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Extravagant Treasure Chest with Wealth Ingredients - Energy Infused

List Price:USD168
Our Price: USD69.88
Material: Metal Box; Metal Laughing Buddha; Yellow Jasper; Green Aventurine; Clear Quartz; Rainbow Obsidian; Red Agate; Brass Coins; Paper Mantra Rollings
Color: Bronze Plated Box, Multicolored Stones, Gold Coins
Dimension(in): 4x3x3in; 1.2x1.1x2in Laughing Buddha
Weight: 700g
ID: SL20003


Product Description
Multiply your inflow of cash and wealth luck with this stunning Treasure Chest. It was the main means of storage during ancient times. Made from noble materials, this luxurious Treasure Chest promises satisfaction for discerning practitioners who pays much attention to the materials used to make your wealth enhancers. With the ability to develop new avenues of wealth growth and to snowball your wealth through savings, this Treasure Chest lets you enjoy abundance filled with stable income streams and likelihood of sporadic windfall luck. The following holy materials will be included:
1. Wealth God Laughing Buddha will catalyze power for the treasure chest, bless your family with wealth luck and govern savings for individuals. The Laughing Buddha elevating a gold ingot above him, connotes elevated success and abundance. Such a gesture will be beneficial in: ushering in good luck and fortune, elevating wealth and riches, bringing windfall luck and creating happiness.
2. Chips of Yellow Jasper, Clear Quartz, Rainbow Obsidian, Green Aventurine and Red Agate - representing Five Elements, it will bring the basket of elements into "balance" so that wealth and good fortune can manifest.
3. King Gesar's Mantra - Kubera (Wealth God) brings serious wealth luck and continuous prosperity by dropping wealth to everyone he meets up. Riding on the Windhorse, he overcomes all obstacles that block wealth from manifesting. Enables you to gain the victory advantage. This means you will have a smooth, easy and unobstructed ride in your undertakings.
4. Four Dharmakaya Relic Mantras - Are essential mantras that give power and make the object holy.
5. Wishfulfilling Mantra- Promises you a quantum change in making your impossible wishes possible. It opens up endless possibilities, superlative success, overflowing possibilities and materializes your dreams. The magic created will move events, people and circumstances to fulfill all your dreams. You will be unrestrained and seeing enormous changes that leads to boundless returns.
6. White Jhambala Mantra - According to Buddhist mythology, he practiced Buddhism for a thousand years before Brahma made him immortal and have him guard treasures and distributing wealth to eliminate poverty and provide financial stability. It is said that riches attained from Jhambala comes with a wealth of spirituality.
7. Eight Gold Coins - are potent to improve wealth luck, windfall luck and speculative luck such as trading shares and buying lotteries.

Note: This item is energy infused and comes with certificate of authenticity.

All in all, this Treasure Chest brings you complete good fortune, material luck, protection, peace, confidence and ability to accumulate. If you desire speculative luck, you can keep your lucky lottery ticket inside the box to brew the luck. Also highly recommended by feng shui masters to be displayed in the NW, it brings luck for the patriarch, support from important people, nobleman luck and good network that leads to magnification in wealth.

Where to display the Treasure Chest?
It not only creates abundance in wealth, but also protects your existing wealth from being loss:
1. Display it in your living or family rooms, business premises and offices, especially in southeast corner (wealth corner) to activate your wealth luck.
2. Display it facing your entrance so that you can see it as you enter to invite wealth and fortune into your homes at chi entry points.
3. Display it in your office and shop to ring in more sales and achieve more financial success.
4. Display it in the Northwest to activate tycoon's luck for the partriarch.
5. To increase ones personal benefactor's luck, one should display it at your personal zodiac direction to improve your personal luck:
Rat - North
Ox - NE
Tiger - NE
Rabbit - East
Dragon - SE
Snake - SE
Horse - South
Sheep - SW
Monkey - SW
Rooster - West
Dog - NW
Pig - NW


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