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Peace and Harmony - Energy Infused

List Price:USD148
Our Price:USD66.88
30% Discount:USD46.88
Material: Brass, Swarovski Crystals
Color: 18K Gold Plated; Pink, Green Swarovski
Dimension(in): 1.8x1.8x2.5in Apple; 3.1x3.1x0.2in Base
Weight: 270g
ID: SL21056


Product Description
Bejewelled with over 40 glittering swarovski crystals, this spellbinding apple in premium finishing is a harbinger of supportive relationships, harmony, peace, joy and happiness. The Chinese word for apple is ping guo with the first word sounding similar to ping which is translated to mean peace. Thus, the symbolism of apples in feng shui is generally meant to convey peace, harmony and reconciliation. The word ping is also a used for the word ping an which means safety. So while the primary symbolism of apple is to mean peace, it is also appropriate to wish for the safety of someone. Apples are therefore common gifts for people who are going on a journey to traveling for holidays. The fruit is also commonly used as offerings to taoist gods for love blessing. Those who have them on display for feng shui reasons are usually for the enhancement of peace and harmony between members of the household. For this reason of promoting harmony and dissolving conflict, they are sometimes also placed in areas that can dissolve disharmony in the house. The symbolism behind this is that negative energy that causes quarrels between residents would be alleviated by the presence of the fruit that represents peace. There are three rollings of mantras that are kept inside the apple: 1. Manjushri Mantra (promote calmness), 2. "May All Beings Be Happy" Mantra (joy fulfilling) and 3. Heart Sutra Mantra (dissolves grudges, worries and hatred). The apple comes with a Productive 5 Element Plate. This apple will ensure that all members of the household stay supportive of one another, and to prevent clashes and conflict from arising. Also an excellent cure for use within the office to maintain a productive and supportive environment between colleagues and workmates.

Note: This item is energy infused and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Productive 5 Element Plate
A catalyst for reaction, the plate boosts the energy of any feng shui artifact placed on top of it. It enables the artifact to interact well and form an equilibrium with its surrounding.

The "productive mode" of 5 Elements holds the key to effectively balance weak or missing elements of a space when it goes out of sync, and thus remedying elemental conflicts and imbalances.

At the center of the plate is the symbol of Big Dipper (a.k.a. Northern Stars). The Big Dipper is said to arrange the fate of everyone, be it good or bad. Also known as Northern Polar Stars, the cluster controls and handles the world's fortune. Taoists place high importance in Big Dipper's power. In addition to that, the Big Dipper can be used as a good measure of four seasons.

Next, the 4 Celestial Guardians are an essential remedy for form and landscape feng shui ("luan tou"). Popularly known, the four celestial guardians are the green dragon, white tiger, black xuan wu and red phoenix, each guarding one cardinal direction (north, east, south and west). Displaying them symbolically in their own directions will watch over and balance the "chi" of the cardinal directions of your property. A fundamental requirement, a balanced "luan tou" is the basic that will prepare you towards doing up the feng shui and preparing for the well-being of the occupants. When all directions are in harmony, it encourages the dragon's breathe (lung chi) to settle, thus creating an inflow of auspicious energy. They will also look after family safety, prevent dangers and regulate your career, wealth, health, power and fame. They are also essential to correct any external landscape problems and internal missing corners.

In addition, the magical symbols of yin-yang are capable to provide "rebalancing" to ones life. "Rebalancing" means flushing out of obstacles and unwanted bad luck so that one's actual cycle of luck could ripe naturally! It will help you capture good luck without missing it again.

The plate is consecrated with the mantras of 4 Heavenly Kings. Having great control over the cosmic elements of each of the four directions North, South, East and West, the "Cosmic Protectors" pulverize all negative forces and clear blocked pathways.

Below the plate captures the Bagua Horoscope, which provides powerful protection and safeguard against numerous dangers for all the 12 zodiacs, especially if the year is not a good one. It combines 2 potent symbols of protection: 8 trigrams of the bagua and 12 earthly branches of animal zodiacs.

Apple Symbolism
Older varieties of apple prefer a cooler, moister climate than is generally available in China, so apples used to be imported from Korea and Japan making them an exotic luxury. Wild Chinese apple trees in Northern China are Malus spectabilis hai táng which does not produce sweet fruit but are admired for their blossom in spring. The similar sounding táng means ‘hall’, so a picture of apple blossom can represent the home in a painting. Yů táng ‘Jade Hall’ is another name for the illustrious Hanlin Academy and therefore represents a wish for scholarly achievement. The combination of apple and magnolia together gives the phrase yů táng fů guě meaning ‘be wealthy and honored’. Wild apple blossom may represent female beauty, possibly from the celebrated Yang Guifei being termed the Hai táng nu ‘Paradise-apple maiden’ . ‘Apple’ in Chinese sounds the same as píng ‘peace, calm’ so an apple is a hidden wish for peace. Together with a persimmon shě an apple wishes success in business affairs (shě). A gift of apples or a still life arrangement that includes apples represents a wish for peace.

1. Display in the sector that hosts conflict energy such as Quarrelsome Star #3.
2. Display in the sector that hosts relationship energy such as Star of Relationship #1.
3. Display in love and romance corner such as the southwest corner.
4. Display in areas where quarrels usually occur.
5. Display in direction of relationship such as ones personal Nien Yen corner.

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