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18K Gold Plated 3 Brothers 6 Thick Emperor Coins - Energy Infused

List Price:USD128
Our Price:USD49.88
Material: Brass
Color: 18K Gold Plated and Multicolored
Dimension(in): 3.1x3.1x0.1in Plaque; 1.1in Coins; Total 3.1x0.2x18in
Weight: 166g
ID: SL20030

Product Description
Stunningly impressive, this brilliant design captures the powerful bond among the Three Warrior Brothers (Kwan Kung, Liu Bei and Zhang Fei), 8 Auspicious Objects, Kalachakra and 6 "thick" Emperor Coins. This brilliant piece can be used to activate heaven luck in the northwest or in Annual Star #6 directions to bring you heaven luck, partriarch's luck, mentor luck, networking luck and attracting helpful people to support your undertakings. If the northwest corner is missing (which is detrimental to the man of the family), then it can be displayed in the northwest of the living room to make up the missing corner. Besides, this charm can also be used to protect your main door. There are adverse physical forces in the environment not visibile to our eyes and unable to penetrate the walls, but trying to enter the house through an opening especially the maindoor. Practitioners place great emphasis to protect the main entrance. Depending on convenience, you can either hang one above your main door or two flanking each side of your maindoor at eye level. Besides, this charm can also be used to cure 5-Yellow, 2-Black and 3-Killings. What is more, the Three Warrior Brothers when displayed are best to assist one in any of the following situations:
1. Fight off and prevent any involvement in legal battles and lawsuits.
2. Destroy accusation, ill intention and betrayer from any parties, including friends, loved ones and relatives.
3. Deplete violence, harm and fightings from bad colleagues, enemies and bad neighbours.
4. Ward off ill-hearted competitors who use dirty tactics to undercut your business such as copying your products, weakening your price strategy and causing harm behind you. They will accelerate the ripening of bad karma on such competitors.
5. Bring rigteousness to officers who wants to carry out their duties with good discipline and honesty.

Note: This item is energy infused and emits energy unendingly. Item comes with certificate of authenticity

The salient features and the importance of the auspicious symbols can be explained and elaborated as follows:

1. On the front side of the upper plaque:
a. Three Faithful Warrior Brothers on the front side of the upper plaque - these three military heroes namely the Kwan Kung, Liu Bei and Zhang Fei are sworn brothers who had taken the oath to raise an army, suppress any rebellion and save the country over 2000 years ago. They had remained loyal to each other throughout extraordinary tests and vicissitudes. These divine beings provide powerful diminishing of the 3-Killings energy (actually represented by 3 Mountain Robbers of the dark realm).
b. 8-Petal Lotus around the perimeter of the plaque - the flower dedicated to Buddha, it is essentially used to signify joy, peace, purity and sincerity.

2. On the back side of the upper plaque:
a. Eight Auspicious Objects - is an ultimate cure and also enhancer that serves to generate good energy, subdue bad energy and nourish/improve the feng shui of a space so that good fortune continues to grow esponentially. It is also a potent cure for extremely bad situation where other feng shui cures are considered not strong enough to counter a problem.
b. Kalachakra - known as the Tenfold Powerful One, it is an ultra strong antidote for killing energy and evil forces. It is often used as cures for difficult situations when other cures become helpless, in situations that may possibly carry misfortunes, disasters and accidents if not properly remedied. It is also a potent cure against visible and invisible "shar chi" such as poison arrows and annual afflictions.
c. 2 Sacred Mantras - of Amitayus and Avalokitesvara. These mantras empower the cure by providing a special channel to the cosmic realm to invoke divine help. They are mantras of good fortune, immunity against loss and shielding off dark forces.
d. The Chien Hexagram with six solid yang lines represents BIG METAL, thus exerting powerful energies to subdue earth energies from 5-Yellow or 2-Illness stars.

3. Six Emperor Coins - with a super thickness of 4mm, these newly minted fine quality coins are guaranteed to be the most unique and beautiful in the market. Consists of coins from the six finest emperors of the Ching Dynasty. It was during the beginning reign of these six emperors that the Ching Dynasty was enjoying the grandest power, excellent fortune and riches: - Shun Chi (1644-1661), Kang Hsi (1661-1722), Yung Cheng (1723-1735), Chien Lung (1736-1796), Chia Ching (1796-1820) and Tao Kwong (1820-1850). After their reign, the power started to subside, being the reason why the first six emperors are more powerful to invite wealth, fortune, luck for patriarch and networking luck. Six is also the number that represents BIG METAL (CHIEN Hexagram), luck for partriarch and also luck from heaven. BIG METAL fights Illness Star #2 and Fatal Star #5's bad earth energy. When one's heaven luck is activated, you will enjoy long term wealth and good luck from all directions.

All in all, to sum up, this potent hanging is very special indeed because it can be used to cure many bad situations:
1. Display it where malevolent energy exists as a result of bad flying stars, even the most complicated combinations where other cures are insufficient.
2. Display it anywhere in the living room or family area for general blessings, for wellness and protection against accident, bad influence, violence and robbery.
3. Display it at intended areas to counter any "shar chi" due to rushing energy. It will slow down rushing "chi". Besides, it is also used to welcome in positive energy.
4. Display it in the bedroom if one's zodiac is suffering from terrible luck during a particular year. It will help you cure all your problems and remove bad karma.
5. Display it at your personal sheng chi direction to ensure a smoothride in all your undertakings and life's pursuits, especially in your career and relationship.
6. Flank this safety charm at the maindoor of the new house if you have just move into a new place and unsure yet if the house is lucky or unlucky. This is a proactive measure to mitigate risks of bad luck or bad happenings.
7. Display in the sector where the Annual Fatal Yellow Star #5, Illness Black Star #2 and 3-Killings fly into.
8. Display it in the Northwest to increase heaven's luck and partriarch's luck.
9. Display it in the Northwest of a living room to make up for a missing Northwest corner.

To read further about the Three Warrior Brothers

Recorded in the Annals of the Three Kingdoms, one day Liu Bei standing among a group of people in front of a court notice sighed heavily because of news on a rebellion. Zhang Fei who was a total stranger to him had the same feelings and both then got acquainted. They were soon joined by Kwan Yu (Kwan Kung) with mutual admiration and established a righteous task to harmonize the country. They took an oath of brotherhood and became bond brothers in the "Peach Garden" of Zhang Fei's house. They were highly respected for their truthful friendship and brotherhood.

Kwan Yu (later known as Kwan Kung) is the most famous war general in the history of China. He was initially a fugitive for slaining a bad bully. He was a man with long beard, red face and huge body frame. Centuries after centuries after his death, he continued to be a powerful figure known for his protective qualities of the nation and country till he was elevated to the rank of God of War in 15th century because of his righteousness, becoming one of the most popular deities in China. In the heavenly realm, He was chartered to take care and guard the Buddhists texts, being the reason why the Kwan Kung images always appear in almost all temples. He normally appears alone or with his two assistants.

Sample Kwan Yu (Kwan Kung)

Liu Bei was the son of a court official who later lost power and went into poverty. He had long ears and arms and made a living selling sandals before he joined the brothers to form the military.

Sample Liu Bei

Zhang Fei also had a large body frame, looked fierce and had large eyes. His face was similar to Chung Kwei due to his bristling moustache. He was a butcher before he joined the brothers to form the military.

Sample Zhang Fei

Note: Photos of figurines are for illustration purpose only and not provided in this purchase.

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