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Feng Shui Measuring Tape and Auspicious Dimension - 7.5 Meters (300 Inches)

List Price:USD48
Our Price:USD19.88
Material: Metal and reinforced plastic
Color: Black and Yellow
Dimension(in): 3.2x3x1.4in
Weight: 265g
ID: SL18028


Product Description

The feng shui measuring tape is a MUST HAVE for veteran feng shui practitioners. All the good dimensions for proper design of your main doors, windows, stove, work table, bed and prayer altar which are normally recommended by Feng Shui Masters are in this ruler. The ruler is made from steel and retractable. The markings include dimensions in "cm" and "inches". Auspicious and inauspicious dimensions for Yin and Yang dwellings are all noted in chinese characters. Yin dwelling refers to graveyards, while yang dwellings refer to our homes. The top row of the tape shows dimensions for "yang dwelling". But for those who don't understand chinese, don't worry!! You may refer to those chinese characters on the "top row" that are hilighted in red as auspicious dimensions for "yang dwellings". And those hilighted in black are bad. The chinese characters in the lower row is for yin dwellings, which most of us are not interested to look at.

What is the function of a feng shui ruler?
Almost every feng shui audit of homes and business premises by world class feng shui masters, is followed by recommendations of special dimensions for doors, windows and important pieces of furniture such as the maindoor, work desk, bed and stove. The feng shui measuring ruler was originated from an Imperial Carpenter during ancient times, who incorporated all the auspicious dimensions in his work for the emperor.

Today, feng shui dimensions could be incorporated by masters into almost all important pieces of furniture for the directors, businessman, high ranking officials and successful entrepreneurs in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore.

The following is the summary of lucky dimensions according to measurement intervals:

Section One is associated to wealth, riches and abundance. The followings are the actual intervals.
- 0 to 2.125in; 17 to 19.125in; 34 to 36.125in; 51 to 53.125in

Section Two is associated to descendants luck and blessings of the family. The followings are the actual intervals.
- 6.375 to 8.5in; 23.375 to 25.5in; 40.375 to 45.5in; 57.375 to 59.5in

Section Three is associated scholastic luck, education growth and increased income. The followings are the actual intervals.
- 8.5 to 10.625in; 25.5 to 27.625in; 42.5 to 44.625in; 59.5 to 61.625in

Section Four is associated treasures and long term prosperity. The followings are the actual intervals.
- 14.75 to 17in; 31.75 to 34in; 48.75 to 51in; 65.75 to 68in

The other dimensions are inauspicious and will not be necessary to mentioned here.

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