Ball.

4. An ideal bedroom should not be attached to a bathroom, which is an inauspicious situation known as "hitting the emperor's seat". The bathroom carries "chi" of the "yin" nature. However, nowadays almost all bedrooms have an attached bathroom for convenience. One should therefore have the bathroom door closed at all times and the bathroom must be kept dry, clean and hygienic at all times. Remedy with 5 Element Tai Chi Brass Plate.

5. Beams across the bedroom creates poison arrows by forcing "chi" to flow downwards. It can cause poor health, financial problems and fatality in the long run. Remedy with Feng Shui Flutes.

6. A bedroom that has support pillars that are not attached to the wall is considered unfavorable. This will be like a pole piercing through the room and will be a poison arrow to the bed irrespective of where the bed is. Remedy with 5 Element Tai Chi Brass Plate.

7. A bedroom with slanted ceiling will experience imbalanced "chi". Remedy with 5 Element Tai Chi Brass Plate.

8. A bedroom that is on the second level must not be directly above the kitchen, bathroom or garage. Remedy with 5 Element Tai Chi Brass Plate under your bed facing downwards.

9. According to form feng shui, the master bedroom should ideally be located in the center of the house where the center of heavenly "chi" enters the house. However, this may not be applicable to a modern home unless the bedroom in the center has a window that opens to an airwell or small garden with exposure to sunlight.

Fengshui: Auspicious Feng Shui Products 5 Element Tai Chi Plate

Unfavorable conditions of the bedroom "door"

1. No bedroom should have its door open directly to the kitchen which is fire in nature. It can bring about health problems related to organs of fire element (eyes, heart, blood, small intestine). It can also lead to hot temper and spousal problems.

2. A bedroom's door that opens directly to an external bathroom will bring about extramarital affairs.

3. A bedroom's door that opens into an internal ensuite bathroom will bring urological problems associated to kidney, bladder, gynaecological issues and menstrual cramps.

4. No bedroom should have its door open directly to the maindoor of the house as this can cause scandals, poor reputation and defamation issues to the occupants of the bedroom.

5. A bedroom door that faces another bedroom door is considered as poor feng shui, especially if the distance between the two doors are to close to each other. This will lead to children growing up to become rebellious.

6. A bedroom door should not open to any poison arrows or sharp edges from both inside or outside the door.

7. A bedroom door should not open to a mirror from the outside. This will cause chaos and distrust among family members.

For situations 1-7: Remedy with 5 Element Tai Chi Brass Plate.

Favorable and unfavorable positions of the "bed"

Bed positioning is extremely important in determining the feng shui of the bedroom. The most favorable position is to put the bed diagonally from the door of the bedroom, with the headboard of the bed placed against a wall or solid yin feature (such as big wooden piece, cupboards and cabinets). It is unwise to compromise this position even if it is not tapping to your good direction. The following four images show ideal positions of the bed.

The head board of the bed must never be placed against a window, a low backing or an empty space. An example of an unfavorable condition is when the bed is placed in the center of the bedroom without any backing at all.

In many cases, some practitioners will tap to their good directions by positioning their bed at an angle against a corner as shown in the image below. Some feng shui masters claim that this position is alright because it is being supported by not only one wall, but two walls. However, some more rigid masters will forbid this position and consider the head to be exposing to the "shar chi" from the angle of the two walls. Therefore, if you choose this position, it is safer to install counter measure to be on the safe side.

The following images show the unfavorable positions of a bed relative to the door of the bedroom:
1. The foot of the bed facing the door.
2. The door facing the side of the bed.
3. The door on the same wall with the headboard of the bed.
4. The door facing the headboard of the bed.

For situations 1-4: Remedy with 5 Element Tai Chi Brass Plate.

The headboard of the bed or any part of the bed must not share the same wall with the bathroom. This can lead to health issues (related to urological problems). Remedy with 5 Element Tai Chi Brass Plate.

The headboard of the bed or any part of the bed must not share the same wall with the kitchen. This can lead to impulsiveness, bad temper and restlessness. Besides, it will bring health issues related to the heart, eyes, skin and blood. Remedy with 5 Element Tai Chi Brass Plate.

The door of the insuite bathroom must also not face any part of the bed. This can lead to health issues (related to urological problems) and extramarital affairs. Remedy with 5 Element Tai Chi Brass Plate.

Some furnishings and appliances can cause poor bedroom feng shui

1. One must sleep on a bed and never on the floor. Ask yourself this question, "Which king or emperor sleeps on the floor?"

