Activating Feng Shui Cures and Enhancers

Treating your Old Cures and Enhancers

One needs to check your old feng shui cures at least once a year to see if they are still in good shape. You should do this ON or AFTER 4th February every year. On this day of the beginning of spring (lichun), the old Tai Sui leaves his position and the new Tai Sui takes over. It is also the day when the annual flying stars re-orientate to take their new directions. You may check for an auspicious day to change those cures if it is convenient to you. If you are too busy to do that according to good dates, then you can ignore the date selection process. But please do NOT intentionally do it on a bad day after you checking them. Else, your mind will carry doubtful thoughts which will affect the energies of your surroundings.

If there are signs of retirement indicated, then one should dispose them by wrapping them in red paper or red plastic bags respectively. When disposing them, whisper some kind words of appreciation thanking them for protecting you. The best is to bury them into soil or throwing them into the sea. But for city dwellers, it is probably too hard to find a place to dig a hole on the ground or find the sea.

As a rule of thumb, cures used to remedy bad stars should be disposed away in case they have expired. But you may still keep enhancers used to activate the good stars. New cures always work better, no doubt about that!

If they are still in excellent shape, then you can actually revitalize their energies by smoking them with genuine sandalwood incense sticks. If the items allow you to use water to clean, then you can wipe them with slight water and cloth. But never soak them into water or wash them under running tap.

Then check the directions to see if they are still suitable for the placement of those old cures and enhancers. If they are not, you can either keep them in a box in your storeroom for future use. If they are still useful, then display them in the correct directions and locations.

Rule of Thumb - Choosing to Throw Away or Recycle?

In general, one has to understand that CURES are not recommended to be recycled. CURES refer to items such as 5 Element Pagoda, Wulou, Windchime, Bagua, Amulets etc. These cures have worked very hard in the past year to imprison, deflect or dissolve evil energies, sick energies or poison arrows. Their true intrinsic powers decline with time, although physically they may still look reliable. If you continue to re-use them, they may still work, but they may under-perform or become no longer efficient anymore. And most of the time, cleansing the items and getting rid of evil energies from them is difficult. It may take more than normal cleansing work to be able to rid the evil energies absorbed over time. Bottom line, they cannot perform like new again.

On the other hand, one can choose to keep your ENHANCERS if they have not worn out and still look worthy to keep. Enhancers refer to Wealthpots, Gold Ingots, Wealth Deities, Crystal Balls etc. For example, those who became rich after displaying the Wealth Turbocharging Pagoda do not throw their pagodas away. Whenever they feel the lack of energy or the necessity to grow more, they will get a new one to top up the luck. But they will still keep the old one.

Every year, we introduce new cures and enhancers which are properly redesigned according to the inter relationship of the elements of the types of “chi”, flying star numbers, trigrams and directions so that they can truly do wonders in subduing different types of negative energies and releasing positive energies. It is more important to look forward and not to look backward. To obtain maximum benefit, it is best to have up-to-date cures and enhancers.

Creating Intention

The cures and enhancers will work more effectively if you focus your intention by whispering it to the cures and enhancers so that the desired outcome is more likely to occur. Having said that, feng shui cures work whether you perform them with focus intention or not, but if you want maximum results, then give them your full attention, else they will work weakly! Intention is the combination of motivation, desire, will and goal setting to create a change. You must know exactly what you want, visualize the desired results and expect the results to happen! These will then formulate the words you say to the cures and enhancers. The clarity with which you visualize an intention makes your goal more likely to happen as you foresee it. Detailed visualization directs the subconscious mind, the chi, the universe, and your own belief system to create the life scenarios you desire.

Feng Shui Enhancers and Cures Have Souls

For those who had achieved higher spiritual awareness at deeper levels, they would have understood that not only humans, animals and plants have souls. But inanimate objects, symbols and everything else have energy vortexes that are not visible to the naked eye. They possess vibrations of consciousness. If you love your objects, they will love you back. If you doubt, judge or hate them, they will respond with negative results. Therefore to enjoy the desired results, you ought to pulsate with good, happy and pure energy with all your feng shui items so that they can respond positively to your care and nurturing.


Usually those with chinese upbringing are already well aware of certain taboos because of the exposure to the practices by the older generation. However, many who are brought up in the western way are still not sensitive to certain behaviours that can lead to feng shui pitfalls. Books never mention them. Here are some guidelines:

  1. Planting good thoughts right from the beginning is very important for feng shui enhancers and cures to work wonders. For example, enhancers and cures should be bought with a generous heart. We often noticed that most who are buying feng shui products “without genuine intention or generosity” will not enjoy the benefits from the items they obtained. If you are stingy or not willing to spend that kind of money, then you should not buy the item. Generosity simply means willingness to obtain the item with your own money happily. Do not be greedy and never try to obtain a feng shui item through unscrupulous means. Such motive is considered a bad sin, which is considered as bad intention right from the beginning. This simply means programming bad energy into your items.
  2. Also worth taking note that if you have doubts right from the beginning about an item meeting your own expectations, then you should not get it from the start. You are lord of your own life, so no one is forcing you to buy anything. It is a common practice that the chinese would normally buy their feng shui items with a willing heart and refrain from doubting, condemning, judging and challenging as they are well aware about the consequences of backfire. Remember, once you have negative thoughts, you are actually programming negative energies into your items and they will go against the intended motive. Some careful chinese would even send their items to be consecrated (kai kwang) by taoist priests in temples to chant positive affirmations so that only good energies are programmed into their items.
  3. Like it or not, once you owned a feng shui item, your energy sticks on it permanently right from day one of usage. The bond starts immediately. You cannot treat feng shui items like other merchandizes in your house. Once you own them, you do not pass them on to anyone because doing so will mean handing over good luck to the receiver. Never give up, give away or pass on any of your feng shui items you have used to anyone, or else you will experience a sudden reversal of good fortune. If you do not need the item anymore, you can properly dispose it using the methods mentioned above.

Method of Empowering

The “ang pow” (red packet) tradition has long been practiced throughout Chinese history and stems from chinese culture and folklore. Red is known to be the most auspicous color and powerful color to ward off misfortune. One can actually empower your enhancers and cures by placing them with an “ang pow” below them. The “ang pow” has to be filled up with money notes (say USD2, USD10, USD12 etc). This is called “ya sui qian” which literally means to “press down evil”. On top of that, one also can write down not only what you want, but why you want it and how intently you want it to fill inside the angpow.

Another secret element of empowerment is to use sacred mantras or taoist incantation. It is like sealing a deal with certainty where your actions, thoughts, attitudes and new life situation are all aligned together. Such empowerment is also known as annointment (or “kai kwong” in chinese). This will greatly magnify your cures and enhancers which sits on your table or floor. You can check out the Ang Pow of Empowerment all preprinted with gold sacred incantation; to make your cures substantially more effective.

Getting Positive Results is a Process

The big question now is when will you see results? Well, remember that magic is not turning into a billionaire over night, becoming invisible or having the ability to fly. Time is the domain of the universe. Some enjoy quicker results, while some may experience slower but solid results at the end. Miracles will creep on you. They slowly but surely transform your life, bringing real meaning, happiness, wealth and health without you even being aware of it happening, until one day your friends remind you how fabulous your life has become.

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