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Green Crystal Lotus

Crystal Lotus Only
List Price:USD138

Our Price:USD58.88
55% Discount:USD26.88
Material: Genuine Synthetic Leaded Crystal
Color: Green
Dimension(in): 3x3x2 in
Weight: 300g
ID: SL11300
Crystal Lotus + Turntable
List Price:USD188

Special Price::USD48.88
ID: SL11300st

Product Description
The rotating green crystal lotus is the most effective to to tranquilize troubled/stressed minds and preserve love. This product is made from quality leaded-crystal. Quality is important so that when light hits the faceted petals, prismatic rainbows scatter beautifully throughout the space to produce potent energy. The color of the crystal is green, which is the strongest color associated to good reasoning and wisdom. It also has the ability to tranquilize troubled/stressed minds and preserve love. Green represents the power of the wood. In feng shui, the wood element is associated to starting of a new life and personal development. It can be used to enhance wood and fire sectors such as the east, the southeast and the south. When lit up, the fire energy would continuously purify and amplify earth energy of crystal. The rotation on the other hand would circulate and distribute the good chi (energy) to enhance your space. It will benefit those seeking for better results in their examination, those who desire to strengthen their personal development and those who are seeking for mental healing after being badly hurt in a relationship.

An electronic turntable that has colored lights rising from the center while the turntable rotates. This turntable can also be used to rejuvanate, refresh and renew energy for crystal bracelets, spheres etc by rotating them on the turntable.

What Crystal Lotus symbolizes and how to place this object?
The Lotus is essentially used to signify joy, harmony, peace, purity and sincerity.The Lotus is the flower dedicated to Buddha and countless other deities. The lotus rises above water in lakes and blossom to create a strong sense of purity into the surroundings. When Buddha was born, the lotus bloom to create a path for him to walk which makes it a flower of heaven. The lotus is also much esteemed by Taoists, and is the emblem of Ho Hsien Ku, one of the Eight Immortals of Taoism, who is represented as holding a the lotus. She uses the lotus to bless one with beauty and love luck.The lotus is also a sign of love for the family, friends and associates. The lotus crystal is the best form of feng shui symbol to emit good chi for a more peaceful and clear mind for those intending to set important goals and achieving them.

A good lotus is usually shown to have blossomed and have many beautiful petals around it. Crystal makes the lotus symbol even more powerful in emitting good chi and dissolving the bad ones. Our crystals are made with lead oxide for ultimate effectiveness in transforming lights into good energy. According to students of Grandmaster Lin Yun, an effective crystal must have such criterion so that prismatic effects could be produced when lights pass the synthetic crystal.

Everytime you feel that the crystal lotus is out of energy, the best way to reactivate it is to turn on the rotating turntable and let the under-lights shine upwards on them, because fire energy produces earth energy. This signifies nurturing the energy of the mother earth which results in activating the crystal power even more. Green represents the power of the wood. In feng shui, the wood element is associated to starting of a new life and personal development. It can be used to enhance wood and fire sectors such as the east, the southeast and the south. A suitable gift for yourself and your loved ones to heal exhausted minds.

Where to place the Lotus crystal?
1. Place it in the east sector (growth sector) of living rooms and business premise, or simply on your desk to bring improvement in personal development and growth. It could also benefit the health of the whole family for the sector of east being the health sector according to 8 Aspirations Theory. Health is most important of all because without it, there will be no happiness despite having money and good relationship. This is especially so for elderly people. Therefore it is a great gift for the elderly too for it symbolizes good health being fulfilled.
2. Display it in your bedroom, on your personal desk or at your meditation area help you heal mental wounds. Mental fatigueness will resolve quicker with the presence of the green lotus.
3. Place it at locations where you do your revisions or in the examination hall to release study stress and improve memory power. It will also increase your thinking ability when you use it in your studies.
4. Display in the southeast location to catalyze the growth of wealth. Or display it in the south to magnify your popularity and recognition of your efforts.

Note: Our lotus crystal will be placed into a singing bowl for cleansing prior to us shipping out the product to our customers.

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