2. No part of the bed should be facing a mirror or television. This will lead to negative impact on peace of mind. Remedy with Faceted Crystal Ball right in front of your TV or mirror or remedy with 5 Element Tai Chi Brass Plate on your bed facing them.

3. There should not be a lamp, chandelier and ceiling fan directly above the bed. This will lead to life threats and dangers.

4. Be wary of furniture pieces that exert "shar chi" (poison arrows) towards any part of your bed such sharp edges, pointed objects or anything that replicates the arrow, blade or knife. Remedy with Faceted Crystal Ball right in front of the objects or remedy with 5 Element Tai Chi Brass Plate on your bed facing them.

5. An open concept bathtub, jacuzzi, shower area and toilet bowl in the bedroom is bad feng shui. Although some may think they are cool when un-enclosed, but these are not auspicious exhibits in the bedroom. Remedy with 5 Element Tai Chi Brass Plate.

6. Plants, no matter how small they are should never be placed in the bedroom.

7. Aquariums or any water features are not suitable to be displayed in the bedroom.

8. No part of the head board, bed frame or the mattress should suggest splitting or separating of couples. For example, a split mattress or a head board design that has a splitting line as its design can be extremely toxic for relationships.

9. Avoid having interior designs that are inauspicious in shapes, mimic poisonous animals or directly represents fierce beasts. For example, a ceiling feature that replicates a centipede can bring about "toxic relationships".

Ceiling feature that replicates a centipede

Flying Stars in the bedroom must be auspicious

Always remember that "Flying Stars" always over ride "8 Mansions" when doing the feng shui of the house. In general, bedrooms must be located in sectors where there are auspicious Flying Stars according to the "natal chart". And one must also not forget to countermeasure the "annual" Flying Stars afflictions annually.

Example of a "natal chart" of a Period 8 House that is facing SW1

A natal chart has nine sectors. Each sector has the Mountain Star (Sitting Star), Water Star (Facing Star) and the Period Star (Earth Base Star) as shown in the image above. You may find your home's natal chart here. As a rule of thumb, there are several important points of consideration when selecting a bedroom:

1. It is preferable for bedrooms to have neautral or auspicous Water Star.

2. Rooms with Mountain and Water Star #2 or #5 should never be used as bedrooms. Remedy with 3 Brothers 6 Emperor Coins.

3. Rooms with Period Star #2 and #5 should never be used unless the occupant's "Guardian Star" are compatible. In Flying Stars feng shui, each person is said to be born under the guardianship of a star of the Nine Palaces and its element. When the "Guardian Star" and its element are nourished, we will enjoy good health and fortune. When the "Guardian Star" and its element is weakened, we will be plaqued by illness and misfortune. It is beyond the scope of this article to teach this philosophy. Therefore, it is easier to not consider any bedroom with Period Star #2 or #5.

4. Combinations of fire hazards #2-#7 and #9-#7 should not be used as bedrooms at all. Remedy with 9 Dragons Bowl filled with water.

5. Combination of severe illness #7-#9 should not be used as bedrooms at all. Remedy with 9 Dragons Bowl filled with water.

6. Combination of illness for the eldest person #6-#9 should be avoided for the elderly. However, younger people can use this as the bedroom. Remedy with 9 Dragons Bowl filled with water.

7. Combination of dispute #2-#3 and #3-#2 should not be used as bedrooms to prevent quarrels. Remedy with Magical Geometry.

If you cannot avoid any of the flying star situation above, you can always countermeasure the flying star problems easily with appropriate flying star cures recommended above.

You can further refine the selection of bedroom by matching the occupant's "Guardian Star" element with the Period Star of the bedroom. Going into this further step can sometimes be difficult after prioritizing on "good forms" and "combination of flying stars". You must remember that not everyone has the luxury to build a house from skretch and perfection is hard to come by. So, you should not be too hung up over not being able to have a prefect bedroom.

Evaluating a bedroom using 8 Mansions

Considered to be of lowest priority in feng shui, one can also consider locating the bedroom in one of the four good sectors in a house according to the House Kua. According to 8 Mansions, there are 8 types of houses depending on the "facing direction" of the house. Each type of house will have 4 good sectors and four bad sectors as shown in the table below.

House Kua

You can further refine the benefits of having a bedroom in a good sector (either according to Flying Stars or House Kua or both) by positioning your bed to tap to a good personal direction according to your kua number. This is the method where you use the good sector of the house and your personal good directions together in tandem and in harmony.
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