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8.5-Inch Longevity Wulou Anren Water Cure - (Energy Infused) - SOLD OUT

List Price:USD328
Our Price:USD98.88
10% Discount:USD88.88
Material: Ceramics (Porcelain)
Color: Dark Blue
Dimension(in): 4x4x8.5in
Weight: 502g
ID: SL21020

To Go with Rock Sea Salt (USD2.00)
Total:USD90.88 + more shipping fees during checkout
ID: SL21020st

Product Description
With the ability to combat unwanted killing energies , this large-sized and extravagant ceramic wulou is finished with perfect shiny dark blue (water element). Featured on the wulou are the characters "Ji Xiang" which expresses the sentiment “as wished” or “comparable to your intentions”. Also featured are multiple characters of "fuk" in different styles.The "fuk" is seen as the symbol of ultimate luck. Feng Shui masters believed that it is the strong chi contained in the strokes of this powerful chinese character that brings out all these wonderful properties. During the Ching Dynasty, Emperor Kang Hsi wrote this chinese character for his long-ailing empress mother and hang it in her bedroom. As a result, her empress mother recovered and lived to a riped age of a hundred. Since then, the character is also believed to bring curitive and longevity advantages. Equally important, also featured is "Quiren". Quiren (or Guiren) brings helpful persons or nobleman who will lend you external help to navigate through difficulties. They will come to your aid at all times and open up a smooth path for you to walk through by removing all barriers. They exert positive influences to you. Other auspicous symbols include "longevity symbol", "fortune bat" and "mystic knot" that together give fortunate connotations. The lid is held steadily and tightly by a plug mechanism to prevent water from easy evaporation. This will save you time on refilling water regularly. 6 pieces of bronze coins (strong metal element) from the reigns of the most powerful 6 emperors will be provided.

Old School Traditional feng shui masters and Xuan Kong Flying Stars experts normally consider the Anren Water Cure (anrensui) as the traditional counter measure for three major flying star problems in either the natal chart, period chart, annual chart or monthly chart. It is said to be effective and quick in resolving these flying star problems. They are:
1. Five Yellow Star
2. Illness Star Two
3. Quarrelsome Star Three
This is said to be the only hopeful traditional cure strong enough to counter measure 2-5, 5-2, 5-5, 2-9, 5-9, 2-5-9, 9-5-2, 5-9-2, 2-9-5, 5-2-9, 9-2-5 and 9-5-5. Based on four highly authoritative Xuan Kong classics which are the Flying Star Commentary, Purple White Scroll, Classics of Mystical Stars and Secret Decree of Hsuan Kung, any sectors with these flying stars combination are fatal and dangerous. These situations have to be counter-measured with both metal and water elements to be safe. Metal will draw energy from earth element, thus weakening its strength. Water is also a good countermeasure in this context, because it can drain the earth element in both 2 and 5. Earth destroys water, and when it destroys water, its own earth energy is being consumed in the process.

Another important ingredient which is the rock sea salt is sold separately because it is not cost effective in terms of shipping salt using international couriers. Rock sea salt is easily available in supermarkets and at grocery stores. However, if you do not mind to pay more for the shipping cost, you have the option to add rock sea salt to your purchase.

Rock Sea Salt will need to fill the jar to more than half its volume (using your own funnel or paper cone that you fold by yourself). The jar will then have to be filled with three quarter water and safely placed on a shelf, table or floor level. If it has successfully fought the fatal stars, the coins will be corroded and there will be a lot of salt activities taking place. If the 5-Yellow is totally destroyed, the color of the water will even turn yellow at the end of the year.

Note: This item is energy infused and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

One can display the cure on a table, hidden in cupboards or on floor level at the following locations:
1. In sectors and rooms where annual Five Yellow, Illness Two and Quarrelsome Three stars are.
2. In the vicinity of doors where the #5 Yellow, Illness #2 and Quarrelsome #3 are. The best is to have it hidden just behind the door when the door is fully opened.
3. By the bedside for those whose homes axis or maindoor are afflicted by any of the #5 Yellow, Illness #2 and Quarrelsome #3.
4. By the bedside of those whose zodiac is afflicted with #5, Illness #2 and Quarrelsome #3.
5. In rooms afflicted by 2-5, 5-2, 5-5, 2-9, 5-9, 2-5-9, 9-5-2, 5-9-2, 2-9-5, 5-2-9, 9-2-5 and 9-5-5.
6. At the fire place afflicted by any of the above combinations.

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