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Wealth God Liu Hai on Money Frog

List Price:USD118
Our Price:USD48.88
Material: Bronze
Color: Bronze
Dimension(in): 4x2.5x5 in
Weight: 460g
ID: SL15091

Product Description
Liu Hai is the only wealth god who possesses taoist magic that can bait the money frog. The money frog looks upon him as its master. Therefore inviting Liu Hai into your home or premises will give you full control over the money frogs in churning out even more money for you. The presence of the image of Liu Hai promises more explosive results whereby you can become rich faster instead of waiting to accumulate your fortune bit by bit. Liu Hai normally uses a string of coins to bait the money frog whenever he has trouble finding it. This rare piece made from bronze is a collectible that will definitely show its prominence when displayed in your living room.

The story of Liu Hai

"Liu Hai xi jin chan" is a famous folktale about Liu Hai playing with gold and the money frog. A famous figure in Taoism, Liu Hai was a government minister who lived in the Five Dynasties period of 907-960. He was a capable Taoist Magic student. The Money Frog became his possession which could convey him to wherever he wants to go. When he couldn't find the Money Frog, he would use a string of coins as a bait to fish the Money Frog. That is why the picture of Liu Hai fishing for the Money Frog is ever so popular among the chinese because it represents extremely good money luck.The presence of Liu Hai will surely bring in the heavenly Money Frog into your homes.

You can display the Liu Hai in any one of the three following locations for quick results:
1. Annual place of fortune - this is the location where annual wealth star #8 flies to, according to the annual flying stars chart. This is a quick location for one to gather wealth within the year.
2. Premises' place of fortune - this is the location of fortune that will last you a lifetime as long as the premises is still around. You can determine the location by check on the natal flying star chart of the place according to the facing direction and period it was built.
3. Individual place of fortune - this is the location of sheng chi according to ones kua number. Once activated, it will benefit the specific individual whose sheng chi direction is there.

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