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Terminate Peach Blossom - Energy Infused

List Price:USD128
Our Price:USD46.88
Material: Peachwood Sword, Earth Material Tree and Crystal Glass Stand
Color: Peachwood, Brown and Clear Glass
Dimension(in): 4x2.3x4.5in Tree; 3in Sword
Weight: 400g
ID: SL20054


Product Description
A powerful taoist cure, "Terminate Peach Blossom" is a remedy to break up an existing 3rd party or prevent any potential infidelity in the future.This is not a love enhancer. Instead, it is a taoist magic to terminate peach blossom luck, in order for your life not to be surrounded by sufferings from triangular love. You need to block your partner from involvement with his/her external romance scandals to free your mind from sufferings. Only when there is harmony in your relationship can there be blooming career, business and happiness. When you are trapped with such unhappiness, your whole life can be ruined. You have no time to deal with unwanted third party affairs brought into your life by your partner. It will be unwise for you to take any chances. And it can happen anytime whereby by the time you discover it will be way too late. The main focus of your precious time should be to gather wealth and happiness instead. The recent development of multiple social networking applications such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Messenger, Viber, Kakao Talk, Talkbox, Line etc had paved way for more interaction and freedom of friendship between sexes. Unfortunately, this can most of the time lead to scandals and affairs out of the wedlock. Both men and women who are friendly, sexy, attractive and capable often gets attention from the lonely ones and fall into the prey of third party seduction due to carelessness and curiosity.Therefore married and attached people can choose to terminate peach blossom luck ("tao hua") from their life time partners. "Tao Hua" includes unwanted third party relationship, infidelity, involvement with prostitutes, sex scandals, one night stand and unwanted internet romance. "Tao Hua" does not refer to a marriage or a stable relationship. To terminate "Tao Hua" luck, you can display this "Sword Killing Peach Blossom Tree" at the Peach Blossom direction. This method will be a sure way to break-up an existing third party relationship from your partner. Love is pure and sometimes need to be selfish and love should be confined to only two persons anyway.

Note: The sword is made from stainless steel and is sharp, therefore it has to be kept away from children's reach for safety reason. This item is energy infused and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

The peach blossom tree symbolizes the "tao hua" that will bring about infidelity. This is a secret ritual never revealed before in the internet. Dated back in the ancient times of China, when a woman finds her husband being lured by prostitutes or swayed into sex scandals, they will carry out the ritual of piercing a sword through a peach blossom tree that is located in the direction of peach blossom of their husbands. The woman will have to walk miles and miles to find such a tree from that particular direction in performing the ritual. But it was a worth while effort for them because the ritual would effectively create fidelity.

The key to remedying your partner's peach blossom luck will be to display this Peach Blossom Terminator at the Peach Blossom direction. There are a few directions you can consider when determining the Peach Blossom direction:

A. The Peach Blossom direction can be the sector where the Mountain Star #4 is located in a Natal Flying Star chart. To check this location, you must determine the period of the house and the facing direction of the house.

B. The Peach Blossom direction can be the sector where the Annual Wen Chang Star #4 flies to on a yearly basis. This direction changes every year and will generate influence to your partner for an entire year.

C. The Peach Blossom direction can be the sector derived based on his or her zodiac. Ones personal "Peach Blossom" direction is determined by their own zodiac (can be found in this table according to their year of birth) and then refer to the following directions:
1. Rat, Dragon and Monkey - West
2. Ox, Rooster and Snake - South
3. Tiger, Horse and Dog - East
4. Rabbit, Sheep and Pig - North

D. The Peach Blossom direction can be the sector derived based on his or her personal bazi. It is derived from the day pillar. The method to determine the direction of Peach Blossom based on Bazi can be found here.

Energy Infused with Scalar Tag

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