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Reflective Brass Mirror - 5 Inches

List Price:USD58
Our Pricet:USD21.88
Material: Brass
Color: Brass
Dimension(in): 5x5x0.5in
Weight: 135g

Our Price:USD36.88
ID: SL20010st
set (2pcs)

Product Description
An alternative for those who do not wish to use the bagua symbol, this is a countermeasure that deal with external environment to protect against harmful natural landforms or undesirable human-made structures. A brass mirror is a countermeasure that reflects and send the destructive effect back at the pointing object, thus preventing the destructive force from entering your house. A reflector is commonly used to counter sharp and harsh objects that point at a building. For example, if you find that sharp points of a TV antenna are pointing at your bedroom, you can use a mirror to counter its hamful effects. It is slightly convex to make sure that the object or structure that is intended to ward off is fully imaged on the reflector. Since it is reflective, you ought to know that if you have a smaller neighbour directly in the opposite direction, pointing this mirror to the neighbour may harm them or possibly create a bagua battle. Therefore, do exercise some precaution in situations that may result in karmic consequences. This brass mirror works well for harmful structures and objects that include:
1. Harsh and sharp objects (natural or human-made). This include large structures such as rocky escarpments, knife-edge rock slabs, buildings with irregular and sharp edges, and smaller objects such as tree branches, antennas, sculpture and power transformers. Included also are objects that cut horizontally, like wires and clotheslines. Objects of destruction or their images are also in this category. These include guns, cannnons and jet fighters.
2. Precarious, falling or colliding objects. These include large boulders balanced precariously, a slope with loose gravel and a road or driveway pointing at your house.
3. Reflecting objects. These include satelite dishes and all objects and structures with shiny surfaces.
4. It can be placed above the door and used against a driveway pointing at your house, incoming traffic from a road leading straight to your house and a malevolent annual star that occupies the position of the front door.

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